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Hello Kherson Girls! Please feel free to read and respond. You will reconize this letter.

for Her

Hello Kherson Girls! 

I wanted to give my greetings to you and give you a brief discription of who I am am what my intentions are.  First of all, some of you have already seen a letter or two from me.  Please feel free to read and respond.  You will reconize this letter. 

The reason why you are getting this (again for some of you) is because you have qualities that has me interested in you on a serious level.  I would like only the serious reply.  I will tell you about me now.

I am 5'11"  with extremely short brown hair, and brown eyes.  I have never been married and I have no Children.  I come from a huge family, and am the only living son with 6 sisters.

My favorite dish is hard to pick.  It changes from where ever I am and what type of year it is.  For example, if I were in the mountains this time of year I would have to say it would be fish.  Specifically trout.  Since I am on the east cost of the United States and it is summer I would have to say barbecue ribs, baked beans, and potato salad.

I work for the United States Navy.  In my job I cannot explain the structure of the fleet.  I can explain the ranking and pay scales.  The enlisted side is broken into 3 areas.  The first are the ranking and pay scales of E-1 through E-3.  These are the beginner rankings and pay scales.  Now there is E-4 through E-6.  These are the backbone of the working force.  Here is where all skills are learned and refined for a future role as a leader.  Now there is the top of the enlisted rankings and pay scales.  These are E-7 through E-9.  Here is the senior enlisted personnel.  Here the leadership and top supervisors are teaching and perfecting the E-5 and E-6 personnel on leadership.  I started as an E-1 and am now an E-5 waiting for my opportunity to advance to E-6.  Usually it is three years to advance to the next level.  I have the opportunity drop a year off my wait.  I will find out if it happens in about a year.

In my spare time I like to relax by listing to music, watch a little television, and go hang out with the guy's.  When I have extra time I go traveling.  For example I am going camping next week.  I might have a few of the guys join me.  I am looking forward to a little fishing and the smell of the pines, while I am swimming on the lake, or hiking.

My favorite products are very easily answered.  If its quality is high and it has a proven track record of success and quality.  I choose to use it.  For example the jeans I wear are Levis and Lee.  The shirts of my choice are cotton.  I have a few silk dress shirts.  I just don't enjoy wearing the silk.  I get hot to quickly in them.    I am not into high fashions.  I prefer the more non-chalant approach to fashion.  On the other hand I prefer a sexy woman who has a preference to fashion.  I like to spoil her with gifts and articles of products that she likes.

I have a couple of friends who met and married Ukrainian women from Poltava.  I haven't seen them in about 5 years.  Although, I do chat with them via e-mail often.  All 3 of them are still happily married.  The first couple had their 4th child in January.

I decided to use an ukraine dating agency because I don't want to be taken advantage of again.  I wanted a good company that will help me meet honest ukraine women from Kherson.  I was taken advantage of last year.  It cost me a large sum of money.  I gave money to a service to pay for her to have a complete vacation here in Virginia Beach, Virginia for about 6 weeks.  I was going to take her to the mountains, and the beach and etc.  I even rented a house just for her.  I of course would be at my own house.  It was a big mess.  I hired a detective out of Moscow.  He found the company and the russian girl.  It was a big scam. I can't do anything about it now.  So I hired the detective to research a list of ten different companies.  Ukraine dating agency was at the top of the list.  I feel if I am going to expect good things I need to invest wisely.
My sisters do not know I am using a service.  They think I meet more than enough ladies here in the states.  What they don't know is that the ladies here in the states have grown out of family values, and the ability to stay with one man.  These American girls play so many games with men I just do not care to be involved with that.  My sisters don't understand this because they also are doing this.  I grew up listening to their game playing and man jumping.  They still do it, even after marriage.  I can't dislike them because they are my sisters.  I intend to marry a woman who has family values, family traditions, and respect for a committed relationship.  Since I work with over 7000 men on a daily bases, I constantly get advances from the wives of the men I work with.  I also get more than advances from the girls to be married or the girlfriends of some of the other men I work with.  Every woman I date here I test.  If she passes the first test I will take her out on another date.  I have a total of three tests.  All of which are formed around the theory of self-confidence.  If she is confident in herself she will not second-guess herself and therefore she will not look for additional men to be with once she has found one of her liking.  I have never had a woman pass all three of my tests. Because of this it strengthens my desire to meet and marry a sexy woman from Europe.  I would rather die a lonely man than have a wife that does not value the sanctification of marriage and respect the commitment she made to herself and to me.   She should also have the education to push my own knowledge, to teach me if I lack the adequate knowledge to carry on a good conversation on the subject of her choice.  I am attracted to a woman with self-confidence.  She is fashionable.  She feels very strong about family.  She will do what is necessary to make sure she is with the right man.  Once she finds the right man she will stay with him.  A woman with family values.  She wants children.  She should also want to educate her children, as they grow older.  She should expect her children to have no less than a BA college education.  She should want a home of her own and property and success in life love and family.  I enjoy educated women.  I like to listen to them talk about astrology or psychology, physics, chemistry etc..  I like to listen to what she likes.  I want to know what motivates her.  What she likes and dislikes.  I enjoy making my girl happy and feel wanted and special.

I will come to the Kherson/Ukraine, eventually.  After I have met with you outside of the country first.  I feel meeting in a neutral European country, where you and I are both on a vacation, and are not pressured by a familiar environment or people.  After that, if things go well, I will want to meet your family.  I will want to stay in the town of your parents and spend a week with you and them.  They can also have the opportunity to learn about me and learn that my intentions are purely honorable, and serious.

I own a branch office of a mortgage company.  I closed the office in 2010, and put my lending license on a hold status while I am working in the Military.  My father had been asking me for years to continue the family tradition and join the Navy, so I joined in 2011.  I was 30 then.  I have moved up through the ranks very quickly.  I am at the rank of 2nd Class petty Officer.  That is the pay grade of E-5.  If your still not familiar with the ranking structure of the Navy, just ask me and I'll explain it.

I was born in Miami Florida on September 17th 1985.  I am the only surviving boy of a family of 8.  My brother was killed in 1989.  I have six sisters.  I am in the middle of the family by age.  My father was in the military and we (my family), moved around the United States.  Things have changed since my father was in the military.  Now if I don't want to move I can stay where I am at.  Currently I am living in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  I work on the aircraft carrier USS George Washington CVN-73.  It is a nuclear powered ship.  It is the 4th largest ship in the world (so I have been told, I can not confirm that).  I live in a condominium just 5 minutes from the beach.  Because I was born and grew up next to the ocean, I only go to the beach when my friends ask.  Once in awhile I will go and read on the beach just to get some fresh air and a tan, and a little solitude.  I work with over 7000 people in a confined space.  So when I get a chance for some piece and quiet, I take it.

I have been to many different countries.  I have never been to Russia before.  I would like to visit your country and learn more about your ukraine culture.  I want to climb your mountains, ride the rapids in your rivers, and fly a hand glider off your cliffs and over your beaches.  I am going back to Europe next year.  I am not sure which countries I'll stop and check out.

Where have you been in your travels?  Can you tell me about the Mountains and the rivers?  Have you ever been white water rafting?  How about camping and hiking in the mountains?

I have more pictures on the web.  You can find them at this Kherson Dating website. I also have more pictures on the yahoo singles web site.  Just go to Dating site and type in USA location. Just type rowdy rascal in the keyword search area after setting the location to Virginia Beach, virginia.  There is a lot more information about myself and what I like to do.

Well, I have to end this e-mail soon and run some errands.  Let me know what you think about my other pictures.  I know I look so serious in most of my pictures.  I really am not that serious.  I just think I look very goofy when I am not giving the camera my serious "can do" look.    So maybe a little bit of coaching from you and I will be able to take a better smile shot.

I would like to get to know you better.  How old do you want to be when you get married?  Where (which country and what location) would you want to get married? How old do you want to be when you have your first baby?  How many children do you want to have?  Would you consider moving to the United States?  If you could start your own business, what would it be, and why?

I will stop with the questions for now.  I hope to make you feel comfortable with me.  So please ask me any questions you want, on any subject.

Have a good day.  I look forward to your reply.



Virginia Beach, Virginia   USA
Bill from Virginia Beach, Virginia   USA

Hello, Bill!
My name is Olga, I was born on October 4th, 1987 in Odessa. I live in the south of Ukraine in Kherson.
I am rather slim, my hair is dark, my eyes are dark brown. I like to experiment with the way I look,
I am a modern sexy woman and nothing seems strange to me.
I am a dress-maker by profession and I work in a factory.
I enjoy spending time close to nature, I like to do sport. I spend my summer holiday at the seaside.
My hobbies are growing indoor plants and knitting.
I am sober-minded, kind, tolerant, responsive by character. I have many friends.
My parents and sister live rather far from my place, they have a house and a garden. I go to visit them in spring.
I am divorced and I bring up my ex-husband's daughter. I have no my own kids, but I want to have them in the future. My step-daughter's name is Irina, she is 15 years old. I've been bringing her up since she was 8. Ira is a loving and obedient girl. We enjoy complete and mutual understanding. I love her as if she was my own child.
 My ex-husband lives and works in Moscow, Russia. He can't pay enough attention to his daughter due to many reasons, that is why I am responsible for Ira's education and upbringing.
My ex-husband and I are not enemies, we are on friendly terms. We are colleagues and friends.
He comes to visit his daughter twice or thrice a year. he pays for her education and her rest at the seaside.
We parted for my husband proved to be a person who valued independence more than anything. Family routine, home hearth makes him bored.
I would like to have a happy family with a american man who would value me as a woman, who would be reliable, faithful and honest. I would create harmony and coziness for my family and my foreign husband would be my reliable support and loving husband.

  from Kherson
I am a modern sexy woman and nothing seems strange to me.
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Hello attractive Olga!
   My name is Michael. 
I have been a member of this Kherson dating agency for about a month and I was scrolling through some of the matchmaking profiles and your profile caught my eye and I felt compelled to write.
    I see that your birthday is coming very soon!  Happy birthday.  I hope that you have special plans. 
    I am never sure what to write in this first letter.
    I am interested in hearing from you and knowing more about you.  I will leave that up to you. 
If I hear from you...wonderful Kherson girl.  If I do not, may you and your family have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.
     Michael Brabuss
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 13 September 2018 20:36 Reply
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