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Seek a partner that is cultured, educated, spiritual, balance, sensual, and with a healthy and available sexuality.

for Her

Looking for a soulmate, a friend, and a lover.

Would you be interested in a man of many talents and attributes, with a great wealth of experience.  Engineer by profession, well practiced in real estate and the food business.

What I offer is fully available without mask or manipulation.  Romantic, caring, handsome, sensual, intelligent, cultured, multicultural, spiritual, passionate, and strong.  My sense of life is deep and I know what I want.  I am a master at relationships and understand the value of committment and perseverence.

Seek a partner that is cultured, educated, spiritual, balance, sensual, and with a healthy and available sexuality.  Body types are not so important, except you should have, whether of slim or average build you have good proportions. 

I treasure exploration and discovery, yet I find peace in the ordinary. Prefer someone who is respectful, well manner, energetic, sweet, motivated, capable of expressing and receiving love freely, and with a strong desire for inner peace and personal growth. Consideration is a must.

In many ways I want it all, beauty and substance, class and intelligence.  With me in your life, you will find many reasons to learn languages and travel to new lands and opportunities.  You will be challenged to reach your inner most spaces and share those with me.

My likes are many, dance, classical music, jazz, latin, metaphysics, good eating, massage, exercize, travel and nature.

What are yours?  Are you a real Krivoy Rog girl or a marketing toy.  Please email me to explore our possibilities.

With love,

Louis Suarez

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111 United States

My photo Louis Suarez  Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111 United States

Hello, Louis!
Thank you for your letter.

I am a REAL Ukrainian Girl from Krivoy Rog! relaxed
i work as a nurse at a hospital and like my job very much.  i'll be 30 in December.
i divorce and have a son of 5y.o. i live in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine with my mother, my father died 7 years ago. i am the only  child in the family. All my spare time i spend with my son who needs a lot of my care and attention.
i like to meet my friends, they often come to see me or i go to visit them.
i enjoy going to the theater, swimming, seeing museums. i like reading and read a lot of historical and medical books.
it's nice you don't lose romanticism because our life is better with it.
 i also believe in a true love, i loved many years ago .
i don't think your life views are old fashioned because i have the same.
 i use the marriage agency to  in hope to meet a man of my dream and the other reason is our men lost the ability to love and respect women and family life, they treat us as house keepers or toys.
 What do you appreciate in  a Ukraine woman?  What is your religion?  What is your profession?
 i appreciate honesty, kindness, tenderness, desire to share thoughts and  ideas of a partner.
hope to hear from you soon, 
 with best wishes,

from Krivoy Rog
REAL Ukrainian lady Irina from Krivoy Rog
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Hi Irina ,

Although many of you are very beautiful, I am looking for only one Krivoy Rog woman for marriage and share life with.
So if any of you are interested in a great american guy and would love to move to America(california) Then contact me via Krivoy Rog matchmaking service.
 I would love to hear from you, to see if sparks may fly and hopfully have something beautiful between man and woman.
Take care,

    Andre from California

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 27 September 2018 14:44 Reply
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