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I have chosen to speak with you because after several unsuccessful attempts of trying to find my soulmate here in America

for Her

My name is Elton, and I have chosen to speak with you because after several unsuccessful attempts of trying to find my soulmate here in America, I realized that it just wasn't meant to happen. So this is why I joined Kaliningrad marriage agency, as I believe after doing extensive research on the cultures of Ukraine and Russia, I came to the realization that the women from these cultures have held on to what the American women have lost. That being exceptional family values, and morals of the highest calliber. It's really sad that American women have let this slip away and never really bothered to look back or notice why they have so many broken amarican marriages. You see not so long ago the  women here, held the highest regard for these values and morals that I spoke of, but over the last 20 years they have had a drastic change in the way they look at things and life in general. I and many of my friends would love to have been able to find American women that would match the qualities found in our Mothers, but I was under the belief that those were in the days of past, untill I heard about how these same ideals that our own Mothers have were to be found in the cultures of Ukraine and Russia still today ! ! !  Wow..........after I was just about to call it quits with my so called impossible search ! ! !  Well now you know why I'm here, and I think you have a pretty good idea as to what I hope to find as well ! ! there are so many things I would love to know about you, but rather than ask 30 questions in this first message, I was hoping that you would respond back to my personal E-mail address, and we could start getting to know each other a little better.  So if you would like to know more about me, other than what I posted on my profile at Kaliningrad Dating Site, then feel free to ask whatever's on your mind and I'll be sure to answer it for you. I don't believe in lying to, or decieving someone, so you can expect nothing but the truth, and I would expect the same in return please ! !  ;-) 
Thanks for your interest, and...

 I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Take care,


Sandusky, OH 44870 United States

Hello, dear Elton!
I was glad to get your letter.
the pages of my biography have short content. I think that the main events in my life are in future.
I was born on the 22 of May 1989. I live in Kaliningrad which is located between Poland and Lithuania on the coast of the Baltic Sea. we have many beautiful places; our town is not large, the population is about 450 thousand people.
This April I'll graduate from the institute, the faculty of law.
I live with my parents, I love them much. I have an older brother, he is 28 years old, he is married and has two children : a boy and a girl. they are so nice, I love them much. I'd like to have my own children in future too.
as you I dream about happy family with a loving husband and children. Each person feels lonely if there is nobody near to share joys and bad moments in life . I hope that Kaliningrad  dating agency will help me in my search.
My parents are married for 30 years and are happy. I love them much and hope that I'll be happy too. I think that the biggest wealth is good family, loving husband and of course children.
Please send me your picture.
I'd like to know you better. I am interested in everything you can write about yourself.
Hope to hear from you soon,

   from Kaliningrad
single future lawyer Olga from Kaliningrad
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