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I have decided that if I must go to Odessa to meet a lady like you, then I will.

for Her

Hello and warm greetings from America!
Meeting people across the Internet is new for me so I am not sure where to begin.  Since I saw your photo and read your dating information on the Odessa Internet matchmaking agency, my mind has been opened to the possibility of meeting a beautiful woman like you.  You have a very pretty face.  Your eyes, warm smile, and your gorgeous hair make you very beautiful. 

When I heard that men from America could meet women in other countries, I asked myself why they would go all the way around the world to meet a lady when there are so many fine ladies here.  Now I understand completely, and have decided that if the love of my life is in another country, then I will go there to see her and distance would not separate us for long.

I am trustworthy, reliable and a decisive person.  I make a decision and then carry it out.  I am energetic and well-organized.  I have decided that if I must go to Ukraine/Odessa to meet a lady like you, then I will.  I am sure we could learn much about each other in person.  I am a very caring and romantic man and would love the opportunity to get to know you better.  My partner must be my best friend and love me as much as I love her. 

I am seeking a true love, a partner for life and someone to create a family with.  I believe that the family should be the center of one's life.  Children require loving parents, and when children have loving parents they can grow into very beautiful people.

The reason I would send an e-mail to someone across the world is because life in the United States is changing.  Many women do not want to get married and have kids.  Many people get married and split up and the family is not important.  I do not want that to happen to me and I want to have a great family for kids for my entire life.  I do not have any kids, but I would like to some day when I marry the right person.

I sell computer software to companies.  I am successful in business.  I work about 40-50 hours per week and I drive the car a lot to companies for my work.  I am financially secure and make good money.  I am very genuine and trustworthy.  I have many good friends. 

I like to do many things out in nature and inside.  The most important thing for me is the people that I am with.  When I have good company then I will do anything and have fun.  I like the reading, theater, concerts, and the cinema.  I have many movies at my home that I watch in my spare time.

I am well educated and intelligent.  I have a degree from the University and I read many books.  I am also passionate and romantic.  I like computers as well and I have two of them.  I like looking fashionable and have many very nice clothes.

I am very romantic.  I love supper under candles with good wine and a loved person.  I go to many good restaurants.  I do not eat much at my home.  I will learn to cook more food at home some day.  I like being at home watching movies and listening to music.

I live a very good life in America.  I have wonderful parents, two brothers, one sister and many good friends that I truly love.  I live a healthy lifestyle and I am into fitness.  I don't drink or smoke, and have the time and resources we would need to create warmth in the family.  I am financially stable and able to provide for my family.

I like to do many things and I am open to new experiences.  I like to travel, but I have never been to Odessa/Ukraine, but soon I will be planning a trip there.  I enjoy reading and I have many books.  I love to laugh and have a good time. 

What are your interests?  Do you enjoy traveling?  I like riding my motorcycle, do you like riding them?  Do you know how to drive?  Do you enjoy sports?  I go the gym and work out almost every day to stay fit and healthy.  My lifestyle is a good balance of cultural activities on the town as well as just enjoying home.

Family is very important.  I have a wonderful family.  I have a mother and father that are the best in the world and they love me.  They are very intelligent and caring.  I have two brothers and one sister and I love them too.  We do not all live in my town, but we all live in the US.

Here is what I think is important for a wife.  She must be my best friend and love me as much as I would love her.  (And this would be a great amount.)  She must be very loyal and caring.  She must be fun and a great mother.  I am very loyal, loving faithful and I want my wife to be the same.

What is important to you in an american man or american husband?

The woman that I love will be loved forever and always respected.  I will take care of her in every way and make her happy.  I will always be faithful and devoted to her.  I will help her with the children and her family.  I get a great feeling of happiness from loving someone with all my heart and them loving me.

Please respond to my letter if you like my pictures and like what I have said.  I am serious about finding the right woman for my life and I will travel the world to find her.  I know she is somewhere looking for me as well.

I look forward to you response.

Best Regards,

    St. Louis, MO  U.S.A.
Mark from St. Louis, MO  U.S.A. 

P.S. My brother and I are both members of the Odessa dating web site and have decided to travel to Ukraine late November.  Do you have any suggestions on flights?  It seems the best route is for us to go from New York to Odessa and then take a train or something to the Dnipro/Zaporizhzhia area.  We have some friends in Lviv that we would like to meet as well as going to Krivoy Rog.  The flight to Dnepropetrovsk is about $500 less than the flight from New York to Odessa.  Is it safe for us to travel by train from Dnepropetrovsk to Odessa? 

Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.  We are trying to many things to prepare for the trip and we are trying to learn Russian as well.  We are looking forward to going to Ukraine.  Can you help us with getting the visas into the Ukraine?

Also, I signed up about five days ago.  I waited about one day and then I sent messages through the mail express.  Did I send out the messages to early or do I need to resend them?  Thank you for any help.



Hello, Mark!
How are you? I hope you are fine. I got your two letters, thank you.  From them I knew you had  interesting work and you are proud of it. It's very important in life especially for a man. i'd like to know more what you are doing now. I like my work too, work much and with enthusiasm. I wonder if there is big difference between accounting here and in your country?
When I was at school I dreamed about many professions. After school I decided to be a doctor. I entered Odessa medical college. When two years were left we had a practice. After that (when I saw a man after car accident) it was enough to change my plans. I understood that I couldn't overcome fear because of human's pain. I entered Odessa Technical University by speciality - accounting.
All people build their lives in their own way. I always knew that I couldn't believe in destiny ( that somebody will do everything for you), so I got used to do everything myself.
Mark, as you I want to have a caring loving husband who will be my support, with whom I can speak on everything that I am interested in.etc.
As to whay I was not married.. well, I had relations with a man for 6 years , we lived together, but then parted. Ha, it sounds so simple. And as for chidlren, I love them much and as any woman I'd like to have them, as without them a woman can't be happy. I have a nephew I adore and I spend weekends with him.
I wish you to have nice weekend and meet with your children,
   from Odessa matchmaking agency

blonde fiancee Lena from Odessa DATING agency
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