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Although I am currently a long distance lorry driver, I`m trying to get a career as a policeman in or around London.

for Her

Hello, Anastasia!  
Thankyou for you letter, I was very pleased to hear from you.
     Although I am currently a long distance lorry driver, I`m trying to get a career as a policeman in or around London. I live in a town called Hastings, which is on the south coast by the sea.
     I think that I`m a kind, caring, loving, trustworthy, faithful and giving person. I enjoy going out to different places, but also enjoy a night in watching a video with a bottle of wine with  nice company at the weekend. I enjoy listening to all different sorts of music. I  enjoy playing golf, football and pool with my friends. Unfortunately I do have some bad habits but am trying desperately to stop them:

1. I bite and chew my nails (thats finger nails, not toes nails)  :-
2. I have the hard task of trying to give up smoking

     Although I have never been married and have no children, I have a very close and loving family. My mother is 54 years old and is currently working as a nurse, my father is 61 years old and is retired. I have two sisters, Nicola, who is 29 years old, works for the local council, and is currently living with her boyfriend and Michelle, who is 31 years old, she got married to a man called Fred two years ago and have three children together, Jeremy 12, Emma 8 and Abbi 6. I also have a grey burmese cat called Tashi, who will try to lick your head whenever she can! I think this is supposed to be a friendly thing that she does.

I`d love to know more information about you, your family, interests and why you are looking for a partner through the Dnepropetrovsk matchmaking agency?

     Look forward to hearing from you again and if there is absolutely anything else you wish to ask me feel free to do so,



East Sussex, Hastings tn389qb, United Kingdom

Hello Glen!
Here is my reply to your letter.
I can say about my character: I am a kind, responsive, jolly, understanding, intelligent person. After graduation from the Dnepropetrovsk university I want to become a professional lawyer. I have read very many books being a 20-year old girl. I love animals very much and I love beautiful nature.
I have very many friends, but I want to say about one friend separately, he is just like my brother. I am who I am thank to him.
My dream is to leave at least some mark in my country after my life is over. I want to own some business in the future.
Now I'll tell some words about my family. I have a mother and a sister. My father passed away about 5 years ago and then my mother left for another country to make money to let me make money for my advanced degree. So, my sister and I were left alone. The only support we had was my friend I've just told you about.
I love people - those who are more active than talkative and promising. I want to start a family with a man who would be able to fully provide for our future
I'd like to know much more about you. Tell me about yourself, everything will be interesting to know: tell me about your family, work, friends, interests.
Ask me any questions you want.

  from Dnepropetrovsk
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