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My dear Moscow Lady, I will send you this text if you like to know me better.

for Her

   My dear Moscow Lady,

  First I must beg you to excuse me for my bad English.

 This is an introductory letter and abstract of a more long text I have written where I try to explain what are my thinking and my feeling about the dating and life (my thinking). I will send you this text if you like to know me better. I know in the letters between people who try to get married is usual to put same amount of euphemism or clearly a big lies. I would like you consider what I say is an agreement by my side. I will no say to you how much or less things or money I have, because what I want, a real and full family, can't be buy. Only that I have enough for my future family.

 There are some feeling shared for women and men, but perhaps the men don't say they have this feeling. All the people have the wish to live in a couple. All the people have a declared or not an intimate personal feeling in the most inner of her/himself, mixed with wishes and some fantasies. When a person find a couple her/he think to have found the true love. But when this people compares her/him intimate personal feeling with the characteristic of the other part of the couple and the differences are greater than his tolerance, this person feel to have been betrayed, and the “true love” becomes a “true hate” and the heaven becomes hell.

 This intimate personal feeling is a natural feeling but can be mixed with bad feeling like artificial fashion feeling like all kind of consumerism and feminism in women. In the man side we found the bad feeling in the man that his wife must serve always to the husband only because she is a woman, being no able to see the wife's real love under all the careful home work, or to think the wife is stupid and has never reason.

 The unpleasant experience I have had has made me to think much about human nature, and the result is that text. I know what I say in that letter is nothing new, because is exactly what your mother, the mother of your mother, and so on, has being doing since millenniums to made happy families. The reason of the happiness of the human nature was, is, and will be always the same. A good abstract of the family and human happiness is the Russian (I think) proverb: “Man made Houses, but Woman made Homes”.

 Besides this fact there are different circumstances in each countries. In Russia perhaps the woman have more problem with the man than in other countries. Then, as the woman must survive and the woman is not stupid at all, they use same tricks and cheats with the man. I understand this attitude, but I don't like it, because I don't want to be a man deserving it. I want my wife will tell to me directly her complaints, advises, opinion and wishes. I want my Moscow wife help me to change if necessary.

 The proverbs are usually the coincident thinking and wisdom of many people along too much time. There is a proverb very simple, saying “Can't be loved what you don't know”. I think this is also obviously. If I marry a Moscow woman, she will live here in Spain and she will know my circumstances and me in a few time. But for me would be more difficult to learn and know her circumstances. I only can say that I will try to learn as much as possible of her circumstances and culture. At this moment I only know some Russian words and I am able to read Cyrillic alphabet. Also I mind to go to Moscow to meet you and your circumstances. This is important for me and is the minimum I can do because you are a person who love and want be loved, and not a thing ordered by mail.

 I know there is now a bad moment for the Russian proud, because many Russian people must emigrate because there are economics difficulties in Russia and some emigrants are going out of Russia. But the worst enemy of the Russian proud is perhaps the thinking of most of the Russian that all foreign things and people are better than Russian. I would like to find a woman from Moscow satisfied of herself and not afraid to show me her wishes feeling and Russian culture.

 If I am writing this letter is exactly because I think you are a better people and better woman than the woman I can find here and I won't ask you to change.

 I understand you would have the wish to have better economic situation, perhaps a country not so cold in winter or other things you can find outside Russia. This is human and natural, but don't mind all you can find outside Russia is better. You must mind only if your tolerance and indulgence can make me to fill your most intimate personal feeling and wishes. I have a comfortable house, but am not a home. I would like to deserve your attention to make a home from this house, having a family based on a true and mutual trust making to grow an indestructible love, having a family and sharing your life with me.

 I am not a young Spanish man, but I haven't fertility problem at all medically tested and documented. I would like to have children. Without children there is not a complete family. I have not serious health problems. If I deserve your attention I would like you tell to me about the same question I have told to you. You can place to me as much question as you want.

 I have said I want a relation based on true and trust, so I must say this letter is sent to several Moscow girls, because not all women are enough indulgent to think I deserve their attention. If I deserve the answer of only one lovely Moscow woman I will plan to go to Moscow to meet her in december, if possible. After this, if we agree and you want, you can come here to see if you really agree to live here with me.

 I know you must have many doubts. You and I can think much time about the requirements necessary to have a happy marriage, but the main and necessary conditions is to have a goodwill and tolerance and agree the basic philosophy about the family. I would like to find a woman having a clear wise to have a children an family.

 I would like to wish you the best luck don't matter what will be your answer, because the wise to have a family is always wonderful and deserves the best luck.

 Yours faithfully,

     Santander, 39007   Spain

  Dear Spanish Friend!
My name's Tatiana, I'm 37. I am Aries. My friends say I'm jolly, open-hearted, kind and devoted.
I've got two grown up children who live apart from me.
It so happened that I'm alone. Still, I don't lose my hope to meet a man who'll be my "perfect match".
 I value reliability, devotion, kindness in people. I hope to meet a man who's got all those traits. And he'll be the one I'll give my love, care and attention to. I'm dreaming of a family, of my beloved man whom I'll share all my joy and sorrow with.
 I work for the railway means of transport department and I've got a proper education.
I've got many friends and I like treating them with dishes I cook and bake myself.
I like traveling, read a lot. I go in for tennis.

    from Moscow matchmaking agency.
wifely woman Tatiana from Moscow dating agency
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