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You have beautiful and energetic eyes, an intriguing smile, and a wonderful feminine shape.

for Her

As far as what has drawn me to write you, as I am certain that you are told often, you are a very attractive woman.  You have beautiful and energetic eyes, an intriguing smile, and a wonderful feminine shape. Also I am just as interested in learning all about your character and intelligence.   It is my hope that our correspondence will help me discover your internal beauty. I am serious in my search for my future bride and I plan to come meet her as soon as I can find her (and she find me!!)  My current plans are to come to the Rostov-on-Don in late January.

I am 49 (185 cm and 93 kg) and live north of Denver Colorado.  We are near the Rocky Mountains (the largest mountain range in North America) and the altitude here is 1625 meters with the peaks of the mountains reaching over 4600 meters.  It usually takes guests a while to adapt to the thinner air.  Outdoor activities are an integral part of our lifestyle.  Winter sports are a major activity as the skiing is great.  In the summer days are between 30-40 degrees centigrade, nights are cool, so hiking, camping, many outdoor activities are available.  Within 70 kilometers of me are over several million people, so we have many activities and shopping available.

I have been married before and have been divorced for sometime.  I have a 15 year old, beautiful daughter who is very important to me.  While she lives with her mom, I do see her several times a week taking her to/from dance or other activities.  I also have a 26 year old step-son (my ex-wife's son), who has his own family (a wife and two small daughters) whom I see as often as possible.  Family is important to me.  I miss having my own family to spend each evening and morning with and to eagerly anticipate being with each weekend.

I work as a mortgage broker (helping people obtain loans to buy housing).  I work very hard, but I enjoy helping others achieve financial goals and dreams.  I particularly like helping younger couples purchase their first home or helping investors prepare for retirement through acquiring investment property (I also am a realtor √ help my clients sell or buy real estate).

I love to work-out usually five to six times per week (jogging, cycling, weight lifting, rollerblading - anything aerobic).  Working out keeps me calm, fit, and active.  I am a doer - like eating out, visiting places, playing sports, etc.  I also love cinema (can watch movies often), theatre, and music.

What my life is missing is a special person to share all with, to have someone else's life to put my abundant energy into, to look forward each evening to be with, to hold and provide and care for.  I miss putting my heart into my partner's life and helping her succeed at whatever she chooses to do.  My ideal woman is my intellectual equal and I know that she will make excellent decisions for our family when I am unavailable.  She will be a full partner in everything, my advisor, my confidant, and in time, my best friend. Hopefully we can spend many hours together laughing and enjoying life all around us. She will also melt my heart with a short glance, a kind word, or a gentle touch.  The best part of each day will be the time spent with her and our family.

I have attached a couple of pictures. As I know it is difficult to tell from my picture alone, I am 186 cm and 91 kg. 

Enough about me.  Feel free to ask ANYTHING as I am very open and want you to know anything you desire.

If you leave your home country some day, what would you miss the most?  Would you want to work in another country?  If you could pick any place to live, where would you pick?

I know a little about life in the Rostov-on-Don today.  A friend of mine married a Russian woman almost two years ago.  Irina has told me much about Russia and her experiences in trying to find her man over the internet.  I know that a woman as attractive as you will receive many letters, but I am not interested in "internet dating" but in seriously finding the woman to spend the rest of my life with.  Each time I see her, Irina always asks if I have met my "other half" and when I will go to meet her. She is a very direct and intelligent woman!!  She is the one who persuaded me to try to find a "good Russian (or Ukrainian) woman".

Obviously, I am curious about all aspects of you - how you feel about your other half, how should he look and what are his beliefs?  For how long have you been looking for your man on the internet?  Have you found it to be successful or frustrating? I will gladly listen to everything you want to tell me and would enjoy seeing more pictures of you doing whatever you enjoy.

Please ask any questions you wish and I will gladly answer them.  I eagerly and hopefully anticipate your letter and having an opportunity to know you better. 


Denver, Colorado
I am 49 (185 cm and 93 kg) and live north of Denver Colorado.

Hello Jon!
Thank you for your interest.
I'll tell you a few words about myself. I live with my daughter who is 21 years old, we live in a beautiful city of Rostov-on-Don. There are woods, a river and the seacoast near by here. This is the south of Russia. This place is very beautiful in the summer, there are lots of nice places for picnics, fishing. The Azov Sea is in 100 kilometers from Rostov-on-Don. We love nature very much and we enjoy traveling. And as soon as we have a chance my friends and I go to spend some time close to nature.
I work as a manager for the pharmaceutical company. I love my profession very much. Yulia, my daughter, is a fifth-year student at the university, the teachers' training department.
We have very warm friendly relations with my daughter. We try to do the household together, cook Russian/Ukrainian national dishes, go to the movies, theatre, we read a lot.
I have my parents, a sister, grandmothers and aunts. They live in Elista 450 kilometers from Rostov-on-Don. My daughter and I go to see them on holidays, we miss them very much and we wish we could meet more often. But we can't: work, studying... And life passes.
Write more about yourself, your work, life and plans for the future.

    from Rostov-on-Don
I work as a manager for the pharmaceutical company -  Tanya from Rostov-on-DonI live with my daughter who is 21 years old, we live in a beautiful city of Rostov-on-Don. - Tanya from Rostov-on-DonThe Azov Sea is in 100 kilometers from Rostov-on-Don.  - Tanya from Rostov-on-Don
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