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St. Petersburg sounds like a wonderful place to visit. How is it to visit in the winter time?

for Her

Hi Julia,

 Thank you for your wonderful letter. When I received the message that I had a new e-mail from you, it brightened up my whole day.

 You must have been reading my mind, because the qualities you are looking for in a man, but cannot find in your country, are the same qualities that I am looking for in a St. Petersburg woman, which I cannot find here in the US. It seems we’ve made getting a divorce too easy. Many people would rather just call it quits and get a divorce instead of working on building a lasting relationship.Two people will not always agree on everything, but they should agree on the major issues that come up in any type of relationship.You’ve touched upon a few in your last e-mail. Love, Respect, and Faithfulness are the building blocks to a long lasting, forever relationship.The woman that I want to be with is someone that will not only be my wife, but will also be an equal partner in the relationship.Her opinion is worth the same amount as mine. Good communication between each other will help keep any disagreements to a minimum.It’s a lot more fun when too people are enjoying each others company and having fun together (which is how I picture my future family). Most American women are too busy building a career that they don’t have time to build a long lasting relationship.

 You had asked if I wanted my future wife to be a housewife or to have a job. I think that this is really up to her in the long run. If she wants to have a job and contribute to the family in a financial way, that’s OK.I would like for her to be at least home while the kids are young and growing up. I think that this is important for the children. I don’t earn a large income, but I do OK for myself. If my wife didn’t want to work at all, that’s ok.I would support her in any way she chooses.

  St. Petersburg sounds like a wonderful place to visit. How is it to visit in the winter time? I may not be able to visit you and your wonderful city until then. I haven’t been any further west than when I lived in Colorado about 15 years ago. I would like to visit Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Seattle sometime.Going to the Theater in New York City is also on my list, as well as ice skating at Rockefeller Center afterwards. I’ve been to a few theaters in Philadelphia.They had an excellent production of the Nut Cracker Suite as well as a few Mystery Theaters / Dinner Shows. I haven’t been to a show in a while because I think they are much better when you are accompanied by someone special.

 I do have a few questions for you. First of all, I would like for you to send me your St. Petersburg's home address. Please tell me the proper way to mark the address on the envelope. Also, are you able to receive a FED-EX package, or is it better to just send something via the postal service? I would like to send you something for your birthday as well as anything else you might like.If there is anything you would like from me or from the US, please don’t hesitate to ask. I think that we are on our way to building a special relationship and open communication is a must. You can ask me anything you would like to know or tell me anything you would like for me to know. So if there is a something special you would like, please don’t hesitate to ask.

 I would also like to know if you speak Russian or Ukrainian. When we get together, I would like to be able to at least have some understanding of your language. I also wouldn’t want you to be come totally Americanized. I think that it is important that you retainsome of your heritage and cultures to pass onto any children. I’ve been reading some books and articles about St. Petersburg/Russia and I would like to learn at least a basic understanding of the language.

Do you study English? Is there a way I can assist you in learning English?

Please let me know. Once I get more information from you, I plan to purchase a few books to help me learn your language.

  I will be anxiously awaiting your next letter.



  Laurel, Maryland 20707   United States
Jeff from Laurel, Maryland 20707   United States

  Hello, Jeff!

 Why did I decide to go? because St. Petersburg is the town of " brides" and there are not enough men for all girls. But if seriously, I am disappointed in our men. Such concepts as love, respect and faithfulness for many of them is just a "blank sound". Nobody wants to be responsible for his family.

 My friend advised me to go to the agency and I thought , why not. I hope I'll be lucky and I 'll meet my second half; my friend met with many Americans , she considers them romantic persons.

And why did you decide to use the St. Petersburg dating agency?

 If I had an opportunity to go to USA, I'd like to see Los -Angeles ( Hollywood, etc), and of course I'd visit museums in Washington you wrote me about or Broadway in New-York ( I am fond of theatre much).

and if you came to St. Petersburg, you wouldn't be bored. There are many nice bars, cafes, discos, parks, museums, to spend time in. Especially it's nice here in spring and summer.

 Yes,I want to have children, a boy and  a girl. And I think that during first years in marriage people should know each other better and then to have children.

And what do you think?

 Do you want your Russian wife to work or be a Russian housewife?

   Hope to hear from you soon,



   from St. Petersburg matchmaking agency
pretty future wife Julia from St. Petersburg dating agency
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Dearest Lady Julia!
    First off, your emai, curt introduciton was so wonderful, that it and your touched me heart, there be many things I Love in your introduction, you teach the wee ones and Love water and more; however, why is it you did Not send some photos of yourself also, so that I could look into your eyes, see into your heart, soul and being???   I am thinking positive that you might be the one exception, that you do dress like a girl, lass/lady should, that you do dress very girlish, very ultra feminine, in all white, white soft, demure, wholesome and yet at same time, in attire that compliments the grandeur of a  girl????  
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 24 September 2018 10:15 Reply
  Hello Julia! How are you?

 Thank you for your letter. I am 31 years old swm from
Louisville, KY USA. I am 5'11" tall and weigh 185 lbs.
I work for family business as sales manager. I have
brown hair and blue/green eyes. I am cheerful and love
to laugh. I enjoy traveling, sports, movies, spending
time with friends and family. I like all kinds of
music from Rock/Pop to 60's/70's and classical.
I own my own home in the suburbs for 8 years.

 I am part Italian, so I am used to big families. I
have mom and dad of course. I only have one sister but
have 2 neices and 2 nephews. In addition I have dozens
of cousins and many aunts and uncles too.

 As for what I am looking for: I hope to find a special
St. Petersburg girl for marriage and family and grow old together.
I think husband and wife should have close friendship
and communication.

 I have a few questions for you?

 You studied at pedagogical University in St. Petersburg?
What is this?
What are your future plans for work/school?
Do you have parents, brothers, sisters?
Do you have boyfriend? Have you had many
Do you think you could live in America if you found
the right guy? How well do you speak english?

 Sorry if too many questions. I am just curious about
you and want to give you plenty to write about. Send
more pictures if you have them. I look forward to your

 Take care,


    Louisville, KY USA
Guest Guest 24 September 2018 10:20 Reply
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