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I'm looking foreward to meeting you in Minsk too, in fact I'm actually quite excited about it ....

for Her

Hi, Tatayna

Its Saturday 6 pm in my part of the world and I've been at work since 4.30
this morning so you can imagine that finding mail from you has certianly
made me smile at the end of a long day in fact I don't know any other way
I'd rather end the day at the moment except maybe to buy you dinner in
person.... so thanks I value the smile a lot..maybe for me it is the same as
flowers for you..

I'm reading you,re letter beside me and laughing...yes we do have seagulls,
my dog loves to chase them all day long.. I guess they're the same as your
ones ...and also some bigger brown ones that chase you in nesting season
called molly hawks...in Australia where I am working they have pelicans
which are just so funny looking ...I love watching them, we don't have
anything as big back in New Zealand...

New Zealand is very beautifull I think it has all the good bits of every
country all rolled into two small islands ...so it is very different over
small distance's from mountains to fiords , to lovely beachs and islands, to
wonderfull pasture lands with sheep everywhere, but because you can drive
from one end to the other in a day not including the ferry trip between the
islands it makes it very interesting, I have been to America and Asia and
sailed and dived all over the pacific islands but it is always nice to go
home maybe one day I'll get to show it to you!

I'm looking foreward to meeting you in Minsk too , in fact I'm actually quite excited
about it .... its not everyday I get to buy a beautifull Byelorussian woman dinner on the
other side of the world... at the moment I've been offered another boat job
to build here which will probably take me about 8 weeks to complete but
there is another course in October in the UK so it will probably work out
that way... but I thought that I'd come up to meet you as planned at the end
of May anyway and have a short break from my self inflicted slavery.... It
did cross my mind that you might like to come down here instead and have a
look at Australia...either way I have to buy the return plane ticket so I
thought I would offer ...don't worry  I'm not a psycho or anything it may
work out that they is no "Forever" spark between us but I'd love to show you
around anyway and its still like summer here.....other wise its dinner and
flowers in Minsk.. either way I'm sure we'll enjoy it...If I'm coming to
you i'll leave the dates untill about halfway through May before I finalise
it just to make sure everything is sorted out at work here...

Successful relations?

Well I have one failed marriage behind me so I'll touch  on that first
because it taught me a lot and with the pain that I went through over it
I'll never forget the lessons ...I guess that you start with one big shared
goal and you work together for it, those goals change over time from buying
a nice house to walking on the beach together when you're 75 or something
else but you need to share them as one ... somewhere along the line my wife
decided that having an old rich man was easier than getting those goals
together as a young family.... now I could blame her and sometimes I do but
it does take two and I made mistakes as well ...by nature I'm a very loyal ,
trusting and hardworking person and I was guilty of mistaking being a good
husband as one who worked as hard as he possibly could..and I did...and it
cost me time when I should have been at home just being in love ..when I did
go home I was so busy being a great dad that I took time away from wife
again  and because we were saving money and I really wanted that big house
for my family,  when my wife said "oh don't buy me a present or flowers"  I
didn't...and so I lived a life where everything I did was for my wife and
child but I missed out the romantic touch's that may have made a big
difference in the end...which when I look back on it is strange because I
love those times of giving and special moments that rise over everything
else in a day....

So the lesson I'll never forget and the one thing I will always do and never
ever let slip is to give more flowers, light more candles over dinner, and
make sure that a romantic touch is something that I do everytime "I" want to
and not just when I'm told to because I've learnt the hard way that
sometimes what the women you love say's and what she really means can be two
different things ...even though I thought that I was doing the most
wonderfull job of being a husband I did in fact miss some very basic points
which I regret... but in the end it probably would not have changed the
outcome but it does prevent me from saying that I did my best because in
reality I could have done better..I only live in the hope that the world
smiles on me in a manner that provides me with that person and that chance.

I read that back and say please don't think I've just gurgled all that out
in response to your words about your feelings on romance ...I haven't its
honestly just things I've learnt along the way, in fact things that I knew
but had to relearn..

So back to the basic conditions

Number one you need to understand that true love is the greatest feeling,
the one true source of happiness that you will ever know, as such you 've
got to cherish it, nurture it and protect it.

I think  that mutual and total trust and honesty are very important without
them there is nothing to base anything on ..the feelings that a man and
women give to each other are to strong,to important and to special to be
treated in any other way...

You must communicate and you must work on keeping it up, never hiding
anything, always sharing your feelings ,no matter what and that
communication must be handled in a manner that makes you stronger as a
couple not used in a manner that is destructive..

You need to have goals as a couple but overiding everything is the fact that
you love each other, you are commited to one another forever and nothing is
allowed to affect that overiding principle, the goals that you share
together and individually you should search to achieve in an enviroment of
unity and support, an enviroment that knows no selfishness just give and
take , happiness and smiles...

And you've got to understand that nothing in life is easy and that is also
true of relations, everything takes commitment and work its just that for
love its actually a case of everything you put in is worth it a thousand
times over...

Well you can see you've started something with that question   I should stop
now before I write all night I guess if you were searching for the real
Craig in that question I can say no more than simply to say that for me the
relations are the most important thing in life... there can be no greater
pleasure than seeing the smile on that persons face, knowing that I put it
there and that I will do my very best to keep it there for everyday of our
time in this world...thats just how I am ...I even treat my dog that way!

Argh Europe ! I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and figure that you
ask that question  in terms of how it would affect the outcome of us finding
out that you were the "forevergirl" and me the "forever boy" ...well its
simple if that was to happen there is no plan I wouldn't change to best suit
that outcome...other than that a lot of sailing positions are offered to
couples in a skipper/mate, steward type of role and with your multi language
interpretuer qualification you would be probably be more sort after than
me..but most certainly we could find a role together given time.... I hate
disscussing money it makes me sound like I'm just looking for a labouror
which couldn't be further from the truth... but so you know, these jobs pay
well, as a qualified couple we could expect up to $6000.00 US , on your own
as a steward $ 2- 2500 US tax free a month which is a lot of money back in
New Zealand, the exchange rate is double, the whole object of the exersize
is to get that house and job by the seaside back home in a few years time
...but that is a personal dream as a couple things become different, so its
not set in concrete, for me it would be a dream come true to travel together
for a while , see the world, save the money and go back to NZ to find
somewhere that needs the sound of  little feet to make it really a home.
However finding the Forever girl has the winning position when it comes down
to organising things. The course I was going to do is towards a skippers role
but the same place also has a stewards course in December which is 6 weeks I
think, so that would probably be how you would go about getting
qualified...I hope thats not to foreward I just guess thats the answer you
really wanted  so please forgive me if I got it completley wrong..

I guess its my question time now....so how long do you have to go, to finish
your studies? and I wondered tell me about your family , are you're mum and
dad still together all that stuff...

well I've got to the end of your letter and mine now I think that I've
answered everything....

I like the last part the most ,,if you're longing to hear from me soon I am
most certianly longing to hear from you soon as well in fact I think I check
that "Minsk girls" web site twice a day to see if you're video is up yet so that I can
hear your voice for real, but know luck yet I might have to try a phone call
sometime soon..

Have a great day Tatyana
Bye for now   
from New Zealand
Craig from New ZealandMy home

  Hello, Craig,  

I do appreciate flowers a lot. It gives a very special feeling. 
And I`m   looking forward to see your "matching" smile  in person. I do wish you  good   luck for your training.
Guess, the job is do is very interesting.  I  always   thought that these are genious who can construct anything. And lucky are   those people whose job combines both pleasure, hobby and the way of  living.   At the Minsk University, my majors are English, German and Foreign literature.  I   am to be a teacher but I am not longing for that. I `d prefer more practical   kind of work, smth dealing with interpreting , with communication and   interaction with people. E.g I enjoyed working as interpretor for foreigners   coming to Minsk.   I liked how you depicted the place where you live. I am sure it`s so   beautiful and great. Since childhood I had a dream to live near the  ocean,   to see the sunrise and sunset, to walk with the man I love along the  beach   under the Moon, to watch waves, seagulls (or whatever birds you have in your   part of the world). By the way, I was working with one man who traveled   pretty a lot and  he told me that the most beautiful place to his mind is   New Zealand. I am sure it`s just like that.   I`m looking forward to meeting you. Guess we`ll arrange the dates later.  
Craig? You are going to work for several years in Europe and sail. But if   you happen to find your forevergirl, what do you think she`ll do?   Tell me, what  are, to your mind, the basic conditions for successful   relations?  
Longing to hear from you soon,  
from Minsk
charming Byelorussian fiancee Tatyana from Minskthank you for flowers!!!attractive Belorussian Bride Tatyana from Minsk
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