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When I saw your dating profile at Sochi matchmaking agency, I immediately liked it, and I find your look very attractive.

for Her

Hello, Valeria!

My name is Frederick. For short, they call me Frik. I'm 38 years old, and live in South Africa. Before I start telling you more about myself, I would like to tell you that I'm single, I'm divorced, and I'm looking for a relationship, love and happiness. Someone I can marry and build a family with beautiful Russian Bride from Sochi.

I live in Roodepoort, a city very close to Johannesburg, South Africa. I work as an accountant in Johannesburg, the big and busy city of South Africa. I've got a university degree, and lately have been working hard on my career. Because of spending time with my studies, and focusing on my career, I have established myself, but did not find the right African woman. I believe in love, and that there is someone out there waiting to make me happy.

I've decided to look elsewhere for someone as I find most woman here are married, or not my type of woman. When I saw your dating profile at Sochi matchmaking agency, I immediately liked it, and I find your look very attractive and sexy. You seem like a very nice lady, and I would like to here from you again.

Let me tell you more about myself:

I was born in Roodepoort, 18 March 1986

I grew up in Bloemfontein, a small city in the central parts of the country. I studied at the Freestate University in Bloemfontein, and moved back to Johannesburg in 2008. I've been working as an accountant ever since. I've got green eyes, brown hair and am 180cm (5ft 10) tall. I'm about 90kg, and have a very active life. I love the movies & theater, and like reading every night before I go to bed. I like cooking, and love to dance. Music is important to me.

I reliable, and very loyal.

Now, it is your turn. Tell me more about yourself? What are you interests?

I'll be waiting for your response.

  Roodepoort - Johannesburg, South Africa
P.S. here is a picture of my house.

my roodepoort house

Hello Frederick!
Thank you for your nice letter, it was pleasant for me to get it. I liked what you wrote. Your pictures say that you are a very interesting man, you look much younger your age. How many years are you in divorce, Frederick? I ask you one more question: why did you decide to look for a wife in Sochi, Russia? I'd like to know if you plan your visit to Sochi and when?
I like all the features of character you wrote about and I'd like to know you better.
 I like to get letters and also like to write them. Maybe it is connected with my character and horoscope. My zodiac sign is Gemini and I can say that my character absolutely appropriate to the sign. I’m optimistic, cheerful, sociable and curious person. I need new information like an air I look for it in books, I like reading very much and then I share everything with my friends. My wish to ‘give’ much more than to ‘take’. I think that as more you ‘give’ as more you’ll ‘get’. And in love this rule is much more stronger.
More details about me: I’m 36 years old, and I have an adult son, who is 16 years old. he is fond of computers, sports. I’m divorced. I decided to give it a second chance and to settle my life happily, as I still feel young and I look pretty good. I like my age because you are still young in your body but you already have a lot of experience. You make less mistakes, and you are aware of possible obstacles. You become more clever, more wise than before, I know a lot how to make my future mate really happy.
I’m an optimist and usually I’m in a good mood and smile a lot. Life is not what happens to us but how we take it. I’m midwife and I finished medical college in Sochi. In my spare time I like reading, going in for sports because I think it is very important. I don't have bad habits. I also like listening to the music, travelling.
Frederick, write me more about yourself, about your family. Do you have brothers or sisters? What are you looking for in this life? What qualities do you appreciate in russian women? What is happiness for you? How do you imagine your future Russian-South Africa  family?
Please write to me. Soon I'll make new pictures and send to you.
With best wishes,
    from Sochi, Russia

divorced pretty bride Valeria from Sochi, Russia
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 Hi Sochi dating manager!
I have several questions re such a trip to Sochi/Russia.  If you could
please email me your phone # so that I can call you to discuss I would
appreciate it. 
Thanks again.
  Scottsdale, AZ  85254

Guest Guest 11 September 2018 09:34 Reply
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