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And the people are so nice to me there, I have only been to Pskov, So not had chance to see the rest of your country.

for Her

Hello Larisa,
 Can i ask you first i am 41 years old is that ok for you?
If i am to old for you i will understand,  I will reply to you in this way,  My family,
I am divorced 4 years now, I have 2 children son 18 and daughter 17 years old, They live with there mom, I am not looking for a replacement mother for my children, They are grown up now and have there own lives, But we see each other very often, My son he works for my company, And we have many good times together, He is like a mate to me,
And he makes me laugh so much when he is at work, He also is at Studdy in my trade, My daughter is in work for a transport company, And she is leaving home soon, We have bought her a house to live in see how she likes to be by herself.
She is always out with her friends and getting things for her new home, I do not see her as much as my son, I am happy in my life, But i want to find partner to settle down with,
I have had 4 good years on my own, And  i would like to have more children, I love them so much, And have lots of time for them, If my new partner has children of her own, I would treat them like they were my own too.
I only work 9am till 3pm monday till friday, And take 1 week off work every 5 weeks, So i have lots of time to start build new life with my new partner, I have been to your country 3 times and i will be there in march again, It is so nice there.
And the people are so nice to me there, I have only been to Pskov, So not had chance to see the rest of your country.
I hope that i can do so over the next few years, You are so lucky to have such a nice place to live in, I know it is hard for you in your country, But it can be the same in the uk. If you dont work, It is so expencive here, But i have had good company for 21 years so its not hard for me, I live in a large house west coast by the sea, With fields at the back and the sea at the front.
I have been working on my home for 1 year and now it is nearly finished, I have a good outlook in life, Like to have fun, Party, travel, I am a trendy person, With lots to give, Love care and Heart, I like disco and staying in, Going to the cinema.
My mom and dad live 5 miles from me, and i see them each week, I have 1 brother and 2 sisters, With 5 nieces.
I take my nieces out when i can, They love to go out with me so much, I am like child with them and they like this so much.
I have many friends, i go out on a monday with 3 of them, They are all married, Well one of them is getting a divorce at the moment, She was a bad woman:(( philip is a good friend to me, And i go out with 5 other friends on a friday.
Sunday i see some of my other friends, But not every sunday, I have a busy life, but i want to change this and divote my time to my new partner, In my free time i work on my house, Go to cinema, Eat out go for walks, We have a place called the lakes
Here it is like park, But very big place, I live 28 miles from this place, Well thats a little about me.
Tell me more about you, How you want your life, The sort of things you want to do, About your friends.
How many children you want, If you are house proud, And your dress sence, ( trendy or other) Do you like to hold hands.
And hug your partner,

I must go now take good care, 
yours Peter.x.

I am divorced 4 years now

Hello, Peter!
I think I could also give you love you deserve.
I like you and I would love to have a notion of your inner side, either. Who are you? How serious are your intentions or are you going to stay in correspondence for some time? Your photo is of some special attraction, it was rather unexpected to see you among those flowers, you look very romantic and unique. And what is the place where the picture was taken? Is it near the place you live in?
I have lots of questions for you, I think I may ask you during our corresponding and we'll get to know each other better. If you are interested, of course...
A few words about myself. I live in Pskov is a city in the north-west of Russia. It's hot in summer  and I like to have a rest at the seaside. I have a daughter, she is 16 years old. She goes to school. I am seriously intended to meet my life partner and leave my country.
I work as a shop manager. I like my work. I like reading, listening to music, going to the cinema, visiting exhibitions, training in gyms. I am very romantic. I like keeping my apartment clean and cozy. I love animals much. I am fond of cooking. I live healthy life. I am tender, affectionate, kind, feminine, honest by character. I am Virgo. I would like to meet a kind, honest man to give all my love to. I can make you happy.
Tell me about yourself, please. It'll be interesting to know everything about you. What state do you live in? What are your favorite activities? What woman are you looking for?
I am sending you my picture and hope you'll do the same.
I hope to hear from you soon and get to know you better.
Have a nice day.
With tenderness,

  from Pskov
very romantic blonde woman Larisa from Pskov
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