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My intentions are real, and noble. I plan on coming to Europe this coming spring-summer provided I find you...in Odessa.

for Her

Hello Odessa Ladies!

Well, after my first visit to the Odessa dating site and having sorted through everyones brief bio's and videos, I have found that each one of you have caught my eye in your own special way.  It is unfortunate that there is so little room for you to talk about yourselves, but then again, if there were more room, then I might now be writing to all of you.

First off, let me thank each of you for giving me the opportunity to get to know you, and I promise that each of you shall get to know me as much or as little as you would like.  I've always been one for honesty, so please, if you have a question, please ask, and I will answer it.

Now, I promise that I will have a picture up here in the next couple of days for your viewing, and hopefully more to follow to those of you that would like to get to know me better.

There are so many things to say, and because of that, I'm not quite exactly sure where to start, but I will give it an honest try.

So, a little about me...well, my name is Ken, actually Kendall is my given name, though usually just my family and close friends call me Kendall.  The decision is yours what you would like to call me, for I answer to most anything.  I'm 34, and I was born in April in southern California of the United States.  I spent most of my childhood moving from state to state, and never really called any place home until I was 10.  My mother and I had moved in with my grandparents on a farm in Missouri.  It was nice always having the outdoors as a child.

After graduating from high school right after my 18th birthday, I joined the Army, more so out of necessity in needing someplace to go.  I have traveled around the world a couple different times now, and it is something I would not trade for anything.  The exposure to different cultures, people, languages...For now I am fluent obviously in English, but Spanish as well.  I'm starting to learn Russian/Ukrainian, just as it was always something that I've wanted to learn, but felt it would also just add to the comfort level for both of us getting to know one another.

As far as who I am...well, I am a very sincere, caring, easy going person.  I have learned over the years that it's not what money can buy that will make you happy, rather it's those around you, and those you share your life with.  I am looking for a lovely woman, a very special one.  One that I can pur my heart and soul out to, and is will to give the same back in return.  I am looking for someone that will walk beside me, hold my hand, and be my equal.  She should be attractive, funny, serious, caring, romantic, passionate, ambitious, and list goes on.  I'm not expecting someone perfect, rather I would like to have someone who is perfect for me.  I prefer to treat her as my queen, giving her all the love and attention that I have, cooking dinner for her because I want to (by the way, I'm a good cook  :o), just walking arm in arm, or curling up together on the couch.  I'm not looking for a woman that I can live with, rather she is the woman that I cannot live without.  You are out there, I know that, and I hope that I've found you...

First letters, emails and phone calls are always awkward, but I know what I want, and what I'm looking for.  If you think that you may fit this description, or would like to know more about me, I invite you to write me.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Linn, MO 65051  United States

P.S.  My intentions are real, and noble.  I plan on coming to Europe this coming spring/summer provided I find you...in Odessa.

hello, Ken!
 Thank you very  much for your attention, it was pleasant for me to read your letter. I live with my parents , a grandmother and a younger  brother. I love them very  much. I work as a nurse  at the hospital, I like  my  job very  much and I work with little children. I live in the  south of  Ukraine, Odessa, in my country  the  climate is different, in summer it's hot and in winter it's  not very cold. I like beautiful   nature. here there are a lot of  picturesque places. Our town is located on Black sea and in summer I like to go to the seaside. In my spare time I go in for  sports, read books, in general  historical books  and  novels. I also like to listen to good  music, but I don't like hevy metal rock.
 I addressed to this marriage agency  because I  want to find a good  person who would love  me and  I him. I like to communicate with people on different themes. I dream of  future  happy  family  with children.
 Write  me, please, about your life and your  job. What do you do in your spare time?
 Do you like nature?
 What books do you  prefer to read?
 Write  me, please, about your  town. Do you believe in God?
 I believe in God and  sometimes read the  Bible.
 I am  waiting for your  letter.

from Odessa

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