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Hello, Jim! I used to work as a chief accountant for many years before, so we are "soul-mates":)

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Hello, Jim !
I was very glad to receive your letter. 
 A few words about myself. I'm 29. I'm divorced and I have a son Nikita, he is 5. Nikita is a nice boy.
I graduated from the Samara University and got the profession of an economist-accountant. I work as an economist for a private firm. I used to work as a chief accountant for many years before, so we are "soul-mates":)
I'm kind, sensitive, romantic, with the sense of humor. I'm a normal person, generally speaking.
I do not smoke and do not misuse alcohol.
I respect honest and open-hearted people.
I'm a many-sided person.I like cinema, theatre, music, painting, growing flowers, cooking, giving and getting presents, going to the seaside.
I come from the respected family: my grandmother is an economist and a lawyer, my mother is a teacher, all men in our family used to be sailors, my grandfather was a captain, my father is a mechanic.
Our city is in the Middle Volga region of Russia. It's a very green and cozy city. We've got a house of our own.
I'd like to meet a man to have a friendly family with, a family based upon love, mutual respect and understanding.
It's great when people love and respect each other.  My grandparents used to live this way till my grandfather passed away...
Well, that's all for now. Tell me, please, about yourself. I'm curious about everything. Have ever been married? What are your free time activities? Who are your parents? Tell me everything you can.
I'm waiting for your reply.
Sincerely, Irina from Samara
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Sweetheard Irina,
Thank you for responding to my last message.
I have found out where my local Western union location is but was uncertain where you want the transfer sent to. You have given me your name and town e.t.c but where do you want it sent to for pick up. If you can respond to this message today I should be able to transfer funds later . As you have probably guessed I have not done this before. Also I live in England so the transfer may not be in US Dollars but English pounds. I assume they work out the exchange for you but you may wish to let me know how much in Pounds will be needed.
Hope to here from you soon
Jim from England

Guest Guest 23 July 2018 10:47 Reply
Hello, Irina!

I read your dating profile and would like to get to know you.  I am divorced with no children.  I would like to start a new family with caring and healthy russian woman from Samara.

I care about my family, my friends and other people.  I respect people -- who they are, what they have and what they want to do as far as they do not harm themselves and other people.  I do not smoke nor drink.  I do not have any bad habits.  I enjoy meeting new people and have fun together. 

I moved to south of Chicago from California almost two years ago for a new job.  I lived many places such as Seattle, Hawaii, San Diego, Santa Monica, but I am originally from Japan.

I work at Marketing Dept. of very large American company as a Japanese language manager.  I have three Russian coworkers.  I am sitting between them and hear Russian all the time.  I get together with their family once a while.  Their family speaks good English. 

I like nature such as mountains, ocean, forest, beach, valley.  I like to travel.  I visited many US National Parks.  I also like culture and cities.  I visited 17 European countries, but I have not visited Samara, Russia yet.  

I will write you more next time.

Best regards,

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 13:43 Reply
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