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Dear Krasnoyarsk Ladies! I am Andre' from Malta. Malta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea it is a very beutiful Island.

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Dear Krasnoyarsk Ladies!

I am Andre' from Malta. Malta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea it is a very beutiful Island. We have recently joined the EU. I live with my father in our own house. I work in the familly business our main line of business is automobile exhausts. I love knowledge and I read history and I am also very interested in business. I also practice shotokan karate and fitness. I am looking for an attractive women from Krasnoyarsk, who is smart confident and loyal. My purpose would be to form a familly unfortunatly I have been unlucky till now.
Hoping to get to know you better.
Kind regards

  from Malta
I live with my father in our own house in Malta

Hey Andre!
Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, I was unexpected sent to Ekaterinburg to upgrade my professional skills.
I am back home now and I am full of impressions and after having taken those courses I am even more intelligent now :-) It was new experience for me, there were teachers from different cities of Russia attending the courses. They were lecturers, sharing teaching experience, seminars, well, it was definitely useful for my profession. And I did have a chance to be a tourist. By the way, my sister has just recently purchased a new apartment in Krasnoyarsk, so my presence there was just what she needed - I helped her to move in and settle. Her apartment is located in a nice district close to a metro station and recreation area with a small wood and a lake. Being close to the metro makes all her trips very easy and quick. That is very good for a large city. Moreover, it is very close to her place of work.
Well, Andre, and how have you been? How is work? Does it keep you busy as always?
Speaking about my family, as you probably understand I have an elder sister. And I live with my parents.
The paintball match was cool, lots of fun. Unfortunately for me, I don't do any sport. By the way, as you are strongly connected with sport, which sport would you advise me being a girl to do?
I am glad you like literature. Othello is a nice example of how damaging jealousy might be :-) By the way, Andre, are you jealous?
I wish you all the best and it is good to write to you again.

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single girl Vika from Krasnoyarsk dating agency

Dear Vika
I am very sorry for my late reply but I was a bit stressed out lately. Well if you want to do some sports I would suggest gymnastics you are famous in the Russia. Well as for me I am working but now I am starting to think about holiday perhaps I will come to Krasnoyarsk and visit you some time next year is safe I mean their was some political trouble some time ago.
And is it very cold.
You know I have gone abroad many times but I have never seen the snow.
Well I wish you best to.
Yours truly,
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 Hello, Andre’
Thank you very much for your letter.
Now I am busy with my studies ; I go to the classes at 8 a.m. and come back usually at 4 p.m. Of course, I am rather tired but it's worth it as I like the languages and want to know them perfectly.
I like outdoors activities such as camping, walking, etc. I like dancing but if it's with someone special to me.
I listen to all types of music except rap.
I like beach, river, sea.
I like movies; my favorite are romantic comedies.
I live with my family. I don't drink or smoke.
I am merry, I like to meet with my friends. I love nature and animals. I have a dog and a cat with kitten, and a parrot.
tell me please about your every day life, activities. How many hours do you usually work? Do you have days off? what do you do in your free time?
Please ask any questions and I'll be glad to answer them. I hope to meet your in Krasnoyarsk.
I am waiting for your next letter,
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Single woman Single woman 11 September 2018 11:15 Reply
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