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I am looking for someone from Chelyabinsk, who wants to be treated like a queen, and the most precious thing in the world.

for Her

My Darling girl,

  How does one begin a letter that can change one's life? I suppose I shall just introduce myself. 
  My name is Matt, I am 29 years old, and live in Brisbane, Australia (in Queensland, the "Sunshine State").  Do you know much about Australia?  We have wonderful beaches and great wildlife (the other day I saw a kangaroo eating grass on the side of the road, and a koala in a tree in a park). 
  I am in my third year of studying medicine, and I will graduate next year, then I will be a doctor.  When I finish my training I would like to spend a year or two doing aide work for the United Nations.  My father is a doctor, and my mother is a nurse, so I guess medicine is in my blood.
  I love to travel, and have been all around Europe.  Ever since I was a child I wanted to visit Russia and Eastern Europe (perhaps you could show me around?).  I still have to see Africa, Asia, and South America, but I will get to those places.  Do you like to travel?
  I am a cheerful person, my friends sometimes call me "happy".  I have a lot of friends with different interests.  I like to go dancing and singing (even though I am a bad singer), but many of friends are too embarrassed to sing.  I am not embarrassed to sing.  I also like to cook.  I like to cook many different foods from all over the world (Mexican, Indian, and Thai foods are my favorite).  I like to play sport; swimming, golf, hiking, billiards, or touch football (an Australian game).
  I am a reliable, trustworthy , sociable, cheerful, affectionate, adventurous, easygoing, strong man who loves animals (especially dogs) and has a sense of humor.  I like silly things.  I am also close to my family, I think family is very important. My parents have been married for 35 years, so I come from a good background, and know how to make a good relationship.
  I am looking for a soul mate that is similar.  Someone who is happy, laughs a lot, is reliable, and is ready to start a family. I am looking for someone from Chelyabinsk, who wants to be treated like a queen, and the most precious thing in the world.  My family will be the most important thing in my life. I will be a dedicated and good husband, and I am looking for a dedicated and good russian wife from Chelyabinsk. Does this sound like you?

  I look forward to learning more about you.
 Sincerely yours forever,


   Herston, QLD 4006 Australia

thank u for ur letter,..
i would like to know some detalis about u,... smth about ur family roots,... ur age,... and ur free/leasure time ?... tell me about ur planes for ur holiday/vacation... ** i would like to see a picture of u also,... ** i would really appriciate 4 ur quieck answer.. here'e few wordds about me,.... **
Well, I am single 25 year old Russian blond from Chelyabinsk, looking for my Destiny....Sounds more then romantic..but its true. ~~ You may ask me what am I looking for??........ I am looking for not Mr.Perfect...but formy another Half. We r all not perfect. I understand that's all only words from a PC keyboard..but look.. i am worn outof web, chatting ,wasting time in internet , fed up of writing stupid and long letters,..I had not good experience , men asking for nude photos, and chat about sex....this not what I need......... i want actions from a Real Man, not only words and promises..
~~ About my job occupation: I work as director's assistant in SE, we trade agricultural products (sunflower seeds, oil,..etc). Can say my job is a little bit boring but i don't want to stop half-way. I do my best to create carrier.
~~ I love my family, especailly love my little nephew (he's 3 y.o.), very cute age for a little boy!:) i love children. If u ask me about moving from my country -- it depends on many things: 1st - how our relations will develop, 2nd - your personal attitude to me, my habits (coz old habits die hard, - u'lllive with mine habits and i'll live with your's):))) he-he-he...
~~ Best regards, yours, Have a lovely week and think about me:)
    from Chelyabinsk dating site
25 year old single Russian blond Nataly from Chelyabinsk dating site
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