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But I must now have a mutual relationship with my future wife from Kiev.

for Her

Hello my dear Nataly!

I hope you do write back.  I have included a great deal of information about myself.  I don't really like talking so much about myself.  But building a relationship from such a distance means I must do all I can do to see if this is something we can succeed at.

But most of all please tell me more about you.  I want to find out if we would be good friends.  I think so much of staying in love is being good friends.  Tell me more abut what you love to read.  Why does it excite you??  I would love to hear about your family.  Your feelings and your thoughts.  Maybe even how you spend your day.  How you think.  Anything you feel comfortable sharing!!

I am choosing to try and build a relationship with a woman from the Kiev, Ukraine (former USSR) because I think it takes strength, love and wisdom to be willing to travel such a great distance to build a better life for you and your child!  

If we hope start a new relationship I think it is best if I tell you about myself.  So please don't be bored J.

I am of Armenian descent.  I am very socially conscious.  I feel strongly about many things regarding national and world affairs.  As I get older I find I am inspired to support more and more humanitarian causes.  Maybe it was because of the stories I heard from my ancestors about the difficulty they suffered in Armenia in 1900.  I don't know.  

I can tell you that my friend's say that I am "born to support and give love to others" I get strength and energy from giving of myself.  But I must now have a mutual relationship with my future wife from Kiev.

My marriage lasted 21 years.  I don't know if we were ever in love.  I was too young and didn't know myself very well.  As I age, I realize I am a people person.  I love to talk and to listen to people's feelings, especially those I love.

I changed careers from a high paying corporate executive to teach children math. (Also so I can spend more time with my children)  I am emotional and very energetic (for an old man J), open and optimistic.  If anything I find myself too sensitive.      

I am proud to tell you my 14-year-old daughter was adopted from Moscow Russia.  My 10-year-old son was adopted from Vidin, Bulgaria.    The best thing in my life are these two beautiful children I share 50% custody with my ex wife.  

By American standards I am financially secure, but not rich.  In my free time I love to spend time improving our home in Morro Bay California going to the movies, bicycle riding, and spending time with friends.  Oh yes I love to travel.  My fondest desire is to fall in love and to travel to Europe and Hawaii with her!

And most important EXCEPT for drinking too much Diet Coke I don't have any real bad habits!!!!

  P.S.  I send you some photos of my house end view from window to Morro Rock

my houseview from window to Morro Rock

 dear Richard!
 thanks for your letter, sorry, but  I have a lot of work
 these days, what's your planes for weekend, let's go out
 :))))))) and see some movie:)))I;'m joking,
 can u send me your photo??? please,...
 what u like to do in ur life? many things??what is your
 horoscope sign??
 I'm Libra. I like my sigh....I'm so beautiful, so attractive
 , so strong, so interesting, so lovely, so.......:) is it
 enough??:) heheheh
  I do riding horse: I can explain u :
 I had a fear of horses and catch one assertion that if u
 have any fear u can try to do (beat) it again....
 so I tried to riding horse, and try to climbing mountains,
 scuba-diving--that's all in my future planes:)
 about what I like:
 like people, nature, picturesque views, sea, warm places
 (coz I lived in Siberia, Russia),comfort, presents,
 perfumes, flowers (like every woman); like live sound in the
 concerts, swimming pool in winter, running in summer, fresh
 air, wind and mountain,
 a little bit about my native land:
 I was born in a big town Kiev in the central part of Ukraine., it
 has very beautiful park (the park is famous for it's Greek
 legends and history of foundation), then I lived a couple of
 years in Siberia (Russia), with very-very cold climate, and
 after that I moved to capital because I entered to college.
 I like life here but I find sometimes that people are
 changed here from kind and open to hard-hearted, cold,
 unfriendly.maybe it's all influence of the spirit of the
 city, I don't know why? well, anyway, it's just a little
 lyrics from my thoughts.
 write to me, yours Nataly

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