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If we like each other's letters, then I will come to Vitebsk/Belarus to meet you, so we can meet in person and see if we really like each other.

for Her

  Hello and Greetings from Australia!

 I like your style. You caught my attention. But first, understand that I am not looking for an Internet relationship. I want to find my soul partner from Vitebsk  for marriage.  And I am very serious.  If we like each other's letters, then I will come to Vitebsk/Belarus to meet you, so we can meet in person and see if we really like each other. I want a real relationship with a real beautiful Byelorussian woman and eventually marriage.

 I decided to look overseas and this is why I am writing to you. I think that I will find my other half living somewhere else overseas! I am not looking for a servant, housekeeper or cook. I search for a compatible equal partner in marriage and in love. I am physically, mentally and sexually healthy and I don't have bad habits.  I am educated, professionally qualified and stable person. I have stayed single, because I knew that one-day I would meet my one and only twin flame.  This is what brings me to here and in writing to you!

 You are interesting lady.  You are unique woman.  You are very special Belorussian bride. I am looking for a pretty woman like you for marriage, with your qualities maybe! Of course, you first need to learn more about me and I need to learn about you.  But I am not looking for a perfect woman and she is not superwoman and not a supermodel. I am looking for a real and natural charming Byelorussian woman with all her faults.

 My name is Jonathan. I am 46 years old. I am an Australian man, and I live in Australia. I am a Gemini born on 13 June 1974. I am a white Caucasian, 188 cm tall and 95 kilos.  My eyes are blue/green. I have brown hair, which goes blond in the sun and the surf.  I have never married, I have no children, but I want to have my own kids soon. I do not drink alcohol. I don't take drugs and I do not smoke. I do not mind if others do! I am more spiritual than religious and I believe in God. He is very important to me.  I am of the Christian religion, and of the Protestant faith.  I meditate most days. I speak English very well and some Spanish.  Are you spiritual and do you believe in God? Is a higher power important to you? Are you religious, do you go to Church and how often?

 My education is a University postgraduate degree in Law. My profession is that of a lawyer and an advocate. I am lucky to have a stable job in my profession and to be self-employed.  This means I can work my own hours and from where I like and want to work.  This has huge advantages because I can live and work from anywhere!!! Not just in the city. Do you have a degree or diploma and what is it exactly? Do you want to study or learn some more and on what subjects or areas?

 I am active and fit. I like nature, animals and countryside.  I like playing sport, such as riding horses, dressage and equitation, playing "horse" polo, swimming and surfing (on my surfboard). Have you ever tried horse-back riding for pleasure or in competition? Do you enjoy it? Do you like animals? What type of pets do you have and like? Have you ever tried surfing? Do you like the sea?

 I also practice yoga and meditation, and some self-defence (karate). I like to draw and paint for relaxation and I also like to write. I write every day too.  In my spare time, I write a column for the newspapers aimed at helping poor people with their problems and in making changes. I also like to cook and I am quite good at it and I prefer to prepare spicy and tasty dishes.  I also like to cook outside in the countryside and to prepare a barbeque, which I learned to do specially, when I lived in Argentina and Brasil. I like poetry and reading, especially philosophy, and also watching good films. I love music and I play the didgeridoo, which is an ancient aboriginal wood instrument. I am very well travelled overseas and well educated, thanks to my parents and the upbringing they gave to me. I have a high IQ, although I am unsure what that means exactly, except that I do know how much that I do not know! Who is you favourite author? What book are you reading at the moment? What is your favourite music and what are your favourite bands or singers? Who are you listening to at the moment? What sport do you do and for relation what do you like?

 As for my family, this is very important to me.  Family is No. 1!!! I have 5 nieces and nephews, who are my sister's children, and I enjoy their company a lot. I am close to my sister and my mum. I live not far from the city of Sydney, in the countryside on a farm in an old house with a large garden on a beautiful river at the foot of the mountains.  It is unspoiled and unpolluted.  The home is large and spacious with polished wooden floors and has a beautiful view over the fields, the valley and the mountains.  The garden has a big lawn and a tennis court.  There is an orchid with fruit trees.  There are many trees including tropical fruit trees, big old ones and new ones, which I have planted.  Close to the house there are stables for the horses and an arena for equitation.  The farm is environmentally friendly. I don't use any chemicals on the farm or on the cattle or horses.  So all the fruit and food is totally safe to eat, guaranteed! I plan to make the farm permanently "ecologically sustainable" (I will explain more about this concept later). I prefer the calm and peace of the countryside to the hustle of the city and I adore nature and animals.  Where I live in Australia is unique, beautiful and full of natural history.  It would be a wonderful place for kids to grow up.

 Who is in your family? Please describe what your house is like? Do you believe in ecology and a clean environment and how important are these things to you? Do you want to have kids, how many and when or do you want to wait for a few years before making a family?

 Please write back even if you are not interested in me, because your answer is important to me, even if it is negative!!!  I will continue to try and contact you by sending you copies of this letter until I get a reply, positive or negative.  But if you are interested, please send me some photos of you with similar details about you, as I am giving to you.  My contact details are set out below. I'm planning a tour to Vitebsk and Minsk.
  If you are not interested in me and I am not your dream man I will understand totally and wish you the best of good luck in your search. :)

  My best wishes,
   Jonathan :)

                                   not far from Sydney, Australia
Photos of my sister's children:Jonathan :)   not far from Sydney, AustraliaJonathan :)   not far from Sydney, AustraliaJonathan :)   not far from Sydney, Australia

  Hello Jonathan !!!
 My name is Elena.
Let me tell you a bit about myself:
I was born in Vitebsk(Belarus) on the 18 of Febraury 1992 where I grew up and finished school. I live in the north-east of Belarus. My nationality is Belorussian. Now I am a student at the Vitebsk University, the department of finances.
 I really enjoy my study! But I like to rest. I like to rest at the seaside, close to nature in the summer. I like flowers, animals, stars in the sky and very many other beautiful things, watching comedies, and traveling round the world. I am kind, sincere, honest, with a good sense of humor, I am very polite and loving, I always care about other people. I also have a cheerful personality, but can sometimes be a little shy wit new people. I am very romantic Byelorussian woman.
 I want to have good relations, respect and love with my husband. He must be faithful, honest, polite, he must truly love me and our children.
If you reply to my letter, I'll happily send you my pictures.
 I would really like to know more about you and I would appreciate if you wrote back to me, with your photo. Tell me how you rest. How much time do you have for your rest? Tell me about your interests and nature.

Also, please, feel free to ask me any questions you may have.
 Certainly write to me about your family, friends and more things.

I will be waiting for your letter.
  Sincerely yours,

       from Vitebsk matchmaking agency, Belorussia.
attractive Bride Elena from Vitebsk dating agency, Belorus.
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