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Dearest Vinnytsa Ladies: I am a serious american man looking for an equal partner to share my life.

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        Dearest Vinnytsa Ladies,
   Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andy Summers and I am a new client of the Vinnytsa matchmaking agency. I am a serious american man looking for an equal partner to share my life. I search for that special lady to make my life complete. I do not seek a woman to answer to my every need for I am capable of this myself. I have no requirements of my new wife except that she be honest, sincere and truely love me. I will show her a love that she has never known and will do my best to bring her nothing but happiness. I am 42 years old. I live in the United States of America. I love children. I have one grown son, he is 21 yrs old. If my new Ukrainian wife has children this would make me very happy for I would love her children as my own. I would like to have a child or children but this is not a requirement. I only search for that one part of my life that would make me whole. My wife could expect to be the love of my life. She would be given all of my trust, loyalty and respect. I am a strong, responsible and mature american man who will be a good provider for my family. My new family will never know fear for I would protect them with my last breath. I only wish for a true and sincere love. Thank you for your attention,
  Andy Summers

     United States of America
photo from Andy P.S. I am interested in visiting Vinnytsa to meet a special Ukraine lady.
Please send me visa information and I would appreciate some common information about prices of things in your country.
I have already contacted the lawyer on this site and have received a response from him.
I have not yet set a date for my visit to Vinnytsa, but I hope it will be soon.
Also, please tell me about the seasons in Vinnytsa/Ukraine so I will better prepare for my visit. I await your reply.

Hello Andy!
Thank you very much for your nice letter and wonderful pictures.
I think that t is very hard to be objective when you speak about yourself. I think that we have to say more good thing about ourselves than bad to attract each other.
I hope that I’m good person, full of energy and wish to make life the most happiest for me and one man. I think that two people need to trust and believe each other. We need believe not only in honesty of person with whom we correspond but also we need to believe that all our shortcomings we can understand correct. To reach this we can only with the help of honesty and sympathy. I look for a american friend, whom I can trust and with whom we can share happiness and sadness of the life. My way of life is easy and full of laugh, happiness and love. In people I value most of all honesty, truthfulness , respect and reliability. It is clear that two people have to be created for one another. And when people create the family it brings new feeling of love in their relations, I believe in it.
 On weekends I like to run away somewhere from the noise of our town. We have a little house out of the Vinnytsa town, we call it summer cottage. It located in the forest close to the lake. There we have a little fruit garden and many, many flowers. On Autumn my friends and I like go mushrooming in the woods.
 Andy, write me, please, do you have brothers or sisters? How do you spend your weekends?
On summer time there are a lot of musical festivals. Close to my town every year we have one. It lasts for 4 days, as a rule on July. There are a lot of different contests during day time and in the evening there is a big concerts with a lot of famous singers from Russia, Belarus and Europe. I visit this festival every year.
 Andy, it would be more that great if we meet in August, it is the best way to know each other better. If it is your first visit to our country and Vinnytsa, I think it would be interesting for you to get acquainted with Slavonic culture.
I told you a little about myself, I hope it’ll help you to know me better.
I hope to get reply from you soon.
With best wishes,
   from Vinnytsa dating agency.

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Good Morning My Dear Victoria,
                                          It is good to hear from you again. Here in Buffalo the weather remains winterlike though it is geting warmer with temperatures in the -5 degree range and the snow remains. This weekend I am doing my military duty. Next weekend I will be leaving for 2 weeks to go to Belize for a humantarian mission so you will not hear from you for that time, but I will write when I return home.
                                        It is hard to quantify American customs because tey are many people from all over the world here who bring their customs and traditions here with them. Two big American Holidays are the 4th of July where we celebrate our nations independence and Thanksgiving Day where we are thankful for all thatwe have.
 I like the Vinnytsa and tink it is a very interesting place and look forward to visiting it soon.
I must be going, but I hope to hear from you soon.
 Hugs and Love,

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 20 September 2018 09:28 Reply
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