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Please forgive me if I am wrong but I believe that you wrote to me sometime ago throu the friend finder site from Vitebsk

for Her

Hello lovely Maria! 
My name is Paul.
Please forgive me if I am wrong but I believe that you wrote to me sometime ago throu the friend finder site from Vitebsk while I was away sailing and as a result I didn't get back to you for some time .. anyway  I see that you must have moved cities so maybe my reply never got to you so if that should be the case please accept my apologies .... but I read your matchmaking profile and would very much like to talk with you some more if you should wish..I've written here a bit more about me than the profile can explain ..maybe you will find it interesting and I will hear from you again or maybe I won't but eitherway I hope you have a great day..
So about me in general...
My ambitions?.. what I want more than anything in this world is is to be part of the most amazing and happy family that I can dream of, to be the equal partner of a Belorussian women with whom I can share everything from good to bad, hopes and dreams and to know and trust totally that those feelings come back to me and to know that even when we grow old that we will still walk the beach hand in hand and still  laugh like the day we first met... I want to be a friend to my kids and share a relationship where they can talk to me about anything anytime , I just want to be the best dad in the world or as close as I can possibly get to it...

At work I want to create something that I enjoy and that benifits my whole family not just me ...at the present time I build boats in Australia  and contract to a company for several hours a week and also build my own designs in my own company name for local buyers and on spec , it is work that seems to be growing and that I am very good at but it is probably not my main aim in life as far as career is concerned ...I really dream of working back in the tourisim industry in New Zealand and want to build a dive boat and large sailing catamaran at some stage ... it is a wonderfull lifestyle to grow up in for children  and although it will never make you the richest man in the world in money terms  I think the richest man is really the one who knows in his heart without doubt that his family loves him as much as he loves them ,the rest is just about being comfortable and reaching those personal achievement goals that make part of the happy mind..At the moment my quest for the career related goals is leading me to England at the end of May ( maybe we shall meet soon if we should choose) to complete a short course that will allow me to work as crew onboard  superyachts, which is a class of vessel that I have built in New Zealand before, it is very well paid work but becomes very good with the dollar exchange rates when you return to New Zealand or Australia it is also a job that allows people to work as a couple in a lot of positions and would be nice to travel some of the world at the same time as reaching those financial goals with my forever girl before returning home to find a house and think about a family...

I call her my forever glamorous girl and forever is what I dream of in a partner  that person will be self driven but always feel the need to be part of the family as well , she will know her own mind and never be scared to tell me off when she feels I am wrong or need to work on "us" but she will also be tender and caring  with a softness to her smile that can melt me on the spot.  I love doing things together and that forever person will like to share my hobbies of sailing, diving and outdoors life with me and also want me to share in her interests as well. I want to be able to trust this women totally as if I were intrusting my life , I never want to be lied to about anything and I'd like our goals to be a shared search ..

The forever charming girl is a hard thing to explain by definition but maybe it is like this, I have a two year old daughter Abbey who is my little angel it was the saddest day of my life to have her taken from me , I don't want to dwell on past relationships  but you will need to know so basically I was married to someone that I loved in a way I had never known, my daughter was my life and the two of us would spend hours together while her mother chased her career untill I had to be told by her one day that she had found someone else and although she loved me this new older man had money and she was at heart greedy and with that I lost my family Ha it sounds so simple anyway its not important but the thing is that in times when it was just Abbey and I sometimes she would sneak up behind you when you weren't expecting it and just put one of her little hands on the back of your leg and in that split second the feelng that I got was the most incredible feeling that I can't find words to  explain but it goes that just maybe one day I'll meet the forever girl that will make me feel that same way with just the smallest of touch's or the hint of a smile , the simple act of saying good morning Paul! Thats how I will know...and hopefully I will make her feel the same way..
I'm planning a voyage to Vitebsk, Gomel and Minsk next year.
I hope you have a happy day and that this letter has given you another reason to smile, I look foreward to hearing from you but eitherway I wish you the very best ..

Best Regards Paul

    Australia - New Zealand
kitchen dining room

Hello, Paul!
Thank you very much for your nice and interested letter.
I will tell you more about myself:
I finished Vitebsk commercial college by profession - a cook. Now I study at the Vitebsk university.
And so often during my vacation I earn some money working as a cook at the cafes.
My greatest dream is to realize myself in this life, not only to create a family but also have a good career.
 I like classical style in clothes and high-heeled shoes..
I prefer black-white colours, but I also like beige, red and violet.
I like aerobics and big tennis.
My zodiac sign is Aquarius, I was born on the 25 of January.
You can call me by the name Masha (I like it more) as Maria is more official.
Please ask any questions and I'll be glad to answer them.
 Hope to hear from you soon,
  from Vitebsk, Belarus

fiancee Maria(Masha) from Vitebsk, Belarus
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