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I look at your picture and find that you are a handsome man who has happy heart.

for Him

  Hello Sherman!
 Thank you very much for your nice letter . 

I look at your picture and find that you are a handsome man who has happy heart.
I hope that I’m good person, full of energy and wish to make life the most happiest for me and one man. I think that two people need to trust and believe each other. We need believe not only in honesty of person with whom we correspond but also we need to believe that all our shortcomings we can understand correct. To reach this we can only with the help of honesty and sympathy. I look for a nice friend, whom I can trust and with whom we can share happiness and sadness of the life. My way of life is easy and full of laugh, happiness and love. In people I value most of all honesty, truthfulness , respect and reliability. It is clear that two people have to be created for one another. And when people create the family it brings new feeling of love in their relations, I believe in it.
 On weekends I like to run away somewhere from the noise of our town. We have a little house out of the town, we call it summer cottage. It located in the forest close to the lake. There we have a little fruit garden and many, many flowers. On Autumn my friends and I like go mushrooming in the woods.
Please tell me more about yourself. How do you like to spend your free time? what books do you like?
 I hope to get reply from you soon.
  With best wishes,
   Victoria from Vinnytsia matchmaking agency.

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My Precious Victoria,

                              How are you doing on this wonderful day?

 Thank yu so much for your recent letter and telling me so much about yourself. You sound like a wonderful and beautiful person and will make a wonderful wife from Vinnytsia. I am glad to hear that you and I are looking for the same things in life, that is a family and children.
                         How was your week my dear?

 Do you have any plans for the weekend? I will just be cleaning and running errands and doing chores. No fun for me. Next weekend I will do a marathon in Miami so wish me luck.   
 Do you have any pictures you can send me?
 I like to see your beautiful smiling face. Would you be willing to move to te USA?
 I must be going my dear, but I look forward to your next letter.
  Hugs and Kisses for you,
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Hi Victoria, 
I'm not giving up on you yet!  I know that you are angry with me,  I am sorry for making you angry.  Please forgive me.  I am not interested in writing letters to any other women but you.  You can ask the Vinnytsia dating agency they will tell you I have not written any other ukrainian women but you.  Your dating profile is still on there website so you must not have found the man you are looking for. 
I am the man you are looking for. 
Give me another chance. 
I will make it up to you. 
I know you liked my letters. 
I enjoyed reading your letters. 
Please give me another chance. 
I will make you happy!! 
Love  Sherman

Guest Guest 25 July 2018 18:27 Reply
Zhdrastia Victoria!

My name is Akira.  I became the member of dating site from Vinnytsia today. 
I have not set my matchmaking profile yet.  So I would like to introduce myself.

I was born in Japan, went to colleges and have been working in Japan and in the US.  My profession is translating and editing technical book. 
I have lived in Seattle, Hawaii, San Diego and Santa Monica (California).  Since last March, I have been woking at Peoria, Illinois ( 3hours from Chicago).

I am divorced, but this time I want to start my first family w/ very kind and responsible Ukrainian woman from Vinnytsia. 
I do not smoke, drink nor drug. 
I am kind, spontaneous, social, realistic, and respect others.  I like to travel -- visited 14 countries in Europe (not Russia or Ukraine yet). 
I have lots of interests.  I am willing to try new things.

If you would like to know more about me, please send me your e-mail.  I would like to know you as well.


Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 13:48 Reply
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