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I do not want a free housekeeper, I employ people that to do that although they do need to be supervised.

for Her

Hello Dear One.

I call you "Dear One" because when I studied your matchmaking profile, I saw in your look a smile and a confidence, a kindness and strength, a desire to commitment and an ability for fidelity, a romance in your soul and a clear head on your shoulders. Yes, I saw all these qualities in your picture and decided to email you. I may be wrong or I may not be what you are looking for, please read my message and then decide.

My name is Mark and I have a dating profile registered on this site under the name "mypartner"

Who Am I: As you will see from my picture, I am African in origin and British in much of my culture and thinking. I am 44 years old. I live in both London, England and Accra, Ghana and I have dual citizenship for, and houses in, both countries. I spend much of my time in planes but I do have enough time to enjoy the gardens and the life of both. I had all my education in England where I attended the best schools. I am not a strict type of person because I can be quite relaxed but I do believe that planning and preparation save a lot of time and a lot of problems. Whilst I am a romantic, I prefer to think with my heart and act with my heart rather than think and act with my heart alone. I can be very spontaneous although having children sometimes make this difficult.

What Am I Like: I am a kind, caring, loving, devoted, considerate and emotionally generous person. When I love, I give 100 percent. I believe that I am a confident, capable, honest, very well bred, very well educated and open person who does not believe in playing games. I travel a lot and have a very active life. I am not fanatical about anything and believe it is better to smile your way through life than be miserable. I have a very strong sense of humour and many people wander how I can make jokes when situations look very difficult. I always ask them if it helps to be depressed. I believe in family, I do like children and my 3 children (2 Boys & 1 girl) are living with me. My ex-wife preferred to follow a career but to me, the most important job in the World is to raise confident, intellectual, happy and well-adjusted children in a happy and positive home environment. This job is the most difficult and that is why I want a partner I can give all the support to. In the West, there are fewer and fewer successful homes but many people with successful careers until they reach the age they can no longer have children and start to regret when it is often too late.

How Do I Spend My Days: Well my interests include family life, golf, swimming, cinema, dinners, meeting friends, theatre, relaxing in a loving home. My occupation is an Industrialist. I know this is not a common job but I think it is best described as an Entrepreneur with a proven track record of capacity and success. Each day is different for me because I am my own boss. Some days are very hectic, some times I am under pressure and in major negotiations, other days I relax at home or take time off. Much also depends on whether I am in London or Accra. London is usually cold so I do a lot more indoor activities. Accra is much warmer so I usually work till lunchtime and then spend the afternoon relaxing at home, swimming or playing with the children. I have acquaintances from all parts of the World but I only count very few friends; to me, a friend is someone who is there for you in good and bad times, does not judge you; accomodates your negative habits as you accomodate theirs and sees your strengths even when you cannot. It is easy to be popular when you shine but always look for support to those who are with you when your candle is temporarily extinguised. Your partner should become your only true friend in life because any secret you share with someone outside the relationship only creates barriers of silence and poor communication with your partner. What do you think about this?

What Am I Looking For: I am looking for a partner who understands that good communication, trust and commitment leads to true love. She should be able to mix in all societies from around the World. I believe that the family and the home are the basis for a happy life. For this reason, I look to the East for a partner because of the better understanding of family values and the better commitment to relationships you have. I would like to be with someone I can share life with. I do not want a free housekeeper, I employ people that to do that although they do need to be supervised. I would like a partner who is organised enough to be able to travel with me, entertain at home, socialise with all types of people both important and not so important, both rich and poor, someone who is not obsessed with money but knows it value, someone who appreciates people for what they offer in their hearts and minds and not what they have in their pocket or their garage. I want a Mariupol woman who enjoys the company of friends but knows that friends have limitations and that her partner is her true other half.

The ideal woman for me is someone who can manage two houses, be very sociable giving dinner and lunch parties; a woman who can cope with travel and is good at planning and organising life. I would like a comfortable, secure, happy and peaceful home in which love, care and consideration naturally flow. I have the experience to know that love grows from trust, communication and affection; of course it is nice that you are also beautiful but the question everyone needs to really ask is: "When I wake up next to this person every morning, will every day look to have a bright new, happy and positive outlook?"

Well, I have said why I am contacting you and I think I have made many comments that will give you a deeper insight into my character. I thought I would let you know much about me because I think you should be able to decide from the begining whether I am interesting enough to communicate with, I am not a good penpal but I am a good partner.

May the warmth of happiness in the future give you comfort in your search.

Take Care and God Bless You

London, N3+1PX  United Kingdom

P.S.  I travel a lot so I normally use a smart phone to check my email and send short messages. If you are not able to provide direct email or phone contact, communication will be slow and difficult as the web does not run quickly on smart phones. Sorry.

Some London pics:from London with love!from London with love!

Hi, Mark!
I've got your letter and postcard, thanks a lot. It was a real pleasure to look at the sights of London. You know, I've never been to London, but I know a lot about the geography, culture (beginning from the legends about the King Arthur, mysterious Stonehenge, Alfred the Great, etc) and I know some sights of London - the famous Christopher Wren's masterpiece St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tower, Trafalgar Square and so on. I saw some films about UK during my lessons. Well, I only have to see all the beauty in reality.
I'm not a girl who wants to make a career and study at the Mariupol University. I just want to be a well educated person, so that my future husband won't be ashamed of me. By the way, everything may happen in our life, so Master's degree won't be superfluous.
As for a family... I think it must be based on old family traditions, a husband's responsibility to provide his ukrainian wife and children with everything necessary and a wife's duty to care for her home and her family. My parents live according to these principles.
Mark, how are you going to spend the holidays, I wonder? Are you going to stay with your family or meet your friends?
Well, I must go now and get ready for my exams and credits I'm going to have next week.
Best regards,

from Mariupol
P.S. Dear Mark! I've just got to the Dating Agency's office and I was presented your Christmas gift there! Thanks a lot! I liked it very much. It'll be the best toy for me.

Christmas gift for sexy Yulia from Mariupol

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