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Hello Charles! I was glad to get your letter. It is very nice to meet you, Charles. I was born in Kharkov and I still live here.

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Hello Charles!
I was glad to get your letter. It is very nice to meet you, Charles.
I'll tell you a few words about myself. I was born in Kharkov and I still live here. I graduated successfully from the Dnepropetrovsk medical university and now I work at regional hospital for children. I've been working as a histologist for 6 years already. I explore organs to make a diagnosis. I help many doctors to find out the exact reason of any illness. I like my work.
I spent 6 years in a marriage, but my ex-husband's bad habit (he used to misuse alcohol) was the reason of our divorce. Alcohol substituted everything in his life.
I am an only parents for my kids, but their father visits them once a week and spends a day with them. We are on normal terms with my kids' father. My daughters' names are Kseniya and Anastasia. On July 14th they were 8 years old. We had a wonderful birthday party this year with many guests and nice surprises. The girls were happy. I enjoy family occasions, holidays and I am fond of giving gifts, making surprises. I am happy when my dear people smile and look happy, too. My daughters are identical twins. They are sweet, affectionate and jolly girls. Their smiles are wonderful. They look much alike, but they are absolutely different by their character. I love my children very much and enjoy spending time with them.
We have a fluffy grey kitten, it is very amusing and we love it much. I love dogs and horses, too.
I love nature, flowers. My favorite flowers are roses and ox-eye daisies. I enjoy spending time at the seaside, I like active games. I love family picnics. I love autumn best. This may be due to my birthday. I was born in autumn.
 I prefer feminine style in clothes. I like blue, green, pink, violet, white colors. I enjoy melodic music which corresponds to my mood.
My favorite books and movies are historical ones. I love classic literature and I sometimes read detective stories with pleasure. I like happy ends. I am fond of traveling. It is interesting for me to learn new things. I like to cook. I don't have any favorite cuisines or dishes, I think each national cuisine is rich in tasty things worth trying. I prefer seafood, nevertheless, fruit, vegetables and chocolate with ice-cream.
I like to run my household, I can knit and embroider well. I love my friends, happy laughter, singing and dancing, holidays, I love to make my relatives happy.
I value warm relations very much, I respect mutual trust, understanding and faithfulness. tenderness and love mean everything to me.
I want to meet a kind, intelligent, tender and romantic man to start serious relations which may successfully lead to a happy family in the future. I want him to be my reliable husband and my daughters' loving father. We would be a happy, friendly and loving family together.
I would be glad to see your picture, Charles. Will you send it to me, please?
I wish you all the best.
Your Maria from Kharkov
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Hello, Maria!
My name is Charles Allgood and I live in Dallas, Texas USA.
I am very interested in meeting a Kharkov girl that has the same interest as me.
I want to meet a very romantic down to earth Ukraine girl thats loves and wants children.
I do not have any children as of yet.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Ps If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!

Guest Guest 8 August 2018 16:39 Reply
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