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I am emotionally stable, socially very friendly, joyful all the time, kind, caring, and very affectionate to my Ukrainian lady specially.

for Her

Hi Ladies!
I am a single professional gentleman, looking for a Kharkov woman that I could love, honor and cherish the rest of my life, someone who is REALLY interested in a serious relationship.

    I have had an eclectic professional life, I have been a corporate man, manager, director of different lines of business companies, and an university professor and educator as well as an elementary school teacher…I live in Houston, Texas, USA, I speak English and Spanish fluently, I love children, for me to teach children to read is as important as doing business for a company…
  I love poetry, music really a lot!!, and many other things... I am a really eclectic intellectual man, I like fine arts, and science, philosophy... the list is endless...
I'm very affectionate, romantic and passionate and I'm 100% faithful to the woman I love...
  I have good values, a zest for life, I'm very dedicated to the woman I love, hardworking, I am happy being tender and loving, cuddling with my girl at home in a quiet rainy night, as well as going to dance, or anywhere she likes, I am generous and honest to a fault...

   I am emotionally stable, socially very friendly, joyful all the time, kind, caring, and very affectionate to my Ukrainian lady specially.

   We can talk about anything, complex or simple,...It's always fine with me...as long as I am with my loved one everything is OK....

   I know how to treat a lady, I am an excellent friend, and a trustworthy companion, a sincere man, a true romantic, deeply passionate to the woman I love...loyal and 100% faithful exclusively to her.

  I have been told to be good looking, I have a normal type of body, brown hair and brown eyes, I like to dress up sharp when needed or dress casual as well, depending on the occasion...

  I am looking and longing for a reliable lady, trustworthy and sincere, tender and loving, loyal and 100% faithful, a joyful friend… something very important is that she likes children and has strong family values, someone with the true potential to build a strong family ruled by integrity, love and respect.... She likes to build comfort and coziness around her, and is always willing to love and be loved deeply…every single day, because that's the way I am. A girl that would want to be cared for and treated as the most important person in the life of gentleman...my queen, my passionate lover, my muse...the rest of our lives...a lady who would like to grow old being loved intensely every day of her life...

 My heart would be hers, every single throb of my heart as long as I am alive...and for our family of course.
   I am looking for a lady that is very joyful, gentle, kind, tender, sweet, warm-hearted, but at the same time very passionate, loyal, likes to have fun, and can appreciate the simple things in life.

    A lady that doesn't think that is old fashioned, corny or inappropriate that I send or bring flowers to her without any special reason, any day, any time without notice...or if she finds a deep feeling of love written in a note, in her purse...when she never expects that... any day, any time, without notice...I am looking for a passionate romantic Kharkov woman...that likes to love intensely, willing to be the best she could be for a man.... authentic, honest, sincere and loving…someone I could take to a wonderful party dressed in a beautiful night dress to dance romantic songs.... and be able to do the same at home, any night, suddenly without notice, with a CD in the stereo, invite her to dance with me the same songs...in our living room...no matter how we are dressed...to feel her love shinning in her eyes, to feel touched by her glance.... and she can be touched by the love from my glance too... I look for a lady to give freely a 100% of the best of herself, to give her the 100% of myself, with all my heart included, of course...
  I like to love my lady with gentleness… so my lady needs to be full of gentleness and gracefulness too… I only want to love one woman the rest of my life, share my life with her, be there for her in the good times and bad times…my lady is the kind of woman that I will be yearning her tenderness, yearning to be back with her, if for any reason I am far away at that moment...watching a starry night…someone that my heart will jump rejoicing just to look at her when I come back home, and she will tell me that she missed me just the same…I am searching for a soulmate…a true soulmate.
I love children so I expect in the future to love our children with all my heart, spend quality time with them and be there always for my wife and family, and educate them the best that I can...
For me, my family will always come first, NOTHING will be ever more important than my wife and family...so I am looking for a Kharkov woman that can offer the same to me…If you liked what you read, send me an email. I may be the gentleman you are looking for…

  Houston, TX 77040 United States

Hi, Luis!
 I've received  your long letter. thank you very  much.
 I want to know more  about you. You live in United States. is it your  native  country? 
  Now i want to tell you  about  myself. I live with  my parents in our Kharkov apartment. There are  three  of  us. My father is  an engineer,   my  mother is a teacher. I was born  in Kharkov and spend  the whole  my life  here. Our city is located in the north-eastern part of Ukraine. We have a country-house ( In Russian it is called "dacha")  and I like to spend  weekends there.
 I like  swimming, fishing and working in our  small  garden. Now I have my  vacations  and I celebrate  New Year and Christmas sat  home.
 In summer  I also like to spend  time  a the seaside( The  Black  Sea Coast  is 600 km  far from our city).
  I want  to   know   more about you: Have you ever been to  Ukraine/Kharkov?
 Tell  me , please, about your family, your  job, your city and more  about your life.
 I really  look forward  to your reply.
 Yours  sincerely.

  from Kharkov 
Ukraine bride Julia from Kharkov

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