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I am very intelligent but love to laugh at life because life is pretty funny even when its not.

for Her

Hello Volgograd ladies:

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones healthy and happy.  I am very excited to write to you and I have great faith that something good will follow.  It is hard to tell you about me in an email but I am going to give it my best effort.  Also, I am not sure how my English will translate into your russian language so I will try very hard for this email to make sense to you.  

I am 5'6", 158 pounds, dark hair, brown eyes, physically fit, healthy, handsome, (so the American girls say and at least one Ukranian girl I have dated who lives in Boston) and of Italian decent.  I keep a clean, well dressed appearance and have never used drugs and only use alcohol in moderation at weddings or parties.  

Okay, let me tell you something about my beliefs and personality.  I am very easy going and romantic and have a forgiving nature.  I never fight with my mate because I have always believed that open and honest communication is the best way to solve a problem if each person is willing to listen to each others feelings and desires.  I also believe in mutual respect and forgiveness and know that this is the true foundation of a strong, loving and lasting relationship.  I believe in love and marriage and think that two people who love and work together in life make a strong team to face all of life's challenges.  

I am very intelligent but love to laugh at life because life is pretty funny even when its not.  When you have love and life in your heart and dreams in you mind, nothing in life can beat you can never lose.  I am extremely honest, emotionally balanced, funny (sometimes too funny) outgoing, friendly, classy, traditional, devoted, very creative, loyal, courageous, passionate, oh my God √ so sensitive, very moral and never have and could never hurt anyone.  I am always careful with the thoughts and feelings of others.  Me? Sometimes I cry at the movies and have to hide under a coat sleeve or behind a box of popcorn.  

I enjoy the arts, theater, poetry, playing sports, family cookouts, cooking, reading law, creative writing, boating, golf, water skiing, coffee at the Harvard University bookstore in the early evening, getting out of bed at 2:00 AM to go to Boston's Italian North Section for Pizza, clothes shopping with her, or a simple walk in Boston or on a Cape Cod beach.  I love to work in the yard during the Fall Season and then make a grand meal and dine by the fireplace.  I really enjoy doing everything and anything that makes both of us happy.  That gives me the greatest joy of all.  Seeing her smile and laugh with a sparkle in her eyes!

Regarding my education - I went to University in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated with a degree in Political Science and Psychology.  In 1998 I attended Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angles, California and did well in my legal studies.  I also attended Berkeley College of Music and in Boston, where I studied music composition.  

I live in Hanover, Massachusetts which is close to Cape Cod.  The Cape is an ocean resort community that is old and rich in its architecture and history.  The beach is 10 miles from my home and you can find me there often with friends during the Summer.  I live in a clean and cozy home in a quiet neighborhood but I am still only 40 minutes from Boston.  I love Boston √ and as my friend says to me, "Boston is the biggest little city in the world!"  There is so much to see and do there √ it has a grand history and it is one of the oldest cities in America.  Many of American's best hospitals and Universities are located in Boston.  I work in Boston and the old Victorian courtrooms still inspire me.  

So right about now you must be wondering why I am I not married.  Because I only feel in love once in my life and career and university choices got in the way of getting married.  I have dated many women but I just don't fall in love easy.  But when I do fall in love, I love her more and more everyday and can't imagine life without her.  

I am looking for a wonderful Volgograd woman who shares some of the same qualities as I do but still has an idea that she can dream in colorful splendor and marvels at life's quiet moments.  I hope that she is committed to her family and friends and will work with me in life and love as a team that will not lose.  I wish that she is happy and optimistic about life and the future and keeps the truth in her heart.  And, when she is sad, I hope that she will let me comfort her and accept my help and encouragement.  I hope she loves herself and finds that she makes my life complete because she is who she is.  

I am writing to you because I have faith that the stars have brightened a path for me to follow and I hope that someday I can say these words to you which I have only spoke once in my life √ ⌠I will always love you, I will never abandon you and you will always come first in my life.  

I am here and I am real in who I am and what I have said to you.  

I hope this email translates well into your russian language.  Now, the big question √ will you help me to learn Russian?  

Bye for now,

Hanover, MA 02339  United States

P.S. "what I'm saying in all this is that I'm investing in the hope that some of the uniqueness of my character will come through this imperfect method..."  

PP.SS. Photos from travel in Rome, Italy:Photos from travel in Rome, Italy (David Hanover, MA 02339  United States)

Hello, David!
David - what a beautiful name! I read your letter, saw your pictures and got deeply interested in our further correspondence. I'll be glad if you feel the same way. I hope your physical attractiveness corresponds to your inner beauty.
I am looking for a foreign husband to have a family with. I want to have happy children. I think I am a Volgograd lady you're looking for: I think we both share the same ideals and look for the same features in our future life partners.
I am very serious about my plans to meet a devoted and reliable friend, an interesting interlocutor and a faithful, caring husband. I am looking for someone who is also serious in his intentions to have a family.
I want to tell you about myself for you to have a notion of a person you chose. I am 24, Sagittarius. I love my life, my friends, music (but rap), amusement, sport (shaping). When I was a student at the university I used to play basketball.
I graduated from the Volgograd Economic-Law Institute in 2017 and got the profession of an economist. I now work  in a large factory producing combine harvesters.
I read books, watch TV when I have some free time.
I have no harmful habits.
I've written this letter to you with great pleasure and I hope to get your interesting letter with more information about you.
Let's get to know each other better, David!

Maybe you could send me more of your pictures?
Best wishes,

   from Volgograd
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