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This is my first time using the Internet in finding true Ukrainian love from Poltava.

for Her

Hello, my name is Kevin and I am very interested in getting to know you.  This is my first time using the Internet in finding true Ukrainian love from Poltava.  Working for the Air Force is given me the unique opportunity to travel to many different countries.  In saying that the privilege of meeting people and seeing the wonder this planet has to offer gives me an insight.  An insight to how different, yet the same humans are.  We all need to be loved!

Please allow me to introduce myself.  I was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas to the parents of William and Janet and have a younger brother named Kelly.  When I was 5 years old they divorced and a year later my father and mother remarried.  My father married my step-mother Erma and they had a little girl named Kristy, my half-sister.  My mother remarried a man named Steve Russell and 9 years later he died in a fire.  She married again to a man named Bill Holz and he has two sons from his first marriage.

I joined the Air Force after graduating High School.  During my tour in the Air Force the opportunity to travel and earn a Bachelor's Degree kept me interested in staying and making it a career.  This April 27, 2018 it will be 10 years working for the same company.  Currently I am working on a Master's Degree (MBA) at Oklahoma City University.  The Air Force has me stationed at Tinker Air Force Base for the next three years.  I will be here until January 2021.  I hope to have my MBA completed before moving to my next assignment.

Once I finish my commitment to the Air Force (10 more years), I hope to teach.  I would enjoy teaching elementary education or at the college level.  The idea to teach never crossed my mind until I had the unique privilege to teach English in Turkey.  I was able to teach for 2 years and never worked so hard at a job yet enjoyed nothing more.

I have several hobbies and a master of none.  Jet Skiing, SCUBA Diving, Water Skiing, Snow Skiing, and Hiking and Camping.  I enjoy going to the movies, opera, theater, plays, etc.  Most things I enjoy, whatever catches my eye at the time.  I have to read so much at my job the enjoyment of reading for pleasure is hard to come by.  I am currently reading the "Left Behind" series by Dr. Jenkins and Tim Layhe.

What I look for in a mate:  Attractive on in the inside and out.  Must be compassionate, loving, caring, playful, serious, and wanting a family.  A person that enjoys being taken care of and wants to take care of her mate; putting her mate first while allowing her mate to put her first in concern.

In great anticipation I await your reply.


Oklahoma City, OK  73120

Hello Kevin,
thank you for your letter. I am pleased to meet you. I'd like to know you better .
 I like theatre, music, by the way, I sing rather well.
I live with my ukrainian granny and younger brother in Poltava. my father died two years ago, my mother lives in Russia, so my granny takes care of me.
I am a very romantic girl and would like to walk with you in night town Poltava, watching the stars, listening to the waves.. I like traveling, learn traditions, culture of people. I adore sea and all water sports. I admire mountains .
I like to visit other countries but I have never been to USA.
my zodiac sign is Sagittarius. I am very sociable and have many friends. now I study at the institute and I like it as I want to be educated woman.
Please tell me more about yourself. what do you do? how do you spedn your free time?
I'll wait for your answer,

from Poltava
single lady Anna from Poltava, ukraine
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