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I am looking for a partnership where our differences complete each other √ like two pieces in a complex puzzle.

for Her


How are you? I enjoyed reading your profile on the Kiev matchmaking web site. I think you have much  to offer and hope the distance between us doesn't  give you doubts about wanting to correspond with  me.

How about if I write you a little bit about myself and  what I am looking for, okay? I don't consider my self  an intellectual, just a normal man looking for someone  to share in what I am offering. Forgive me if a ramble  on for a bit, sometimes I pretend to be Ernest  Hemingway preparing a manuscript for my latest  novel :)  

I was born in the United States. I have an older  brother and older sister. My father lives in  Pennsylvania and my mother died a few years ago.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss her.  After high school, I was in the Marine Corps for 4  years. After I completed my service, I became a  police officer in Baltimore. I did this occupation for 12  years. It was during this time I obtained my law  degree from the University of Maryland. While a police  officer, I was recruited to work for the United States  Government as an agent. My life is nothing like the  James Bond movies. Yes, I do go to exotic locations  around the globe, but there is never a nemesis or  beautiful girl waiting for me when I finally arrive to my  destination. I have done this for almost 3 years. I  have been all over the world during this time and I  enjoy this profession very much. I was in Russia and  the Ukraine last month, working in the cities of Saint  Petersburg, Moscow and Kiev. I have been to Seoul,  Tokyo, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome,  Vienna, Helsinki, Warsaw, Riga, Cairo, Brussels and  Prague the last two years. Believe it or not, of all the  places I have been, my time in Siberia was the most  enjoyable. Crazy, but true.  

Currently, I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. My assignment  here will last until July 2019. I have 2 homes in the  state of Maryland that I rent to other families. I don't  smoke and only drink on special occasions. I have  never been married and I have no children. I love the  outdoors and try and maintain a very active lifestyle  by swimming and surfing in the sea. I also try to go to  the fitness center everyday. I also like to read, cook,  take pictures, travel, and visit my family and friends. I  am ready to find that special someone and create a  family. I would love to buy a villa near Rome when I  retire, hopefully in a few years, and play in the ruins,  drink wine, watch the sunset, and paint beautiful  pictures on a canvas that doesn't discriminate.  

I am 5' 10" and 170 lbs. I have dark hair and blue  eyes. My skin is usually the color of chocolate and my  disposition very happy. I have learned I can't worry  about the past or control my future. I try to live  everyday like it is my last and enjoy life for what it  offers. Living at the beach has many advantages. I try  to take advantage of them all. Yes, I have faults just  like everyone else. The idea is to be with someone  that accepts my faults as part of my "charming"  personality. I neither want or expect a "perfect" mate.  The idea is to find a Kiev girl that makes her and I perfect  for each other!  

I wish to find my soul mate, a lover that sets my skin  on fire, a wife to share the joy of having children. For  me as well, trust is created by honesty, caring which  is shown with a hug in a busy morning and in small but  meaningful surprises, are essential in a relationship.  I'm not looking for a wanderer whose soul is eternally  searching something that she can't describe even  herself. I want a woman who knows what she wants  from life and where. I also value someone who is  fearless in love, capable of adventure, prone to  forgiveness, successful by their own measure,  passionate in spirit, and a compassionate companion.  I am looking for a partnership where our differences  complete each other √ like two pieces in a complex  puzzle.  

I am not a great planner as I create my life as I live it.  Someone just asked me about my long-term goals┘  That's an expression that I hardly use. I want my  world here and now. I'm driven by my love for life. It's  the source and the aim of my energy. In a strange way  I've managed to find happiness without too much  planning or goal setting. My life and travels unfurl  often in an unexpected but enjoyable way. I don't write  these things to you for a need to fulfill some ego  gratification.  

If you're interested in any of the things above  that constitute my lifestyle, please write back.  Something tells me I would really enjoy what you have  to say...  

With Tenderness, 

Honolulu, Hawaii.
Mark from Honolulu, Hawaii.
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Hello, Mark!
My congratulations to you! I wish you success and good luck!
I didn't have any days off during the holidays, but I spent them well. I want to go to the Crimea this summer and I also want to meet my happiness. I wish you the same in the new year.
Who knows, this happiness might be very close and I just don't notice it.
It may sound odd, but I believe in fate! The Ukrainian/Kiev girls always ay, "Hope is last to die".
   from Kiev

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 13:52 Reply
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