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Hello, Jake! I live with my mom in private house in Lviv, I have got an elder sister but she lives separately...

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Hello, Jake!
I've got your letter  and I was very pleased.
Today I feel very well myself, we have  nice  weather  and that's why  my  spirits is very good. And how are your things?
I live with my  mom in private  house in Lviv, I have got  an elder sister but she lives separately, I look like more my   aunt on father's  side though there is  something from my  mom. I have got lot of  cousins but they all live in Russia. I like  animals very  much, in my childhood i had  parrots, fishes at  home, now i have two cats, one is  black, the other one is   white. I adore pizza  only without  ketchup, I like different cakes very  much. I like to see  soviet films  most of all but I also like  American films:"After tomorrow", "Beauty" about Garry  Porter. I like different  clothes, in winter I wear  classic and  sport   clothes, in summer  I  prefer  jeans and T-shirts. I want to ask  you some   questions too.
Where do you work? Do you live  alone or with your parents? Do you have  apartment  or a house?  Do you have  any  animals? If   yes, what   animals? What  music do you prefer to listen to? What singers do you like?
What style of  clothes do you choose and wear?
What do you prefer in food?
How do you  treat to Japanese cuisine? And  what  about  pizza? Have  you ever  been to Ukraine(Lviv)? Do you like traveling? What countries did you visit? Where did you like best?
Write. I'll be waiting for your reply.
With best  wishes.
Natalia from Lviv

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To the agency manager.
I will send the $100 in the next week, for the car
ride from the Kiev airport. I am curious. Why will I need
17 hours of interpreters? Thank you for your help. I
will contact you again when the money is sent.

Guest Guest 23 July 2018 13:09 Reply
 Hi Natalia!
I hope that this letter finds you in good heath and happy mood.
I returned from Lviv a week ago and wanted to write to let you know that I am back in Sacramento and haven't forgotten you and Roman.
I thought of you while in Lviv, wondering how you are and what you are doing. I have missed our conversations.
My meeting went very well and I will be returning to stay for at least another month in August when she (Elena) is on vacation from work and her son is on vacation from school. I will be staying with her at her flat in Drogobych, about 90 Kilometers South of Lviv. I haven't made a final decision about her yet, but will decide on my next trip to see her.
How is everything with you? Did you enjoy your Easter vacation? How is everything else in your life?
I can't write a long letter today but will write a longer letter later telling you a little about my trip to Lviv.
That's about all I have for now, sweet Natalia. I await your reply and hope to hear from you soon.
Take good care of yourself, Natalia
Hugs and kisses
 Your good friend always,
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 12:37 Reply
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