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I am very outgoing and have a number of friends, but am not finding what I'm looking for in terms of relationships

for Her

Hi, Julia!

I saw your dating profile and thought you might be an interesting person.

I'm a software professional, and a former teacher, 42 yrs old, and I live in the Pacific Northwest--one of the nicest parts of the U.S. I am very outgoing and have a number of friends, but am not finding what I'm looking for in terms of relationships, which, like others using this website, is why I am here. 

I am very comfortable with people from other countries and enjoy meeting people with different perspectives on life.  I currently have a friend from the Czech Republic and recently visited her friends in Prague and had a wonderful time learning about there country.

I love music, I love to travel, but perhaps most important to me, is I need to be in the outdoors.  I would like to meet a Perm woman who also enjoys being in the outdoors.  I don't know if people go camping very much where you live but I would like to  be with a woman who would really enjoy sharing those interests.  If you have ever dreamed of being in the mountains in Montana, Colorado, or California than you are the girl for me.  And, if you would like to learn to ski someday (if you don't already), I would love to teach you.  If you also like cultural things like the theater, symphony, or art shows, I'm happy to share that with you (and let you teach me a little), if you can enjoy the the outdoors, traveling and rock n roll (and old-time jazz!) that I enjoy.

Finally, I need to be with someone who has some professional goals.  I'm open to almost anything, teachers and doctors are great but a business woman, or a student with some goals, or perhaps even a model who has some additional dreams, would be just great.  Really, I want someone who I can learn new things from but who also wants me to help them with their goals.

Thanks for reading and I hope that interests you. 

Write back!

Lake Oswego, OR 97035  USA

I would like to meet a Perm woman who also enjoys being in the outdoors.

hello, Paul!
I am very glad to get your letter.
I'll tell you about myself:
I finished the Perm medical college in 2015 and worked as a nurse. I liked my speciality but I wanted to become a doctor. As there is no medical university in our town, and I didn't want to go to another city, so I chose another speciality connected with medicine - psychology. In summer 2017 I finished the faculty at the university and now apply for work. I like to study personality, help people in their problems.
Are you interested to know about my family? So, I am the only child. My mother works as a private businessman, her business is connected with cereals. My father builds yachts. Before it was his hobby, and now his work, and he is proud of that. He already built 5 yachts; one yacht was 25 meter length.
I have a pet, a cat Grace, she is like  dog, she loves me much.
I like to communicate with my friends, go out to nature, go to cafe, discos in my free time. I'd like to travel and see the world.
I like your photo and what you do.
Please write more about yourself, your family, friends, what you like to do in your free time.
Hope to hear from you,

  from Perm
single nurse Julia from Perm
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Hello Julia!

I hope I can find the woman of my dream.  I am very serious about wanting to find my soul mate, Best friend and wife.  I hope this will come true for both of us.  I need someone and hope it maybe you.

There is so many question I have to get to know you better as we work on our relations and building a life together.

Until then hope all is well and looking to get to know you better.  For our future.


Guest Guest 28 August 2018 10:12 Reply
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