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Hello, Shawn! I'm a florist-decorator by profession. I love nature and animals, I've got a dog.

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 Hello, Shawn !
Thank you for your letter. A few words about myself.
I've got an orchard and a small piece of land where I grow some vegetables and flowers. I'm a florist-decorator by profession. I love nature and animals, I've got a dog.
I like living in the country, there are many advantages: sereneness, fresh air, our own vegetables and fruit.  By the way, the city is too close, my kids are in the city every day, they go to school which is in Minsk. They do their sport there, too. My children (there two of them: my son Alexander who is 6 and my daughter Irina, she is 13) are doing well at school and I'm sure they are going to be well educated. I am lucky with my children, they are serious and we are very friendly and close. It's rather popular here to grow some exotic flowers and plants at home. It is a perfect possibility to admire "pieces of summer" in winter. Still, not all people can afford growing plants and making green lawn in front of their houses, for that would be rather expensive.
I like making my home cozy, clean, sweet to stay at. I have no harmful habits and prefer to live a sound life. I used to go in for sport when I was younger and now I try to keep fit. I like reading, learning new things.
My family is the major part of my life, I was married once, but my ex-husband proved to be a stranger to me.
I live with my kids and we are happy together. Still, we miss a strong shoulder, we miss someone to give our love to. I value mutual understanding, trust and honesty in relationships.
I'd like to get to know you better, too. I hope we'll become nice friends. Tell me more about yourself, your interests. Do you like reading, do you love pets? Do you have children? What do you do?
Will you, please, send me your picture?
I hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes,
Svetlana from Minsk, Belarus
Belorussian woman Svetlana from Minsk, Belarus matchmaking agency
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Dear Minsk manager,
Thank you for your E-mail. I did bot know that the Minsk dating office had a separate web page. However, I have several questions for you that has nothing to do with this. I hope you can assist me with your expertise in these matters.
1) I have been a member for over a year now. I have written some letters around the Christmas holidays of 2018. I remember that I had some trouble getting any confirmation from you that my letters were even received by your matchmaking office. I have recently sent some photo updates for my file, as well as a general introduction letter to 15 girls from Minsk. I would like to know if you received the letter and photos that I sent? I never received any answers the last time and I do not know if they were even received. 
2) I am wondering who pays for the girls to write back to me? If they pay themselves, then they may have to limit the number of letters they plan to send, and accordingly pick up in a given period of time. They may even owe the club money and may not come in for their mail until they have enough money to pay. This has happened to a couple of girls I was writing to in Gomel. How does it work with your dating club?
3) Even though I am a member in good standing, is there a way to assist the Minsk ladies only when they are receiving my letters and writing to me? Is there an account that I can set up so the Minsk girls can always get my letters no matter how much money they owe for other men's letters? The girls can charge the account only to correspond with me. Other clubs set this up and it seems to work alright. How does it work with your matchmaking club?
4) If the girl is not interested, will she write back just to say so? Sometimes it is difficult to say this in a letter to a stranger who admires you. Maybe the club helps out by sending a kind rejection notice to the man so he understands where things are with the Belorussian girl?
Thank you for assisting me in any way you can and answering my questions here. I have a lot more experience now than when I first joined in 2018. I have been hurt many times and robbed twice by girls I affectionately call "Spiders". I am honest, sincere, and very caring. However, I am now 45 years young. Although I do not feel any differently than when I was 25 years young, I know I have to start thinking strongly about children and family at this time. I have already applied for my visa and would like to think that I have come to the right place to find my Byelorussian soul mate. If there is anything you can do in the near future to assist me, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you again.
Your friend,
Guest Guest 17 August 2018 17:58 Reply
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