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Like anything Lesya "I love your name" it just takes time to set everything up, and meet you in Zaporozhie

for Her

Hello again dear Lesya,
Thank you for your letter on the 9th November, it is really great to here from you. I would love to meat you one day, "who knows".!!!!
I'm sorry that I had to rush off yesterday and finish my letter to you short. I just forgot what time it was and had to pick up my son "Jack" to take him to football training, which I done and then popped in to the Squash club for a couple of drinks to unwind after a hard day doing "boring" paperwork!!!
Well I hope you understood a bit better about the computer business that I am getting involved in. It is still in the process of being set up, nearly there, just waiting for some special computer software from my bank, which will allow me to make and receive electronic payments into and out of my bank "anywhere in the world". This is essential for me to be able to trade in the computer parts "CPU units" that I told you about. I hope to be able to start trading by about the end of November.
It will be interesting because it will run alongside other business interests that I have, will not cost me a fortune to set up because I already have offices, equipment and secretary etc, so this should just make my business as a whole more profitable "well I hope so"!!! Like anything Lesya "I love your name" it just takes time to set everything up.
I had a lovely weekend thank you, my boys spent Sunday with me, stayed the evening and I then dropped them to school on Monday morning. We went out, done a bit of shopping, looked at some of the Christmas decorations now starting to appear in the shops and bought a couple more "gold fish" for our fish tank.
We then met my brother and his family at about 6pm in a lovely pub/restaurant close to my house and had a lovely English roast carvery, that is potatoes cooked in the oven, with lots of vegetables and different roast meets, lamb, pork, beef, turkey, it was a nice evening and "yes I quite often think about you"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't get a picture with your last letter as you said but would love to receive one.
Lesya try not too worry too much about work, I know it is difficult but if you worry too much, you will make yourself ill, so try to be more positive "here's a little kiss for you"!!!
We celebrate Christmas on the 25th December and the next day, which we call boxing day and it is my birthday on Christmas eve, 24th December. I will have my sons this Christmas and we will go together with my brother and his family out for Christmas dinner to a restaurant and in the evening either back to my place or my brothers place.
It is really quite an expensive time and to be honest I would prefer to take my sons on holiday over Christmas, if you remember last year on the 28th December I took my son's to Bulgaria Skiing.
As for presents I will buy my sons a new computer, printer, scanner etc, this will be their main present, plus I will buy them some new clothes and well not sure yet. I just bought them both a top of the range smart phone, "they love it".
A lot of the shops have Christmas decorations in now but I think it is really a bit too soon. The weather today is fabulous, sunny and about 12 degrees. My sons will be staying with me tonight, we will go for a swim and then home for an "Indian curry" I have cooked. Do you like Indian food ;Lesya?.
Well I had better stop now and get some work done. Thinking of you a lot.
Write back soon.
Lots of love.
Morgan Lundein
Färgelanda, 45832 Sweden

P.S. Christmas pistures for you:
Christmas photos from Morgan Lundein Färgelanda, 45832 SwedenChristmas tree in Housenight Christmas lights  (streets from Sweden)
night lights Christmas streets (from Sweden)night lights Christmas streets (from Sweden)night lights Christmas streets Swedennight lights Christmas streets Swedensanta

Hello Morgan!
How are you?
I hoped so much to get your letter after the weekend, but I never got it. You must have been very busy. How was your weekend? Did you spend it with your sons? Did you think of me???
I'm still looking for normal nice work! But I am worrying much, the New Year's Day and Christmas are coming, I need to buy presents, pay for a place to live, and I don't have any income!!! That is why this causes me much worrying at the moment.
I celebrate Catholic Christmas, too. I adore holidays, presents, smiles, that is why I celebrate even Catholic Christmas. This holiday is very beautiful, why not celebrate it???
Write to me how you celebrate the New Year's Day and Christmas. What presents are your boys going to get this time? Christmas in my country is January 7th. Some shops have festive staff to sell. I love such things! In my next letter I will write to you what Maxim and I want Father Frost and Santa Clause to bring us. I am sending you a picture with my letter. I hope you haven't seen it yet. This is the only picture that I've got here, in Kiev. I told you I had no camera, that is why I could take any new pictures. And I didn't bring any old ones from Zaporozhye. I do hope you'll like it.
Warm wishes,

from Zaporozhye
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