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In a woman I look mostly the eyes (I know, they all say this, but in this case is the plain truth)

for Her

   Hello Omsk lady, nice to meet you.

My name is Leonardo and I'm 37, italian. This is the first time that I use this site and the first time I happen to write to someone I know nothing about, so, if you find my email too cold and formal, please understand.

As I scarcely know anything about you, I'll try to tell you something about me instead. As I said, I'm italian, but my father comes from Switzerland, I'm an only child and come from a good family. I'm single and living in Milano now, but my father was in the international business, so I traveled a lot and even lived in Dusseldorf, Germany, for three years.
Now we have settled down here and this is really good, cause I love this city and its people.

Phisically, I'm 195 cm tall for 100kg, a couple of kilos beyond normal, but nothing to worry about. I have green eyes and brown hair and my skin is very white. I do some sports, especially tennis and horseriding.

I graduated at the Law School (State University of Milano)
and now work in the legal business, as in my mother's family tradition. Mhmm, tradition. That's an important word for me. I'm essentially a family-oriented man, I follow catholic values, but, as long as the behaviour of the other person is acceptable, I have only the greatest respect for other people's religion and ideas.

In a woman I look mostly the eyes (I know, they all say this, but in this case is the plain truth)because they are most likely to tell you something about the person you are facing. You received this mail exactly for this reason. Your eyes convinced me.
Hobbies? Travel, mostly, and for the reasons you can imagine, and reading. A good book, after all, can take you a lot faster and more far than any plane.....

In Milano in my spare time I like to visit cinemas and, in the week-end, to take my car and visit little villages and interesting places in the near regions. Lombardia is a very nice land, with very interesting people, but you have to know where to look....
Something more? Just one thing. With me truthfullness and loyalty are everything. If you remember that there will be no problem that we cannot overcome.
There are a lot more things to say, but the essential is here, now it's up to you.

Have a nice day.

Leonardo from Milano, Italia
Leonardo and I'm 37, italian  Milano

Hello, Leonardo!
 It was pleasant to receive a letter from you.

I want to say that I don't  have   bad  habits.
 I like   music, when I am tired  or I am in bad  mood I listen to  slow  and  calm  music, and  when I am in good   mood  or we gather  together  with friends  we listen to  merry  modern  music.
 I live with my parents and  my younger sister. My sister is a very  musical girl.

My parents  go in for  tourist  business.
 I   am myself a student of the 4 th course of the Omsk institute. Our family is very friendly and we love each other . Our  cat   Vasya is  also the  member of our family.
 He is 7 and we like him very  much.
 In general I live in  beautiful Siberian town  Omsk, located at the confluence of the rivers Irtysh and Om.
 In summer  we  always  go to the seaside for rest.
 And how do you spend your  holiday?
 Ask  me   any questions  you like  and I'll answer with great  pleasure.

  from Omsk dating service, Siberia/Russia
pretty future wife Sveta from Omsk matchmaking service, Siberia/Russia
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Hello Sveta!

I saw your dating profile through this Omsk matchmakin agency, and I found it quite interesting.
Let me introduce my self, my name is Jerry. I am an American living in Wurzberg, Germany.
I am employed by the United States Department of Defense. I am an electronic engineer.
I am looking for that someone who is missing from my life. I have a good sense of humor, good hearted, loyal, and I know how to treat a lady.
So if you are interested In getting to know me for a long term relationship, please reply to this email.
Have a nice day, and thank you for your time.

                                                                        Warm Regards

Tioga, LA 71477    United States     (Wurzberg, Germany)
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 29 September 2018 14:51 Reply
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