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I was not so good to know the Russian language. Ignorance of your language should not be a problem between us.

for Her

Hello My future Friend!!
I am very glad that I saw your ad and I decided to write this letter.  Hopefully in the coming months we will meet and know each other better. I do not know where to begin in this first letter but to try answer some questions you may have about me. My picture is in the bio and the personal dating information is there also.
I was not so good to know the Russian language. Ignorance of your language should not be a problem between us. You can teach me your language in the days to come. There is few people here here in my city that is from Gomel, Belarus country. I certainly want to get acquainted and hope to try through the Internet to write letter to one another. I hear that some people  want to deceive and take advantage of the man I decided to use this Gomel marriage agency. I want to think that you are honest and that you are a loving, caring and educated person.  I shall tell about myself directly. As you already probably know my name is Terry. I hope that you like  my name.
I live here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA. I certainly know that we live far away from one another. But I think that for love there are no obexes and distances. I think that you agree with me.
  United States it is very big country, but as you probably know to live in United States is  very difficult with its(her) laws. At us very many good and clever people only they are  capable to open the opportunities. You can dream and can have a better life here. A good education and a positive outlook always helps in life.  I very much  want you to know about my country and  know about that how we live. How do you  feel about your Byelorussia?  Can you tell about the Gomel city? I want to tell  you all  about the places and life that we  all live each day. I live in city of Oklahoma City. It is a city of about half million people. We get all around by car. Everybody has one. Buses and taxi are used but very little. You probably not at once can find my city. I can to you say that near to our city there are such city as Dallas, Texas. We are in the middle of the Unites States. I to hope what is it not large explanation the help to find on a card my city.
Still I want to you that I live in the  Central time zone.  I think you are about 8 hours ahead of me.
Now you know where I live and the time of which I live in OKlahoma City. Still I  want you to know that there is in Unites States such expression, that the most beautiful Belorussian girl live in your Gomel city.
 I was  borned and raised  up in the city of Velma, Oklahoma. It was a very small city. It is a oil field city. I  finish school  at Oklahoma State University in 1995 with a degree in management. Now I work as the telephone service person just a walk away from me.  I  learned  to work with smart phones and accounts  that they have with my company. The company I work for is called Sprint PCS.
I very much like me my activity.  I very much love children too. I hope to have them after marriage.
In this letter I  want to ask you some problems. Please to answer them please. Well? What do you want most from a partner? What do you not like in a partner? What are for you the most important values and objectives in life?
I will hope that you  will write back to me.  I  wish successful you day. I  hope that we will make friends in the days to come. I shall hope that we to find out a lot of interesting things about one another.

Your friend Terry

oklahoma city, ok 73132 United States

hello, Terry!
 I live in town Gomel in the Byelorussia. I work in cafe as a waitress but I dream of  being the lawyer.
 I live with my parents and a younger sister. In school I went for ball dances and  now I go in for aerobics. I have a little  kitten. I adore     various  music,  movies, sports. I like to rest in the seaside. From your  letter I think that you are  sincere and  nice  person. You write that you are  searching for  strong  personality.
 My friends  call  ma psychologist, I can find the common  language with each person.
 What are your  hobbies?
 Tell me  about  your family.
 What do you like to do?
 How do you spend your spare time?
 Bye for  mow.
 With best regards.

    from Gomel, Byelorussia
nice single waitress Vika from Gomel, Byelorussia
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