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Hi, Jason! I am a university graduate and have degree in English, German and foreign literature.

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 Hi, Jason!
thanks for your letter.
How are you doing?
In fact I don't like to tell about myself and it's rather difficult to describe myself but I'll try.
I am a university graduate and have degree in  English, German and foreign literature.
Now I work as a translator at the firm in Chelyabinsk.
I am very merry and like entertaining very much. I am sociable, kind, caring, tender.
now the members of my family are the dearest people in my life. I can say it's not very large. I have mother, father and a younger brother. he is a schoolboy. I love animals and actually I have also two members of my family: they are a cat and a dog. my dog's name is Alias and she is a white big poodle. My cat's name is Sara, she is a young Persian cat. My family lives in Yuzhnoukrainsk, it's a small town not far from Kherson and Mykolaiv. I can't see them very often. But during the years of my study we became closer and understand each other well.
As for entertaining I like to go for walks, to see my friends and go with them to different clubs. I like traveling especially to the seaside. For me the sea is a picture of hope and despair at one and the same time. It depends on my mood and the condition of the sea. Sometimes it's bright, vivid and it gives hope. But during the storm it's grey,destroying, horrific. But I like it. Every summer I try to spend a couple of weeks at the seaside. I like bathing, lying in the sun when light breeze is blowing. In summer my friends and I often go camping. I am very fond of this. It's wonderful to leave the city's heat and spend a couple of days on the picturesque banks of our river. At night it's very romantic to sit near the fire under the willow-trees and looking at stars shining brightly in the sky. It's worth admiring. Sometimes we can sit so till the dawn. Actually I am a romantic person.
I like reading. In my childhood all days long I read different books. But unfortunately during my studies I have no much time for reading the books I like. I had to read the books on the program.
I like cooking. When I am at my parents' I always want to make something tasty for them. The best prize for me is my family's approval.
As for a future mate I want him to be loving, caring, tender, sociable,a person who will understand me and share   not only joys but troubles. It's not easy to leave my country where I have my family and friends and to move a strange country. the only close person there is my husband. so I think he should realize that he ahs to protect me.
what traits of character do you value in women?
please write more about yourself.
I hope you'll answer my letter.
Julia from Chelyabinsk
 Russian woman Julia from Chelyabinsk matchmaking agency
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  Hello, Julia !
My name is Brian , I was born on January 19 1979. My zodiac is Capricorn.
I have ben a professional truck driver for 20 years. I have 2 sons my oldest is 19 and my other son is 7.
I own a nice home in Post Falls, Idaho. Post Falls is located in the north west part of Idaho. There are many lakes and mountains close to my home, so it makes it easy to do some of the things I enjoy. I like to go camping , fishing , hiking , boating and walks along the lake shore at sunset. I like all kinds of music and enjoy watching auto racing on tv or at a track.

I'm a very easy going person. I'm kind , big hearted and just an all around softy. I like nites out enjoying the company of my lady, or a nice romantic nite at home. I hope to find someone who enjoys some of these things.
I hope to someday find my soul mate from Chelyabinsk and be able to introduce her to my world. Could it be you!

                                                                                     I hope to hear from you,
                                                                                                    Post Falls, Idaho
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 12:59 Reply
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