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hello, John, How are you? how is your work on summer days? is there a big bulk of work in summer?

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hello, John,
I am very glad to get your letter. How are you?
how is your work on summer days?
is there a big bulk of work in summer? are you tired at work? what do you do in your free time to relax, have fun?
do you like to cook for yourself? what is your favorite food you like to cook?
I am fine. now I stay at home as recently I had surgery ; appendicitis.  I feel well. in a week I will start my job.
I liked being at home. you can do what you like, devote the time to yourself, health, house, family and friends. and the main is to sleep well!
but when I go to work everything will change : I will have not good sleep, no free time, often be sad as there is no moral or material satisfaction from my job. it's very hard in the soul when you devote yourself to your job but in return you get nothing. such is life in Russia. but I hope for better and soon my life will be changed for better side.
last Saturday I was at the leaving ball of the students of Kazan lyceum.  there was a good concert with fireworks at the end. I got much pleasure communicating with young people. everything was touching and exciting. I remembered my school-leaving ball.
Now I often go to my mother's dacha to help her. my mother grows fruits, berries, vegetables. she is retired and she likes to spend her time there. besides, her pension is very little (225$) and it's difficult to live for it that's why mother tries to grow everything herself not to buy at the market.
My sister and her sons went to Kiev(ukraine); her husband got job and 3-room apartment there. but this week she should come. then we'll have good time together with my nephews: older Anton is 14, younger Nikita is 5. he will go to school this year. he can read, write, count, draws well. he is very sociable.
I'd like to know if medicine is expensive in your country. how much does the operation costs ( for example like mine). where it's better to live : in town or out of town? how many kids would you like to have? what qualities do you appreciate in russian women? what should your future russian wife do in your country : work or be a housewife?
I saw your photo. you look well.
I'd like to know you better, your family, who are your parents by origin?
please tell me about the place you live in.
what are the reasons of divorce in America? why did you divorce? what do you expect from wife? what is your view on roles of husband and wife in the family?
hope to hear from you ,
Elena from Kazan
Russian Lady Elena from Kazan dating agency
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Hello, Elena!

My name is John and I have been reviewing the Kazan matchmaking site for pictures and found yours to be interesting and would love to get to know you better.

I'm 33 years old with a decent job.

I work in the computer field but some day hope to break in to Stand up Comedy. I have a very strong personality, but can be shy at times.
I like to be romantic, coming home and surprising her with flowers and taking her out to dinner. I am a talented cook as well.

I am very large man in stature and heart. I consider my sense of humor and sardonic wit to be my best assist. I am tender, loving and genital.
I would never hurt anyone.

A perfect night for me would be anything from going out and having fun at the movies, comedy clubs or something as simple as spending the whole night talking and laughing. I believe I'm a romantic soul and want to make some lucky woman my personally queen. I'm looking for the woman from Kazan that will be the missing half of my soul.

Please write me back and lets get to know each other and see what can happen from there.

I hoping you might be here,

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 12:02 Reply
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