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Hello Herb! I am doing fine, but the weather is cold and I think it influences my mood.

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 Hello Herb!
Thank you for your letter, I liked it a lot and I should say I agree with most things you said. How are you, Herb? I am doing fine, but the weather is cold and I think it influences my mood.
Herb, what is your favorite song? I've just listened to the song "Hotel "California" on the radio, I like it a lot. I think every person has a right for love. But these relations should be in marriage and blessed by God. We are completely happy when we find true love. Every person looks for being acknowledged, loved. People look for happiness...
Now my goal in life is to find my personal happiness. My all family wish me happiness. I am proud of my parents and I am grateful to them for having put so much in me, they have taught me many things, developed the taste and love for life.
I enjoy communicating with my friends in my free time. I value sincerity, trust, optimism, respect and support in relations.
Tell me more about yourself (something interesting, involving for your attention, your favorite activity). Write to me about your work, your family, about what is interesting to you. What is the goal of your life?
Who is your ideal of a sexy woman?
How do you picture your future family life?
I don't know very much about America. Maybe you will tell me some things? As for money... I don't think that money can bring happiness, money can give you material things which make your life comfortable, but happiness is not material, happiness is the feeling that is born without money influence. But, of course, money is something our life wouldn't be comfortable without.
Herb, I would like to ask you if you are planning on coming to Kaliningrad, Russia. I often think that I would be very happy to meet you in person. It seems to me we would have so much to talk about, so much to do together...Ask me your questions, I will try to answer them.
Thank you for your attention. I am waiting for your letter soon.
With respect and kisses, Yulia from Kaliningrad

russian Lady  Yulia from Kaliningrad matchmaking agency
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Dear Yulia!
Hi there,If i can have just a few moments of your important
time, i'd like to introduce myself as Herb from New Zealand. I am interrested in your profile and i like to write. But first i like to ask your permission first!.
If you could take the time in responding to my message that
would be great,and let me know either way yes/or no.
I see you have one child-as i like children that would be a big plus for me!
Write soon
Love Herb
Guest Guest 25 July 2018 18:05 Reply
  HI beautiful Yulia!
I think you can see alot what a person is like by looking in to there eyes. I looked through alot of photos and I liked what I saw in your eyes.
They look very honest. I have eveything I need in this world. But i'm missing one thing, true love.
I don't think I can find it in the united states because there are not to meny people that are looking for true love.
My heart and soul tells me to look hear.
I want someone to walk beside me in my life. someone I can be excited to come home to at night. I am a very careing and honest man.
Thats a russian woman that wants to be loved and cared for and will do the same for me.
I would like to get to know you.
I hope you will write me back soon if you would like to.

                            take care

I would like some information about coming to visit in Kaliningrad/Russia(the very near future).
What airline do I go through . And I heard that you can help me get a visa
and help with travel plans. I would like to know were I need to start and
what it would cost to come for a week.

Thank You!
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 14:13 Reply
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