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I have been searching for fiancee from Lvov who shares my traditional values, yet is not afraid to be progressive.

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Hello, Tatyana!
By way of introduction I should first say that I am considered a nice person and not bad looking (though I am not Brad Pitt's long lost twin brother).

I have been searching for someone from Lvov/Ukraine who shares my traditional values, yet is not afraid to be progressive. I believe in the idea of partnership. I believe strong communication is critical to success in any relationship. I believe it is never too late if love is there.

There are many beautiful ukraine girls in your country. I would like very much to begin knowing you. If the seed of a relationship is planted, nurtured, and allowed to grow who is to say how large it will grow ?

About me: I am a nurse and I work with disturbed young people. I live in west Texas and work in southern New Mexico. I don't ride a horse- I have a small truck and a motorcycle to get around on. I enjoy life as much as possible, but there is something very important missing...

I believe the family unit is the absolute center of the universe- there is nothing more important than family. I desire to share my experience, strength, and hope with a family of my own: a wife and children to love and spoil and take good care of.

It is said America is the land of milk & honey. I believe this to be true. Many things come easily over here. The weather is pleasant, there is always food on the table, and most people own more possessions than they could possibly use in a lifetime. What is the purpose of such frivolity if there is no one with whom to share it ?    I seek a ukrainian woman with whom to share my life, my love, my hopes, my desires, my problems, my happiness, all my victories, and all my defeats. I am an open book for anyone interested in reading it.

All that having been said- I AM NOT A GEEK !!! Most people who know me think I am a fairly hip/cool/edge dwelling adventure seeker.

Drop me a line if you are so inclined and we can see where this thing takes us. I am a patient man & do not expect we will know for at least a few months if this is even working.

I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have. If you have access to e-mail my address is available in Lvov matchmaking agency.

If you do not have access to e-mail I believe you can contact me via the Lviv's dating agency.

Be good to yourself and I hope to hear from you soon and meet you in Lviv.


My Cars

Hello Arthy!
Thank you very much that you respond my letter. It was a nice surprise. At the beginning of my letter I want to say that I’m interested in our correspondence. And I want to say you more about myself.
I was born on 25th of October in Lvov. It is situated on the west of Ukraine. Our town is not small but very beautiful and green. In 1990 I finished school and after the school I entered college. Now I work as telegrapher. I also study in Odessa , at the University of communication service.
I live with my parents. Our family consists of 5 persons: I, my son, his name is Ivan, my mother, my father and sister Nataly. We have very friendly and close family. And also we have a cat, her name is Dasha. She is like a member of our family. We like her very much. I’m divorced for 7.5 years. And I decided that now I really want to have good family. And I hope that I’ll be lucky.
Arthy, I really want to know what do you think that I have a son. Are you ready to take a ukraine woman with her son? Will it a problem in our relations? I hope that you’ll be a good father and friend for Ivan if we have serious relations. Are you ready for such serious step? It is very important for me the relations between my son and husband.
Arthy, you are young, do you have children? If you have tell me about them more. Do you want to have more children?
I want to say that I admire with your courage. Only strong men can have such hobby. Arthy, how much time do you spend in mountains? Will you have enough time for the family? Of course, possibly one day I would like to go there with you.
We like to have an active rest with Ivan, to spend time on nature, go fishing. I like cooking very much and it seems to me that I do it rather good. My relatives and friends like all that I cook very much. When it is holidays I like to cook something special. What is your favorite dish? Can you cook?
I want to know you much closer and I have a lot of questions but I’ll not write them in one letter. Could you send me your pictures, these pictures are good but I’d like to see your eyes.
Well, now it is all. Write me more about yourself. If you want to know more about me, just ask and I’ll answer with pleasure.
I look forward to the next letter.
    from Lvov dating agency, west Ukraine

wonderful girl Tatyana from Lvov matchmaking agency, west Ukraine
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