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Greetings to the ladies of Kazan. I have wished more and more to be married to a cheerful, loving, and loyal Russian woman.

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Greetings to the ladies of Kazan.

 My name is Stephen.  I am an American, 45 years old, single, never married, and no children.  I have been a bachelor all my life, but recently I have wished more and more to be married to a cheerful, loving, and loyal Russian woman.

 I was excited when I learned of this way to meet women in Kazan/Russia. I saw the newscast about Siberian Women on the TV and was very interested in it.  I thought about it for several days, and finally I signed up so that I could learn more about all of you.  Perhaps I will find someone among you who I can fall in love with, and you can fall in love with me.  That is what I hope for.

 In America, if you do not get married young, it can be very hard to find other single people to date.  That is my situation now.  While I have dated several women over the years, I never seemed to have met the woman I would like to marry.  It was very exciting to see that I could email, telephone, and eventually meet some wonderful women from Kazan.  It is like a grand adventure, and I hope it will be the starting point for a romance that will last the rest of my life - for the rest of our lives.

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

 As I said, I am 45 years old, 5 feet 10 inches high (178 cm), 190 pounds (86 kilos).  I am the Manager of Information Services for a company in Knoxville, Tennessee, which is in the South East USA.  What I do for my job is I manage all the computers for the company and I also do database programming, which helps the company with all their computer information.  I work Monday through Friday, from about 7:30 a.m. to about 5:00 p.m.  Power Systems is the name of our company, and we sell exercise equipment to universities, colleges, other schools, professional sports teams, health spas, and individuals.  We are a growing company.  I have been there only two years.  We had 14 employees when I started, and now we have 26.  We are about to move into a new office building that is three times the size of our current office.  I make about $147,000 per year right now.  I hope that if I remain with the company, I will become a Vice President in a few years.

 I live in an apartment right now.  It has a large bedroom, a small bedroom plus a living room and kitchen, and two bathrooms.  The apartment area is very beautiful, for it is in a Bird Preserve area.  There are woods all around the area, and when I look out my windows all I can see is the forest.  I can't see any other apartments at all, only the woods.  I have a small balcony with a grill that I often cook on.

 My cat lives here also, her name is "Squeaky".  She was born in the woods behind my apartment, from a wild homeless cat that lived in the woods.  I started putting out some cat food for the kitten to eat, and whenever I did this, I would make a "squeaky" sound.  Soon she learned that the squeaky sound meant food, and she would come whenever I made the sound.  So I called her "Squeaky".  After a while, she just started living with me in my apartment, and I enjoy her very much.

 I enjoy riding my bicycle.  In 2006, our family went on a vacation to the beach.  While we were there, we rented some bicycles and rode them everywhere.  It was so much fun, I hadn't ridden a bicycle since I was a teenager.  When we came back home, one of the first things I did was to go buy a nice bicycle, and even now I still enjoy riding it.  There are many beautiful places here to ride - both along the roads, and even special paths through the woods and streams, paths especially made by the city just for bicycling.  I often take my camera when I ride and take photographs.  If you find this interesting, I would like to try to email you some of these photos.  I don't know if you can receive photos by email - this is the first email I have sent to Kazan, and I must learn what things you ladies of Russia can and cannot receive by email.  If you cannot receive them by email, then I can send them by the Post Office mail.  I have never mailed anything overseas, so I do not know how long it might take for you to receive something by postal mail.

 I love photography.  Last year, one of the pictures I took on a bicycle expedition won the Blue Ribbon at our fair.  This fair is the largest one for 200 miles around (350 km.) so I was very pleased that they like my picture so much.

 This year I am going to enter some pictures from my latest vacation, which was an ocean cruise.  I have never been on a cruise ship before.   Let me tell you, the ship was enormous, it was gigantic.  Everyday, we went to a different island, and on each island we went on a different adventure.  One day we went to a giant building that was underwater - it had large glass windows, and you could see out into the ocean - all the fish and corals and other animals.  Another day, we went on a submarine, and it went over 100 feet down (30 meters)  We saw a sunken ship on the ocean bottom, and much more.  We also went on tours to botanical gardens with all kinds of exotic plants, and tours of forts that were quite old, built to guard against pirates.

 On the cruise ship, there was everything you might find in a regular city.  There were nightclubs, a gambling casino (I won $100 at the slot machines - hooray!), a movie theater, and dance and evening show theater, jugglers, a wonderful violinist, the best I have ever heard in person, and much more.  The food was the best I have ever eaten in my life, and you never had to pay for any of your food.  You could eat as much as you liked, whenever you liked.  There were four swimming pools, bands playing, games, or you could just relax and watch the ocean and islands go buy.

 Once again, this was a family vacation, and all the members of our family went on it.  Most of them were married.  I was not, of course.  So I enjoyed a large part of the vacation with my hobby of photography.  If you are interested, I will email you some pictures - or send them to you through the Post Office mail.

 The ocean cruise was perhaps the best vacation of my life, and I plan to go on several more.  I would like to cruise on the Mediterranean Ocean, and also go through the Panama Canal.  Certainly the cruise would be more fun if I could share it with a caring and loving woman, one that I was in love with and who loved me back.

 As I said, I live in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.  The 1982 World's Fair was here in our city.  I think that there are about 150,000 people here, perhaps 200,000.  Here it is warm in the summer, and cool or cold in the winter.  Some years it snows a few times during winter, sometimes we have almost no snow.  There are many lakes nearby, and many fun places to visit are nearby.  There are caves, and even a cave with a huge underground lake - you travel on the lake in a glass-bottom boat and can see into the water.  I haven't been to this cave, but one day I will go.

 Before I got my present job, I did not make nearly as much money as I do now.  That is why I live in an apartment.  Now that I am doing much better financially, I expect to purchase a house in the not-too-distant future.  I wonder if it will turn out that I will live there with a Kazan wife?  This is all a grand adventure for me, who knows how it will turn out?

 I did not have a video camera, but I wanted to send a video of myself so that you could see and hear me, and see what the city here looks like, see where I live, and some of the things I do to enjoy life.  So I went to the store yesterday and bought a video camera, and very soon I will be sending a video so that you may watch me.  I will include some of the other things I have done, such as exquisite pencil portraits and other artwork I have done.

 I hope I have told you enough about myself so that you can decide whether or not you would like to learn more about me.  I would like to learn more about each of you.  I would like to find a woman from Kazan to share my life with, one who is cheerful, loving, loyal, and who would enjoy doing some of the same things I do.  I hope that she would enjoy some things that I have not yet done, so that I can learn about and do those things too.

 I am reluctant to say what kind of woman I would like to meet, because you cannot just put people into a formula.  But I want you all to know what I am interested in.  But please do not think this is exact.  If you do not fit everything here, then do not be overly concerned about it.  I am much more interested in the person, than what their age is, or their hair color, or any other kind of measurement of the person.  So I will give some suggestions here about what I hope for, but they are suggestions only, and do not be concerned if you feel you don't exactly fit what I say.

 I am hoping to meet someone between the ages of about 28 to about 46.  I would prefer a non-smoker, for I don't smoke cigarettes myself.  I would prefer a woman with no children, or with children that are old enough to be out living on their own.  However, I have dated women with children in the past, and enjoyed those relationships too.

 If you are a good cook, that is a plus, but it is not necessary.  Because I have always been single, I cook for myself every day.  My friends like it when I cook for them, and they tell me I am a good cook (but I don't know very many recipes, just a few good ones).  I do like to eat dinner at restaurants - after all, who doesn't?  I am not a good dancer, so I almost never go dancing.  I prefer to go to movies, the theatre and other performances.  Do you also like these things?  I also enjoy quiet evenings at home.  I do not live a wild life, going to dance clubs and bars every weekend. 

 I think that I would prefer someone who could speak English.  I think that if you were to come to America, you would be much, much happier if you could speak English.  Certainly I will want to talk to you, and listen to you.  And I as I watched the video tapes of you, I found your Russian accent to be most attractive.  I am looking into learning a bit of Russian, I am not sure what will happen in that regard.

 Mostly I hope for a woman I will enjoy being with and can fall in love with.  I hope you will find me interesting and wish to know more about me.  Please let me know if you do. 

Please email me via Kazan matchmaking agency.

Knoxville, TN  37921
Stephen from Knoxville, TN  37921 USA
 After I have heard back from you, I will certainly want to talk with you on the phone.  I have never tried to phone anyone in Russia/Kazan, so that will just be another part of the adventure!

However things may turn out, I wish you the best of luck in your lives, and health and happiness.



  Hello Stephen!
Thank you very much for your letter. It was nice to hear from you.
My family is my father, my mother and me. I am kind, hard-working, neat. I like to make my home clean and tidy. I can cook, knit and sew a bit. I adore children. I want to meet a man to have a family with. I am longing for love.
I don't work now, but I hope to find a decent job in the nearest future.
I love the sea, the beaches. Each summer I go to the Crimea to enjoy wonderful nature there.
I like gymnastics very much, I love sport. 
I hope to hear from you very soon.
  Kiss, Natasha

    from Kazan dating agency.
beautiful bride Natasha from Kazan matchmaking agency
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