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Hello, Michael, thank you very much for your letter. I was pleased to get it. I live in the south of Ukraine, in Nikolaev.

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Hello, Michael,

thank you very much for your letter. I was pleased to get it.

I live in the south of Ukraine, in Nikolaev. there are about 500 thousand people in it. in spring and summer our town is very beautiful. though the town is 220 years old, there is no much sightseeing in it.

it's difficult to speak about the weather now as lately the climate has changed. in summer it's usually hot here, and winters were rather mild. but this year we had cold long winter.

before there were many factories and plants here , now almost al of them don't work because of the economic situation.

I work as nurse in the hospital and like my job much. my colleagues consider me one of the best nurses.

I live with my mother, she is 77, and my son. his name is Danil, soon he will be 6. he is merry and kind boy. I spend much time with him. we play together, learn to draw, count, write. but he doesn't like it, perhaps it's difficult for him. my son has problems with his health, nut some are corrected.

it's rather hard to describe myself and my life as it's routine very day : home, work, kindergarten.

I divorced officially half a year ago, but we didn't live together for 2 years. the reason for divorce was that my ex-husband didn't see me as personality and didn't take care of his son, was not interested in him. he was concentrated only on earning money and that changed him much. I can't say I am perfect ( and who is?) but my main features of character are : patience, kindness, tenderness, care. I like family coziness, keep order. I like cooking, accept guests. I am fond of reading and have a small library at home. different kinds : from detectives to the professional literature. I like historical novels, fantastic , fairy-tales.

In my fee time I watch TV, usually educational programs, sometimes good movies.

Michael, you wrote that trifles in relations mean much. but life itself consists of different trifles. I pay much attention to them.

what are your girls' names? why did you divorce? where do you live?

I'd be glad to see the pictures of you and your daughters.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Irina from Nikolaev

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Hello Irina,
OK here I come. I will arive in Odessa at 2pm on
Wednesday the 6th from Vienna. See you soon in Nikolaev.

Guest Guest 23 July 2018 13:13 Reply

  Hi Irina,
my name is Matthias. I'm 38 y.o. and from germany. My height is 1,80m and my weight is 75 kg.
My occupation is media-engineer and I produce corporate-films and commercials.
When I was in school I learned russian language. It's not so much left, but I can read and talk a little bit.
I like this country and the people although I was never there. Now I start to know people from Nikolaev/Ukraine, maybe I'll find some friends a relationship or maybe more.
 I found yor pictures in the Nikolaev internet dating site and I like to know more about you. If you are interested in knowing me, please send me an e-mail via Nikolaev matchmaking agency.
Please add your e-mail adress, so I can send you some pictures.
   Stuttgart,  70372 Germany

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 27 September 2018 12:30 Reply
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