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I have yet to travel to Europe. However I am planning a trip to Kirovograd and Kiev next month with a collegue of mine that is also single.

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   Hello Yulia, My name is James.
 How are you? I am a medical doctor and emergency physician in Austin, Texas, USA which is a very fun and lively city. I am interested in meeting a woman that is sincere, honest, affectionate and understanding and that has strong Christian and family values. I love children and I love women that love children. I was raised in a very religous Catholic family and attended Catholic grade school and high school. I attended The Univeristy of Texas at Austin where I recieved my bachelor's degree and then The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston for my M.D. degree. I speak English and Spanish and I am currently learning Russian and Ukrainian.

 I love to play sports, but I also love all types of music, dancing, and watching movies. I love to play the guitar and sing. In college and medical school I played and sang for a rock band. I played and sang the Beatles song "Back in the USSR...you know 'the Kirovograd girls really knock me out, they leave the west behind...',but I also like playing beautiful romantic songs on my classical guitar too.
 I love to exercise to stay in good physical condition so I can play sports. I am very healthy and active, as I have been all my life. My friends tell me that I look much younger than I actually am, I guess that is because I have always been very athletic. In high school and college I played football and baseball. Nowadays I like to snow ski, windsurf, scuba dive, rollerblade, ice skate, mountain bike, swim, play tennis, and other things too. Although my career has kept me very busy I have time and money to travel--including to Russia and the Urkraine. I have traveled mostly to Hawaii and the Carribean to windsurf, scuba dive and sail yatchs with my friends from medical school. I have traveled to Alaska, Colorado, Utah, Washington, and Oregon in the US to snow ski. I have yet to travel to Europe. However I am planning a trip to Kirovograd and Kiev next month with a collegue of mine that is also single.
 As much as I love sports, travel, and music, I really want to meet a kind, affectionate woman to share my life with and raise a loving family. This is more important to me than anything else.

 I have been in only three serious relationships in my life but the women involved were not able to, or interested in having children. I would love to meet a younger Kirovograd woman that able and wants to have children.
 I am  very romantic, affectionate, intellectual, and jovial. I seem to express my intimate feelings and emotions through "pillow talk" with a woman. I am a very deep person, yet I love to laugh and joke around.

 I also love history, philosphy, and economics. At the Unversity of Texas I studied finance and economics as well as biology. I have been very sucessfull at my career and I have invested wisely to retire early. However this means very little without a woman to share life with. I hope to meet a Ukrainian woman that I can devote all my life to making her happy and secure.

  Hopelly I will get the chance to meet you in Kirovograd someday soon!

   Sincerely from Texas with Love,

Austin, Texas, USA

  Hello James!
 Thank you for your letter, I enjoyed it very much. It actually made me want to tell you more about myself and share some thoughts with you if you don't mind...Well, people think me to be rather romantic. I may be merry and carefree, sometimes I may seem reserved and shy...
 I enjoy being among people, I love animals very much, too. I enjoy riding a horse, I love dogs, they are very devoted, devotion is what I value most. I often miss it. I know for sure the only wealth a woman can have is her family and children! A normal happy family always consists of loving parents and kids. I am rather "spoilt" :0), but I know I can always rely on my parents. I enjoy being with people who are mature and interesting, who have much to tell and teach. I am rather inquisitive and I am interested in meeting new american people and discovering new things. I want to meet the man I will trust.  Trust is a very many-sided word to me... I haven't met such man yet.I also think marriage to be based on refined diplomacy.  Two people must be responsible and reliable. Do you remember the saying by a famous writer, "We are responsible for those we tamed".

  I spend my free time dependently on my mood. I may sit in front of a fire place listening to the fire and woods talking to each other, I may spend the sunrise on the beach when it is absolutely deserted. I enjoy picnics and visiting sauna and discos sometimes...
 Music that I like is very diverse. In the future I would like to live such life which would let me have much free time for traveling, family, self-improvement and hobbies, sport...
 Well, Michael, I hope you will write back to me soon as I really enjoy corresponding with you.
warm wishes,
  your Yulia
    from Kirovograd matchmaking agency.

glamorous Ukrainian Girl Yulia from Kirovograd dating agency.
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 Dear Kirovograd office manager,
I need an address in Kirovograd to put on my visa application.
Do you have one I can use?
 Thank you,
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