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I wanted to try and contact you one more time to let you know that I am traveling to Samara/Russia this summer

for Her

Hi :-)
     This is Dustin again from the US.  I really wanted to make one more efffort to contact you and get to know you.  As soon as i saw your dating profile, I wrote you once before, and I wanted to try and contact you one more time to let you know that I am traveling to Samara city this summer (in August) and I would still very much love to meet you and get to know you.  Please ask the ladies at the Samara dating agency to see my pictures if you haven't seen them yet.  I will add all of the information about me below.  If you are interested at all in corresponding with me, please write me back so that we may start to get to know each other.  I am coming to Samara city for one thing and that is to find the Russian woman of my dreams and I hope that dream comes true.....

 Unlike you, it seems like I come from an area where the men outnumber the women.  It seems there are very few women around where I live to meet for possible friendship and romance, and I would really like to find that one special woman from Samara that can be my soulmate and lover and best friend.  The women in America are very self-centered and don't seem to appreciate everything all of us great men here have to offer.  I am a loving, and caring person with a great sense of humor.  I am a pisces, and I am extremely passionate.  I would treat the special Russian woman in my life like a princess and you would always be my equal.  I want someone who will always be there we with me through everything in life.  Someone who cares about me and respects me as much as I do her.  I want a special someone to experience everything life has to offer with me.  I appreciate and admire the woman for everything that she is, and would always treat you with the greatest of affection and kindness. 

 Do I sound like the kind of man that could be your future love?

 A little more about me.....

 My Looks -   I just turned 32 yrs. old, but never stopped feeling like I am 21.  I look younger than I am, and most people think I am 25 or 26.  I am 5'8" tall (172-175cm?), 155 lbs. (70kg), and in pretty decent shape, as I like to stay active, and am not lazy.  I am tan-skinned and of italian descent.  I have wavy brown hair that its sometimes long and sometimes short depending on my mood (or your preference :-)), and very nice blue eyes.  (I have 3 pictures of me that I posted to the Samara matchmaking agency through their website) .

 Where I live - I live in Pennsylvania in the US, out in the country.  I am renting a house that sits on about 80 acres of wooded land with trails and a pond.  It is very beautiful here.  You can walk right out your back door and go for a nice long walk.  I am centrally located to many of the larger cities on the east coast.  I am 1 hr. drive from Philadelphia, 2 hours from New York City, and 2.5 hrs. from Washington D.C.  This makes it easy to go out for dinner or to see shows or shopping.  It is the best of both worlds, because you get to enjoy all these great cities have to offer, without having to live there and be subject to all the negatitive things that come with a city, like noise and traffic and such.  It is very peaceful here.

 My Occupation - I am self-employed doing primarily freelance and contract web design and technology projects.  This is great because I can take a holiday whenever I want and make my own hours.  I am not rich, but the money is definitely above average pay, and it enables me to take time off from work when I want.

 My Family - I have one older sister, Daneen, who is married and has two children, and My Mother and Father are the only ones I see regularly and am close to.

 My Interests/Lifestyle - I love music.  I am a musician and I play drums and guitar.  There is a seperate little shack here at my house about 100 meters from the house that is used for music.  The closest town is Kutztown where there is a University that specializes in the arts and education.  There are many artists and musicians around here, and it is nice to be involved with people like that.  Most of the people I know are creative in one way or another.  It is not uncommon for there to be musicians over at the house either playing in the shack or playing acoustic instruments by the bonfire in the back yard during gatherings.  We like to celebrate life, and art, music, and friends are the best way to do that.  Traveling is my other true love.  I want to see all this beautiful world has to offer and I need a special Samara Lady who wants to do that with me.  I take a lot of weekend trips just to explore more of the US, and haven't done a lot of international travel, but plan to in the future. 

 I hope to get to your country later this summer and have the chance to meet the Samara woman who can be my soulmate.  Outdoor activities I enjoy, camping, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, swimming.  I used to go rock-climbing but don't get the oppurtunity to do that much any more.  The shore is only 2 to 3 hours away, so it is easy to take weekend trips to the beach from here in the summer.  And, lastly - I love my dog.  His name is Barley, he is an Australian Shepherd and he is my best friend and companion.

 What I want in a woman - Like I said above, someone who can be the greatest friend and the sweetest love.  Someone who I can share everything with and who will share everything with me.  Communication is most important, so I need someone who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and wants to share everything about herself with me.  Someone who is affectionate and sensual, as well as being supportive and strong.  I want someone I can admire like no other.  Do you think you might be this mystery woman I am describing??? - I hope so:-) - I look forward to hearing from you and learning everything there is to know about you as well.....

   Fleetwood, PA 19522 United States

Dustin from Fleetwood, PA 19522 United States

  Hello, my dear Dustin!
 I've got long dark-blond hair and large grey-blue eyes. I was born 04.03.1988 in Samara. I'm serene, even-tempered, goal-oriented, kind, tender and hard-working by nature. I value the family coziness. I've got a son Bogdan who is 5 years old.  My son also dreams of a father who would treat him as if he was his own. I appreciate decency in men, stability, confidence, love for children and energy.
 I value men who actively participate in children's upbringing. I like intelligent, educated, athletic men. I'm attracted by men who value their family happiness, who are kind, charming, generous, with the sense of humor. I am interested in men who like traveling, talking to people, men who are indifferent to smoking, alcohol, drugs and gambling.
 I'm a nurse by profession. I'm a sociable person, love people, I always do my best to ease someone's pain, to cheer somebody up, to make someone be in high spirits.
I like admiring nature, listening to the sea waves' rustling, watching garden flowers, listening to classical and popular music, singing, going to the theatre, visiting museums, traveling, knitting.
 I value family coziness, clarity, order, well-being, hospitality, kind human relations, mutuality of feelings, support in life.
   from Samara matchmaking agency, Russia

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