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I live in the great state of Utah in the United States of America. I'm the second oldest of eight childen.

for Her

Hello! my name is David I'm 37 years old. I live in the great state of Utah in the United States of America. I'm the second oldest of eight childen. There are three girls and five boys in my family. In discribing myself I would have to say that I'm a person who likes many different kinds of things. I've had the oppertunity to live and visit many different places in my life. Part of this is do that I've been in the US Air Force for alittle over 12 years now. Some of those places that I've been would be Turkey, Panama, Italy, Ecuador, Germany, France, Iceland, Canada and Coasta Rica just to mension a few. I've also served on a Mormon mission to the state of Hawaii. That state has many different kinds of cultures. I belive becouse of the many different places and people I've been around, that it has given me a great appreciation and deep insite for all people and cultures. I belive in looking at people not by thier skin color Race or Religion but by the kind of person they are and how they treat others around them. Even though I have a serious side to myself I love to laugh have a good time and enjoy life to its fullest. I like all kinds of music and can listen to just about any kind there is. I like alot of different kinds of activities. I love the great outdoors. I will do anything from hunting and camping to rock diving and mountain climbing. I especially love nature and all it has to offer. I also like indoor activities like bowing the movies ect.. I realy love the ballet, symphony and opera. I'm the type of person who is very passionate in what I belive in. However I belive in leting everone belive in what thay want to belive in as long as they aren't out to hert others around themselves. I have a deep love for all kinds of animals. I'm into all kinds of sports. Some of the different kinds of hobbies that I like are playing chess, cooking, reading a good book, writting stories and working on my computers. I am a very hard working and dedicated person to the goals and responsibilities that are befor me. Some of my dreems would include climbing at least one of the tallest mountains in the world, visit every continent on earth, skidive and scubadive. I belive in being a friend to the friendless. I beleve in being honest even if it isn't the popular thing at the time. I belive in being true to not only others but also to yourself. I belive in standing up those who aren't able to stand up for themselves. I have a very deep and sincere belive in God. I am a member of " The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints " better known as the "Mormons". That church belives in the befor mensioned and many other great qualities. One would be the belive in families and that there is no compensation for failure in the home. I've had several serious relationships and one about five years ago where I was engaged. Unfortunatly I haven't been belessed yet with the woman I hope would some day not only be my best friend but my future wife and true love. Someone who wouldn't mind put apon a pedestal and treated as a queen. I belive in families and that there is no compersation for failure in the home. I belive that when two people deside to take on the extrodanary responsibility of a family that it should be the most important thing they do and nothing should come inbetween that of raising those precious children. At this time in my life I could think of nothing more desirable then to find that special person that I can cherish and put above every thing else in my life. Even though I have had the opportunity to date many wonderful young women, I have not as of yet found that special someone. I feel that part of this is do to the change in attitude here in America. I belive that women here in America have more of a desire for a career rather than a family. I belive that many of the people in America to day do not know how to sacirfice, that many of them especially the younger generation are somewhat spoiled. Thay have to have everything right now. Becouse of this they go into great dept. alot of them don't even want any or just very few childern. Becouse both parents want to have a career insted of take care of their children. I belive it is the children who are made to sufer. Thay end up trusting thier fiends and others, rather than their parents. I have heard of the extraordinary beauty and faithful qualities of the Russian womem. Women who still have some of the good old qualities but who aren't afrade to be themselves. Women who know of the importance of the family. I'm looking for a lady who takes pride in improving herself. Even though that I'm looking for a woman who wants to improve herself, I'm also looking for a Nikolaev woman whos number one priority would be in having a family and being there with the children to help me raise them rather then being more interested in career. I hope that she would be interested in improving herself. I don't want her to fill that she has to just be bearfoot and pregnat in the kichen as the old saying goes. I would like the woman that I"m to be with to accept me for who I am and not try to change me into who she thinks I should be but rather love and respect me for me. I looking for someone who will suport me in my job and someone who will stick with me through the good and bad times. I would like if she had a sence of humor. It would be nice if she wasn't afrade to get her hands dirty so to speak like going  and doing things in the outdoors. At the same time she also would like to be the type that would like to dress up and go out to a nice resterant and a nice place like the ballet or opera. I don't expect perfection. I look for someone with a good heart and a person who tries to be the best person thay can be. I look for a ukraine woman who appreciates life and all it has to offer. I'm looking for a Nikolaev woman who loves children and has a strong beleve in God. I'm diffently planning a trip to Nikolaev/Ukraine in a few months. I'm hoping befor I come to your cities to be able to get to know someone special and to have developed a close friendship with this special someone. If what you have read intrigues you and you feel that I might be the kind of person that you would like to get to know, then I'll be awaiting your return e-mail or letter...

                               Sincerly and affectsionly


Utah, United States of America
David from Utah, United States of America

Hello, David !
Thank you for your letter. i  try to tell you a little about myself.
i live with my parents and the son who is 5y,o. His name is Vladislav.  My ex-husband doesn't help us and even hasn't seen his son. But i know my boy needs father's care and love.
i like different styles of music, light and dancing as a rule.
What music do you like?
i like to watch sport competition  on TV, enjoy figure skating, swimming, football, athletics. I'd like my son to go in for sport in future. i like aerobics.
i like to play badminton and volleyball.
Not far from our house there is a park and a stadium. We with the son often walk there.
i like traveling, seeing museums and concerts, going to the theater. i graduated from the Nikolaev technical university and have a profession of a chemical engineer and  an accountant. But I'd like to work and would like to learn new.
i hope to meet a faithful, kind, intelligent, caring man who is able to respect and love women to share life with.
My first marriage was unsuccessful but i hope the next one would be the last and happy.
Hope to hear from you soon, sincerely,

    from Nikolaev
chemical engineer Svetlana from Nikolaev
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