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Hello! HOW ARE YOU DOING? I'm planning a voyage to Krivoy Rog and Mariupol.

for Her

                         I was born on September 21, 1969, in the town of Acushnet, Massachusetts. My parent's names are Irene and Mario. I have 4 younger brothers. Their names are Vincent, James, Daniel, and Paul. James , Daniel, and Paul are triplet boys born to us in 1970. They were a surprise to the family. James has two children, James, age 12, and Lauren , age 10. Daniel has two children. Melissa, age 21, and Jonathan , age 19. Paul has two children, Matthew age 11, and Michelle, age 5. The wife of James is Kim. The wife of Daniel is Kathleen, and the wife of Paul is Heather. My other brother Vincent has four children. Tara , age 17, Shayna age 15, Alexi age 12, and Nicholas age 10. Vincent is divorced and has not remarried. His children live with their mother and her new husband. I do not have children.
                      As a young boy, I attended a Catholic School called St. Kilian Elementary School. This was a school and church. I was an altar boy, choir boy, drama club actor, and belonged to the Catholic Youth Organization. My grandfather, Dr. Vincent M Sarlo was a MEDICAL DOCTOR. My grandmother, Grace, was a SURGICAL NURSE. My grandfather was the Doctor for the neighborhood of the church and school.
                     I attended New Bedford High School and graduated in 1986. I went to the University of Massachusetts, and graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. I had a Minor in Education and Psychology. I started my Teaching career in 1981. I was a Teacher of English as Foreign Language. I decided to teach and return to the university to study for my Masters degree. I received my Masters Degree in Bilingual/Bicultural Education in 2002. I also became certified as a School Principal/Assistant Principal in 1997. In 2004, I became an Assistant Principal of a very large Elementary School called the Alfred J. Gomes Elementary in New Bedford , Massachusetts. All of my professional career was in New Bedford Public Schools. In 2018, I became the Principal of the Phillips Avenue Elementary School. I decided to retire from Massachusetts Education in 2009, in order, to go after another professional education career in another state, or teach in an international school in a foreign country.
                  I was married to an Art Teacher, named Nedra Ro. , in 1993. We were married until the end of 2011. We got divorced because we became very distant over the last 4 years of the marriage. I wanted to adopt children, but, she refused to do this. We grew apart after this until the end. We never had children, because she did not care to be a mother. She wanted her career and independence.
                I have had relationships with two Ukrainian women. One was from Odessa. The other lady was from Chernivtsi. In both cases, these ladies were not honest about their serious intentions to be with only one man. They desired to be with several men in many relationships. I could not agree to this, since, I am in a search for a lifetime companion, partner, lover, and wife. I continue to search for the special Ukrainian lady who will make the lifetime commitment to me, because she wants to, because it is the best for her and US. I have learned that LOVE comes from within willingly and given freely because of tenderness and care out of a true deep feeling  for the person. I'm planning a voyage to Krivoy Rog and Mariupol.

  Fairhaven, MA

Michael   Fairhaven, MA

Hello , Michael!
How are you?
 Things are very good here. Thanks a lot for your interesting and exciting letter. It was really pleasant for me to read it for several times. Now I can imagine a little bit more what is your life looks like.
I want to tell you that the biggest goal in my life now is to raise happy, friendly, strong family. I want it to be based on love, understanding, respect. I dream how we will spend our time together, how we will bring up our children. I want to say that I love children very much and I think that they are the real flowers of our life. Children are the future of every family and without them life is boring, without bright colors. I want to meet a men once and for the rest of my life, I’d like him to be kind, caring, loving, understanding, romantic, optimist. I wish we would spend a lot of time together, share all our thoughts and dreams.
Let me ask you some questions: Do you want to have children? If yes, whom do you want to have first? Do you plan to come to Mariupol soon? Do you like travelling? In what countries have you ever been? Do you think you are happy now? I’m anxious to hear from you soon.
Mariupol, Ukraine

Lady for dating Lena from Mariupol
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