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Dear Novosibirsk ladies, I would like to find a nice Russian woman as a friend and to spend some time to start with.

for Her

Dear Novosibirsk ladies,
Let's first introduce myself and tell you my story why to go by this dating Novosibirsk site. I would like to find a nice Russian woman as a friend and to spend some time to start with. I am 39 years old but most people think I am about five years younger :) By means of this matchmaking site I hope to find the right person who is my match and perhaps my future soul mate as well? Due to my work I don't have too much time to find the right girl in my live. My intention is to get to know you better and invite you to your favourite part in central Europe for a week but we could also meet in Russia in Moscow if you insist. I don't want to write too much, since I have been writing many years with many persons and in my past experience only writing is slowing down the introduction process and not getting anywhere. For example we could meet in Germany and visit the Alps or if you prefer the country site or a city some place? Fun is important and I would like to share my moments with you. My goal is not to move to Russia in the future. If you could feel 100% comfortable if you are not living in Russia in the future and travelling frequently is no problem, you could be my match. Since I am working for an international company, I have to be flexible and want to keep moving around the world in the future. That could also be in Europe but as well outside of Europe. Aside of that I have (international) travelling aside of cars as a hobby :) Right now I live in a Dutch farm house. I don't have any animals, since I have no time to take care of them and also I want to be flexible if I want to leave for some days. My neighbours are farmers and have animals. Groningen is a larger student city, which is located about 30 minutes from my place by car, where I sometimes go out in the weekends but I also enjoy going to Amsterdam. If you prefer, I will write for some time, but I want you to understand what I'm up to and want to be honest with you.
Best regards,
  from Netherlands

Herbert from Netherlands: Right now I live in a Dutch farm house.

hello, Herbert,
I was glad to get your letter. I am pleased to meet you. it's interesting to know about you .
I live in Novosibirsk. my son and I live together.
Artyom finished the 7 grade at school . he has many friends. when it's warm they like to go to the river, to swim, fish, play volleyball. in the evening they play football, basketball, computer. he likes cars and has many journals about them.
I like his view on life.
I like my house and make it cozy and comfortable. I am fond of reading, listening to music, watching good films.
I appreciate trust, faithfulness, friendship and believe in love.
I like to dream watching the stars in night sky and think what is in future. I dream to have a close family with a loving caring man . I know how important it is to know that you love and are loved. I want to keep this feeling till the rest of life.
I like cooking. my relatives know that they can find something tasty in my house.
what are you looking for in future Novosibirsk wife? how do you imagine your family life with foreign/Russian woman?
I wish you luck,

  from Novosibirsk
Olga from Novosibirsk and my son 7y.o.future blonde  wife Olga from Novosibirsk
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Hello Olga, It is very nice to be able to write you. 

I am a divorced male living in the USA.  I am a hard worker and have one son who lives with past wife.  I am looking for a mate, partner, and confidante for life.  I am very caring, understanding, and outspoken.  I want Novosibirsk bride who is self-motivatied, strong personally, intelligent, and most of all loving.  I would assure anyone interested in communicating with me, a full education in USA if that was their interest. 
I think it would be wonderful that my mate could finish her education in the United States. I am very loving and with the right mate children would be great.  This is something that both should agree on, right?  I love candlelite dinners for two, moonlite walks on beach, mountians, and good conversations.  I also, am very interested in different cultures of people and the way thier lives different from mine in USA. One of my interest includes to learn Russia language.  It has always has been a dream of mine, but schools do not offer it very much in USA.  My commitment to my mate is very simple "I will always love you and be there for you, NO MATTER WHAT!"

I can not express enough my wish to have a happy home and wonderful family. I ask the person that replies to this to please be very serious with your words, I am with mine.  I want to put a smile on your face and a happy feeling in your heart. 
Please help me do that. 
I know these are just words on a page but my heart and soul are attached too. 

Awaiting your reply,
   Lenoir City, TN 37771   United States
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 27 September 2018 17:25 Reply
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