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Hello, Ron, I liked it very much and see that you are an interesting man

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Hello, Ron,

thank you for your letter. I liked it very much and see that you are an interesting man and I'd like to know you better.

now I will write more about my life.

I live in the south of Ukraine, Kherson. it's not big but cozy town, about 350 thousand people. there are several parts in the town,  live in the part that is called " island" , because it's near the river. I see Dnieper out of my window and can watch the sunset. it's very romantic!

we have cat Maksimilian. most time of the year he lives on Dacha ( summer country house), we have small piece of land where we grow vegetables and fruits. our dacha is situated on the island , so we can get there only by boat. I live in three -room apartment, recently we made some repair in it.

I have many friends. the best time is summer. and we often go to dacha together. we sunbathe,swim, work on the land, and in the evening  we make fire and tell different funny stories.

I like traveling . it's great when you learn something new and interesting. I like music. I like Madonna, ABBA, classical music, Vivaldi, shopen, Strauss and of course Tchaikovsky, my favorite composer.

I like dancing, sometimes go to discos clubs.

I love life though I was often disappointed in it. I don't like lies, betrayal.

I have some questions to You :

are your pleased with your life or would you like to change something in it ( I don't speak about marital state).

what is your attitude to children? would you like to have your own?

how do you imagine your future family life?

what would you like your ukraine wife to do?

if possible please send your pictures.


Natalia from Kherson

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Hi Natalia!

My Name is Ron,
I saw your matchmaking profile in the "Kherson woman" marriage web site and write to you to introduce myself
with the hope that you may wish to corrospond with me at some time. I am a
44 year old New Zealand born boatbuilder and yachtsman. My interests are
many but I love to windsurf, scuba dive and sail the most , also to spend
time with my dog when I get the chance. I am currently working in Croatia
for the summer season sailing full time with British Tourists in the
Korinati National Park. I would describe myself as a loyal and truthfull
person with a love for life and the outdoors, I am seeking the same in a
partner who also like,s to travel and children. I have a dating profile lodged with
the Kherson agency which contains my photo and information, I would like very much
to get to know you better.

I hope you are having a good day
Best Regards
New Zealand - Croatia

Guest Guest 11 August 2018 21:28 Reply
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