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I recently discovered your nice ad on the Kirovograd dating website and I have thought about you often since then.

for Her

Dear Ms. Anna,

Hello. My name is John and I am writing to you from Cleveland, Ohio in the United States where today is a beautiful day - warm and sunny. I recently discovered your nice ad on the Kirovograd dating website and I have thought about you often since then. I think we may share many things in common. My friends know that I like to write long letters and there are many things I would like to tell you about myself. However, I will try not to write too much and make you bored as I am sure you receive many letters.

To describe myself physically is simple. I turned 41 years old on May 9, 2013 (but most people think I look much younger - so I hope you do not think I am not too old for you), I am 189 cm tall, I have an athletic build and I have blue eyes. I had very short blonde-brown hair but now I shave my head. Two years ago a very close friend of mine had cancer. Her treatment caused her hair to fall out. I decided then to shave my head to support her through her treatment. Now, everyone likes my hairstyle so I decided to keep it. I think the marriage agency might have three pictures of me. Two of them I just took with my camera so that you can see how I look as I write this letter to you. Oh, luckily my friend survived her cancer.

To describe my life is also not very difficult. I'm divorced from my american wife of eleven years. Two very good things came from our marriage. First, we are still friends. In fact, her fiancee is my new "best friend." Most of my friends cannot believe that I still like her as a friend, but I know how to find goodness in everything and most everyone - my mother (who is a great person) taught this to me. The second good thing that came from our marriage is our daughter - her name is Grace (I hope my having a daughter does not scare you away). She is wonderful and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is eleven years old, very kind, very nice, golden-hearted, athletic, and very smart. She likes to play sports and also enjoys ballet classes and horseback riding. My daughter lives with me along with our three pets: our dog Mesa (who is very sweet and quite old) and our two young cats, Tigger and Smokey. My ex-wife is a doctor and her fiancee is a doctor too. The stresses and pressures involved in supporting my wife throughout her medical career was very hard on our marriage. As a result, the intimacy, romance, and love was lost between us a long time ago - at least five years ago.

I have worked in a law firm for more than twenty years. I also spent many, many years in college studying science as well as taking many courses to become a teacher. When my wife was accepted into medical school, we decided it would be better (financially) for our family if I kept my job. So I never finished my studies to become a teacher and I continued to work here at the law firm. I am not very happy at this job as there is a lot of pressure on me to make money. I'm not the type of person who cares about making a lot of money - to me, that is not where happiness lies. In one or two years, the time will be right for me to make a career change.

To describe my personality is a little more complicated. I am an optimist. I must say that the main reason for the end of my marriage was that my american wife was much too negative and usually in a bad mood. It is not possible for me to be around negative people for too long. As I have become older, I have learned many things about life - and many things I have learned through my daughter's eyes. For many years I have loved classical music - especially opera and ballet. And lately, I have begun reading classic literature. The last two books I read were "War and Peace" by Tolstoy and "The Idiot" by Dostoevsky. I love these books. I have also begun reading some of the great works of other authors, like Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce and soon I will begin studying poetry. I am sure you know that all of these authors write of a time that was very different from our lives today. They write of a time where gentlemen, ladies, courtship, and good manners still existed. Where chivalry and knightly conduct were appreciated. Where culture was cherished and wisdom respected. So many of these qualities are absent in today's world - especially, I am afraid to say, in America. In this country (the so-called "The Land of Opportunity") everyone has the ability to be successful - but each person's success depends mostly upon themselves. So, generally and quite commonly, people here do not rely upon their ancestors, their elders, their family, or their history to plan their futures or shape their behavior. As a result, we have lost our link to the past. And, as a result of that, we have lost our culture - if we ever had any. I try to live each day moment by moment. As Ippolit, the dying gentleman in Dostoevsky's "The Idiot" explains, "What matters is life, life alone, the continuous and infinite process of discovering it, not the discovery itself." Within each day, and within each moment, I believe it is possible to seek out and discover elements of happiness, peace, passion, romance, and love. If I were a knight, this would be my quest. This is something I believe my daughter taught me and that I have discovered from opera, ballet, and great literature. I know most stories in books, opera, and ballet are mythical or fictional, but their meaning and morals are very important to me they help to shape my behavior and my life. Like all children, each day my daughter can find meaning and pleasure in the smallest details in life. From the chirping of a bird, to the scent of a single wildflower. Sometimes I really wish I had five children. I know that I would like to have more children.

I think I should stop here as I have already made this letter too long. I just want to end by saying that I hope you consider writing back to me. You can write in Russian or Ukrainian and I can have it translated here. There are actually many Ukrainians living in our city and one of my co-workers was married to a very nice Ukrainian lady. Also, my piano teacher is from Kazan, Russia. I could also tell you many more things later (if you are interested) including:

How I plan to become a teacher in three years - I want to teach small children;
How I love gardening - especially the ordered chaos of a wildflower garden;
How I can find something interesting and enjoyable in almost everything and everyone;
Why I have not found a nice American lady for me - an absence of culture and perspective;
That I am honest, nice (sometimes too nice, I think), dependable, and trustworthy;
That I love all animals, nature and children;
That I love the light green colors of the beginning of spring, the sound of rain, thunder, and wind during thunderstorms, warm breezes, waves breaking on a warm sandy beach, fluffy white new-fallen snow, and fluffy cats too;
And that I absolutely love traveling - in fact, last year I traveled to Uzbekistan and completely loved it there. To me, as I have mentioned above, the importance of life lies in the journey, not in the destination. I'm sure of this after my experiences on my recent journey from Tashkent to Samarqand. I absolutely must travel more in my future. Because I love ballet so much, I have even considered moving to St. Petersburg, Russia in order to be near the Mariinsky Theater - of course, I must learn more Russian or Ukrainian first - maybe you could help me!

Lastly Anna (I hope it is OK to call you Anna) I mentioned earlier in my letter that today is such a pleasant, sunny day. I have realized something. When I look at your picture and video, your wonderful smile and your beautiful eyes show a natural radiance and an intrinsic warmth. Just like our magnificent sun on this glorious day.

Hope to hear from you soon,


John T.
North Olmsted, OH 44070

our dog Mesa (who is very sweet and quite old)My nice house

hello, John!
 I was very glad to receive your letter and liked everything in it. Thank you very much. As you asked, I'd like to tell you something about myself. I have many interests too. but they are not like yours, of course. I like reading magazines and newspapers, watching TV and listening to music. I'm calm, trustful and faithful girl but still that doesn't mean someone can enjoy my confidence. I like going to the movies, visiting museums and art galleries.
 Most of all I like sewing. As to books I can hardly be called a bibliophile. I read what the curriculum requires from the students. Since I'm one of them I have a little time to manage to do everything. I study languages-English and German-and also world Literature at the University in Kirovograd and will be a teacher of foreign languages soon.
I like English very much but for all these years of my studying I've become a little bit tired of it.
 I have two brothers and a sister and they are all older than me. They have their own families and children and of course don't live with my parents but far away from us.
 Generally Family is the most important values for me.
 I want to live a quiet life with a loved man, to be occupied with my favorite business and feel calm about the future.
 these are my values.
 In my spare time i like to play with my cat. His name is Barsik, his hair is white. He is only 6 months old and the funniest of all cats.
 As to your visit in Kirovograd, I would like to meet you here. It would be very interesting for me to get aquatinted, to get to know each other more .
 John, I sincerely do not want you to think that's all I can say about myself. I do not think a foreign man's or ukrainian woman's life and secrets of soul can be described in one letter.

 So I'll be looking forward to your next letter.
 To be honest I want to know more of you and your life.
 Best regards.
Kirovograd, Ukraine

fiancee Anna from Kirovograd, Ukraine

Dear Ms. Anna,

Hello again. This is the second letter I've written to you today. I hope you can understand my words. You spoke English very well on your video so I think you might understand some of my words.

There are a few more things I wanted to write. First, your video is charming. Your voice is so nice and your eyes make you look like you are a very nice and sweet person. It is brave of you to speak English in your video. It is so cute the way you say "bye-bye" and wave to the camera. It makes me smile each time I see it. You have a beautiful smile.

Here is something interesting. Chris is a young man that works for me. He is my friend. His sister is working in Lviv. Her name is Jennifer and she works at the "Successful Woman" organization in Lviv. She is a member of the United States Peace Corps and she is a wonderful person. People in the Peace Corps volunteer their time to help people across the world. If we continue to correspond with each other (and I hope so), Jennifer could possibly help us.

I am sure I have given you too much to read so I will end here.

Bye-bye. :)

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