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Dear Jim! Thank you very much for the compliments, I am flattered.

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Dear Jim!
 I liked your reply, thank you for telling me more about your life, job , your dreams..
 I read your letters and find so much in common. Thank you very much for the compliments , I am flattered.
I think we are too serious at work to solve different problems, that is why we should be able to have some time off work and decorate our life with funny episodes. I try to teach this my son. But the boy needs Father to follow his example.  And it is hard for to me to play two parts of a mother and a father. I try to live his interests, but this is getting harder and harder for me as years pass.  My son is very independent and though he is a kid, he tries to act like a man at home. He helps me about the household. 
 I do like my  work, but it takes much of my time and I have only several hours to spend with my son and daughter.
 My dreams are sacred for me, but I'll tell you. I'll tell you honestly: for me happiness is not the geographical position on the planet. For me happiness is the depth of beloved eyes which I could watch forever and couldn't take my eyes off them. Happiness is man's kind and strong hands where I can fall asleep as a little fluffy kitten. This is tenderness of kiss at hot nights and the happy smile on my lips.
If you have a wish and opportunity, come to Omsk, Russia. Tell me please when your birthday is and send me more pictures from your life, it is very interesting for me. I will also try to send you the pictures of me and my kids.
Please tell me more about your family, your sons.
Please ask any questions and I'll be glad to answer them.
I wish you good luck in life and wonderful jolly days of fun.
Elena from Omsk
Russian Bride Elena from Omsk dating agency
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To the Agency,
OK. I have gotten the visa on the passport. I have the plane tickets.My itinerary will be:I will arrive at Omsk at 2PM on April the 6th. I will depart from Tyumen on Aprill the 22ndat 7AM. While I am in your city can you help me with arranging a schedule to meet the various russian women. I would like to a lot the following amounts of time to each of them: Inna P166 - 2 days, Nataliya P 220 - 2 days, Irina Takas M75 - 1 day, Julia Sуitko P140 - 1 day, Svetlana P66 - 1 day, Regina Bartok P224 - half a day, Viktoriya m 36 - half a day. This schedule can happen in any order and the women can split their days with me if they like. I realize it isn’t much time. I wish I could stay a week with each. My intention is to narrow down my choice for a wife if I cannot make a choice from the limited time. Considering that I will start all of the meetings on April 7, this allotment of time will take until the 14th of April. A meeting on the night of April 6 would be fine too. I have no idea how long it will take to go through customs. On the 15th of April, I would like to be driven to Ekaterinburg. I will need transportation to Tyumen on the night of the 21st or early the 22nd. I will send a copy of this letter to both dating Agency locations. Am I forgetting anything? Of course I will need apartments for the dates mentioned above.Is there a laundry service close to the apartments? Your help with this would be most appreciated.
Guest Guest 23 July 2018 13:45 Reply
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