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I consider myself as a kind, attentive and romantic french man. I haven't been married and have no kids.

for Her

Hello, Lily.
My name is Francois, I'm living in Rennes, a nice city in the west of France. I'm 26 yeas old, working as an engineer in Information Technology and Computer Science. I have learnt russian langage when I was young (my mother was teaching russian language at school). No ia ne govoril po russkii uge davno, i ia ploho ponial. But I hope to restart talking in russian soon!
I consider myself as a kind, attentive and romantic french man. I haven't been married and have no kids. But I like them! :) I neither drink or smoke. I like having fun, but I'm sad when I feel lonely. I very fond of travelling, going to the country, discovering something new and meeeting people.
I see family and home as a place where you are always waited for with all your joys and troubles. I want a warm and friendly atmosphere to reign in my family, where people understand each other and spouses enjoy every minute of life spent together, feeling that there can not be greater happiness than seeing the woman you live with and praying the god to give her health and to protect her. Do you agree with this?
So, I expect my future russian wife to be kind, ambitious, who does her best trying to achieve her goals. She has found her place due to being active and hardworking. I would like her to enjoy her job and to be successful in it. So I would like to have a reliable, self-confident russian woman, feeling sure of her future, who could let me feel that she will take care of me, help me in trouble, try to understand me in any situation, whatever happens.
So, I'd like you to write to me a frank letter, to tell me about yourself, about your feelings, about what you are engaged in, your hobbies. I'm planning a trip to Rostov-on-Don.
Looking forward your letter,
Sincerely yours,

    from Rennes, France
My House (Francois     from Rennes, France)

Hello, Francois!
 Thank you for the letter. I was glad to meet you.
 I dream about healthy and strong family with a man who I can reply on. The family must give the feeling of reliability and is based on trust and honesty.
 I am searching for attentive, romantic and at the same time strong, reliable and purposeful french man. His credo in life must be" I can be disappoint if I will fail, but I condemn to failure if I won't try".
 My name is -Lily, it means a flower and in full measure it suits to me.
 I like to rest in nature- in the forest, at the sea, river or in the mountains, far from the noisy town. I like to grow flowers and to look after the trees.
 My town where I live in is called Rostov-on-Don, it is big and not calm town on the river Don. I live in private house and I don't like many-storeyed buildings. By warm summer nights I like to lay on the roof of the house and stare at the stars, listen to rustling of leaves.That's why I even can't imagine the living in apartment.
 I am frank, honest and reliable person and want to see it in the other people. one can reply on me.
 I hate lie, roughness, envy.
 I am emotional person. It's hard to me to do something I don't like. I don't like hurry in business but excessive sluggishness irritates me. I am a real representative of my sign- Libra.
 As Any sexy woman I like surprises and I myself like to give gifts to other people by the case or for no particular reason.
 Bye for now. Write me about your interests dreams and plans for life. Tell me about your work. I am interested in everything.
With best regards.

   from Rostov-on-Don
single sexy bride Lily from Rostov-on-Don
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