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I am from the United States, but I live and work in Lvov, Ukraine.

for Her

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Robert. I am from the United States, but I live and work in Lvov, Ukraine. I am a vice president at one of Ukrainian's largest companies.

I am well educated. I have a university education, and I have post-graduate education and degrees in law and business. I am licensed as an attorney in the United States.  My height is 180 cm and my weight is 79 kg.  I am kind, cultured, vigorous and without bad habits. I appreciate music √ rock, classical, and opera. I like to attend musical concerts and plays at the theater.  I also like traveling.

I have a good sense of humor.  I live a healthy way of life. I go to the gym [fitness center] every second day, so I exercise there 3 or 4 times each week. I usually exercise for 2 or 3 hours each time I go.
I do aerobic workouts for part of the time. I spend the rest of my time in the gym weightlifting. I like to swim, but the fitness center I joined does not have a swimming pool.

I am joyful and full of passion. Life has been wonderful to me. Many good things have worked out for me. I bring that passion to my personal life and to my work life.

I am easygoing. I pay attention to the details of the things that need such attention, and let the other things be as they are. I am generous, and like everything else that I am saying about myself, you would decide whether it is true for you, if you are willing to take the time to meet me.

I am romantic. I like music for dancing, and I like to travel to places where we can be together and become closer. I am tender and loving. I am cultured. My mother is a musician. She has played the French horn in several orchestras in Chicago. I play the piano. My first university degree was in Philosophy. I am very patient and understanding. I never raise my voice. I am always ready to listen to people.

I do hope to hear from you and we can share correspondence and phone calls. After we learn a little about each other, if we think it is a good idea, I would travel to meet you in person one evening for dinner, and share the chance to talk in person and find out more about one another.

Thank you and best regards,

Des Plaines, IL 60016  USA / Lvov, Ukraine

Robert from Des Plaines, IL 60016  USA / Lvov, Ukraine

Hello Robert.
I should first say thank you for your nice message - only an intelligent and
cultured person might write such letter, so thank you. I enjoyed everything
you wrote about yourself, it seems that it couldn't be any better :)
Robert, I have seen your picture and I should say you look very good, but I
am concerned about the age difference between us. I think it is rather
considerable. What do you think? I was surprised to know you live and work
in Lvov. Do you like your life there? Do you feel comfortable in Lvov?
Obviously you do, otherwise you wouldn't stay there. You seem to be a
successful person whose life must be intense and interesting. And why are
you single? Why the Lvov matchmaking agency?
Have a nice day!
Respectfully, Victoria

  from Lvov
single feminine Victoria from Lvovukrainian single Victoria from Lvov

Hello Victoria,

Thank you for answering my letter and your kind words. I am glad to hear
from you. I can understand your concern about the age difference between us.
Now the number is the concern. My appearance was the concern when I was in
my 20's and 30's. I looked too young, like the little boy. Now at least I
look like a grown man.

I have dated women who are in their 40's and women who are in their 30's.
The women I have met within this age range do not have the energy to keep up
with me. They have preferences for quiet rest, and they have strongly
developed habits in this regard.

I was married to a woman for many years. She would not participate in
activities with me. She preferred to stay home and watch television. She was
unhappy with me that I would not stay home, sit on the divan and watch
television with her. I was unhappy with her because she would not join me in
activities or pursue diverse activities on her own. I stayed with her in
marriage because I wanted to be with my children. Once the children were in
the university, I sought a divorce.

I do not want a marriage that repeats this situation. Your dating profile doesn't
tell me much at all about you. I chose to contact you because 1) you are
tall, slim and in your 20's, and therefore you are possibly an active
person, 2) you have a nice smile √ it seems natural and not just for a
camera, so I thought you might have a pleasant outlook on life, 3) you have
an advanced education √ which would indicate to me that you are intelligent
and trained in critical thinking, and 4) you are a teacher √ which indicates
to me that you likely have patience and forgiveness, and that other people
are important to you. I value these things and try to exemplify them in my

Why am I single? Because I have not yet found the right american woman. I was married
for many years, and I want to be married again. I do not like dating. I am
not interested in meeting every woman. There are many of them in the world
and such a pursuit would be a waste of my life. I do not believe in the idea
of a one-and-only soul-mate in the world, but I do believe that I can meet
someone √ with some things in common and with some things different  - and
that with care and mutual respect, love will grow and we can have a great
life together.

Why the Lvov dating agency? I meet many American/Ukrainian women through business.

But my American training says that I do not date these women.
People tell me, "Robert, this is Ukraine, not America!" In other words, I can date them, but I do not believe in this and will not do it.
The single women who might be available for dating in Lvov, usually travel in groups. I can't introduce myself to a group of people.
Plus they may already have boyfriends or husbands. And they
may have no interest in leaving Lvov or Ukraine. I am quite possibly an
unwelcome intruder into their lives.

So I am assuming that a woman who is using this Lvov marriage agency is eligible for
marriage, is specifically interested in meeting a man for marriage, and also
that she is willing to consider leaving her city and her country for this

Do I like Lvov? Yes, but whether I stay or go is very much dependent on
large events beyond my control. Oligarchs versus governments [Ukrainian and
Norwegian], old style of business versus new style of business √ family ties
and protection versus competence - patience for my American methods and
driving change. I tried to be diplomatic in my change initiatives and build
relationships, but now it is time for the direct challenges.

I am a global person. It is not important that I like Lvov, although I do.
I may remain here, I may go to America or I may go elsewhere in the world.
The Lvov woman who would be my Ukrainian wife will have to be comfortable in the thought
that she could live in somewhere else in the world. I can assure you that
wherever I would consider going in the world, it will be a civilized place.
I also can afford regular trips back home for my wife to visit relatives. I
am able to take good care of the woman who would be my wife and provide a
very good life for her.

After this letter, you will either delete me or write back to me. If you
choose to write back to me, please tell something more about you. I am
interested to know more. I won't ask specific questions. Let me know about
you in your own way.

With regards,


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