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Good afternoon or good evening, Jean! Luydmila is greeting you. Thank you for your letter .

for Him

Good afternoon or good evening, Jean !

Luydmila is greeting you. Thank you for your letter .

so, some words about myself:

I live with my family - mother, father, sister and nephew. I have a brother who is 45. He has children who are 19 and 20 years old. He is married and lives far away in Russia, Ekaterinburg.  My nephew Bogdan who lives with us is 10 . I love him very much and seriously control the process of his doing lessons.

Jean, where do you work and what do you do? Where did you study and graduate from? I left a medical college and got a profession of a doctor's assistant. I've been working as a doctor's assistance for 15 years. I am responsible and free in my actions, I mean my profession lets me diagnose and treat ill people without a doctor's help or control. Moreover, I am a masseuse.

I prefer to eat self-made dishes, vegetables, fruit, salads, porridges, sweets.

I am an Orthodox believer, go to an Orthodox church. I like traveling very much.

When is your birthday?

I like spending my vacation closer to water. It's my 11th year that I've been working during my vacation in small towns at the seaside. The city of Zaporozhye is on the river Dnieper, there are many picturesque places. It's nice to go boating or sailing here. The Black Sea is not close to Zaporozhye. I don't miss a chance to spend my vacation there. I prefer to just sit and watch the sea, the sunset or sunrise. I like to be alone at such moments.

Last summer I was lucky to find myself in the Crimea, Yalta. That was real beautiful there: I stayed in the forest high up in the mountains and I could see the mighty sea below. I felt as if I was a bird and could fly! It is a real pleasure and awe at the same time to have a night swim without a swimming suit!

Do you love rivers, seas, too? Where do you live? Do you love theatre, cinema? Do you happen to have your eyes full of tears when you read a book or watch a play?  What do you like about Ukrainian/Russian women? What don't you like in them? Who is an ideal sexy woman for you? Were you in love and how long did you stay in relations? Do you have any children?

I hope to hear from you again, I hope you will answer my questions and send me some new photos of you. I wish you sound health and good mood for each day. May all your dreams come true.

Lyusi from Zaporozhye

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  Hello pretty Lyusi,
I just had a quick question or 5. LOL. Like I said it would be awhile before
I can fly out there. You said you like Zaporozhye...How did you get there?
(Train?) How much did it cost? How long did it take to get there? How much
was your hotel? I was thinking, when I fly out there I was considering
taking a couple more days to go check it out. Is it a romantic city? You
made it sound like a lot of fun in your letter. Well I'll talk to you soon.

Your Jean.
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 16 September 2018 15:53 Reply
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