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Hello Robert! To know each other better we need to talk more and to send more letters.

for Him

    Hello Robert!

    I got your letter and I'm very interested in continuing our writing. To know each other better we need to talk more and to send more letters.
    Now I want to write you more about myself. I live in the not small town Rostov-on-Don on the south of Russia with my daughter, she is 7 years old. This year she will go to school. I love her very much. I work as a chief accountant. I don’t know English but I want to study it.
    I’m 28 years old. I have a very attractive appearance.
    I like to spend my spare time on nature, somewhere out of the town. I have a little house there with garden. We have river and forest close to our summer cottage where we like to walk with my daughter.
    I enjoy travelling I like to know more interesting and new places. I like good music very much when I listen to it I can relax. I like to dance and at all I’m very romantic person. I enjoy communicating with kind people, I value sincerity and honesty.
    Write me about yourself, where do you work? From your letter I’ve understood that you are very romantic person, loving life.
    Thank you for your letter I hope to receive your next letter soon.
    With best wishes,
    Elena from Rostov-on-Don
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Hi Elena,
My name is Phil.  I live near the city of Chicago in the United States.  I work as a mechanical engineer at Argonne National Laboratory, which is a great place to work.  I enjoy my job very much.
For fun, I like to ride my bicycle, play billiards, read books, watch films, and play games that are mentally stimulating.
I am an honest, considerate, kind, and generous.  I consider myself to be a very spiritual person but not very religious.  My beliefs are Christian, but I do not usually go to church services.
I'm pretty happy with my life.  I have everything I need except for a family.
I am looking for a woman from Rostov-on-Don, who is affectionate, is open-minded, and loves children.


Guest Guest 25 July 2018 17:48 Reply
Privet, Zinaida I vsya vasha semya (malenkaya I bolshaya)!
Thank you very much for your letter and beautiful pictures!
Maricka is very cute on the photos. You look great!
It’s pleasure to see Russian children and their parents in good cloth and well-cared for. I did not watch the same here.
It seems that you have very busy and interesting life over there.  
My life is not interesting here. Nothing changed (except my life here and one room in the house and now it’s the one tenth part of a more clean house).
The first time I came to USA everything was exciting and interesting for me. I was glad about everything in USA. I wanted to do everything like clean the house and repair it. Now I can be depressed sometimes. If I sit at home all the day I will be depressed in the end of the day. So every day we go places just not to sit at home (even Robert is tired). I think I miss my family very much because I can not visit them. USA has good bureaucracy as Russia too. I thought I will be able to visit Rostov-on-Don in half or one year. And now I see other side. Department of the immigration told me in August that my documents will be in process during 270-300 days. So I should wait for coming to Rostov-on-Don till next summer.
I can drive a car if Robert will sit near me. I did not take the driving test yet and I do not have my driving license yet. Robert bought me bicycle and now I study how to ride it.
I visit the evening English classes 4 days in a week. I do not think that these classes help me very much but I can meet people there.
I have two good friends here (Marina is from Odessa and Yana is from Vladimir, Russia). We visit each other sometimes and meet each other at somebody’s parties.  
I do not socialize with Svetlana. She made me sad many times. I decided not to contact with her anymore.
Robert did not change at all. He is not thin and a little bit thick. I try very hardly to make him thinner and I can not do it. He just likes to eat all the time.
He is still wearing his braces. He brings me to his work one day per week. Sometimes we visit his family here or somebody from his family stays in our house. We are busy most of the time by repairing of our house. One of his daughters Katie is in Paris now during 3 months from her college. She writes letters that she misses her family very much.
I have the best friend at home. This is our cat Lizzy. She studies the Drivers’ Manual with me. She does not understand the driving rules very much and it’s boring for her. So she prefers to sleep on them.
I send you some pictures of this lazy student and smart girl Lizzy.
I hope you enjoy them.
The weather is cool here. It was rainy during 9 days without stopping.
I send you some other shots since summer time.
Even I can be sad and miss my Rostov-on-Don family I still like to be here.
And I think that Robert is right choice for me. He helps me a lot and takes care about me.
I hope you will not be upset about my letter in English. Thank you very much Yulina Yevgenievna for it! Those her English classes helped me a lot to feel myself more comfortable with English in USA.      
That’s all our news.
Say “Hello” to your dating stuff from us too!
Hug all of you.
Guest Guest 16 August 2018 21:37 Reply
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